y does his shirt look so good like damn
300 4
goodmorning his arms look rlly good here does anyone know how often he worked out ik he had like 2 home gyms lol
318 3
this photo im seeing everywhere lol and i LOVE IT freddie's eyes and hands and teeth my heart' like💚💙❣️💕💖💙❣️💚💗🖤💞💝
353 4
i feel happy but like happy in a sad way idk some new things are going well but some old things aren't so much (like this account). i feel like so many other ppl have said this like i love queen and freddie still, they are like my core and i don't know if i could live without them. they have saved me countless times and make me feel safe. their music calms me but excites me and feeling his presence brings me warmth. (so poetic haha) but this account doesn't really represent that to me it represents what it is, an account. i feel i've become detached. i probably wont leave since this is my outlet but it's just a bittersweet day
307 5
this always looks like a "u got me there" look lmao also this is a wierd posting time but whatever i just love my boy (he's over 50 years older than me but he's still my boy k)
274 2
i wish i could hear freddie singing heaven is a place on earth i feel like that would be so killer
286 5
ik this is rlly far off but i want to get to 2k soon lol also doesnt freddie look so strong here 👀 😩😩
274 4
gm everyone i love this actually lol ❤️
213 1
they used brighton rock in baby driver i love it
290 1
thanks for 1200 everyone i love this photo ❤️
249 3
imagine being her omg❤️❤️❤️
525 10
how classic.... im trying to make a compilation of everytime freddie says something in an american accent bc they've been touring america so long lmao
256 8
my birthday is on the 28th what should i do???
234 5
i love looking at photos of baby freddie
334 2
i just want to see him in person up close one time
305 4
sorry i never post also i tried to photoshop brian w regular hair
241 8
oh my god im watching music of memes throughout the years remastered and im cryin 😩😩 bohemian rhapsody was on it lmao
202 1
hahahaha john i love his pantalones
233 1
hmm i prefer the left
189 2
this room is bare this night is cold... ik this lyric doesn't go with the pic but it was in my head❤️
221 5
221 1
he looks soo good here omg
242 9
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Meant to post this two days ago!!!! Better late than never! Happy Birthday Freddie!! #happybirthdayfreddiemercury #freddiemercury #FarrokhBulsara #queen
16 1
ok i don't frickin want to fail my classes
221 1
do ya ever wish we knew more about joe. i mean i feel like he was a great guy he was freddie's bf in early 80's and friend and cook until he died sooo i want to know more about him lol
304 7
i didn't enjoy today:/
268 5
whatta beauty
230 6
stop unfollowing me
213 2
263 2
y am i losing followers omg
230 3
gn bbs
233 2
283 5
happy haloween
209 1
@Regranned from @breakerbox - Happy Belated Birthday to one of the best musicians & voice to bless #rock. The ultimate #PowerSinger. #FreddyMercury my love for you is still so strong. Im forever grateful to #MikeMyers and #WaynesWorld for introducing my very young ears to #Que#Queen...and inturn causing me buy every recording they ever made. Years later, after a very bad car accident- 17yrs old, broken arm, broken leg, broken ribs- the only music I could listen too when in the hospital for a week was #Queen. The harmonies, the music, Freddie- just took me to a beautiful and wonderful place. And his tribute concert was reason 1,679 why i KNEW i had to be a #RockSinger. Thank you Freddie. #HappyBirthdayFreddieMercury - #regrann #BREAKERBOX #ChristinaDeNee #Sunday #Memory
10 0
my new pfp!!!
319 2
he looks like a parent in photos with freddie jr.
304 4
gn i guess
226 1
I celebrated #FreddieMercury 's 71th birthday on September 5th ,2017🎂❤️ 🐈🎤🍌 #Queen #QueenBand #HappyBirthDayFreddieMercury
46 7
ok gn
232 1
246 5
this picture is hilarious to me but right now i'm at school with nothing to do for the next three hours
223 2
gn <3
223 5
when mary doesn't say anything i'm like uuggh when she's gonna say something and when she does and its how bri and roger are in the wrong and i'm like lol irrelevant no one cares what you have to say sorry @ fans of mary
411 6
i hope things are alright for @__freddiemercury__ / @freddiemerqwerty ❤️❤️❤️
202 8
i got la bamba in vinyl yesterday and i can't stop dancing even though i'm a bad dancer
260 1