Some Grandpa Wisdom: Everything is obvious once you understand it. When looking at a new difficult piece, start from somewhere and tack on knowledge. If you don’t know the high (or low) notes, take a minute to figure them out. Write them down so you know how to compare to open strings. Watch out for accidentals, or tricky things in the key signature. Write down fingerings. Try left and right hands separately. It’s not all learned in a day, but if you don’t try something out of the comfort zone, it will never be easy. Out of the comfort zone does not apply to physical discomfort in the joints. Muscle fatigue is common, but if there is pain in the joints (especially wrist or fingers), something is wrong with the form. This is something that seems obvious to me now, but I have been on the other side of not knowing and then working through to understanding how to play without pain. • • • #vio#violin/a> #violin #azureviolins #handmade #dowhatyoulove #violinmaking #fiddle #stradivari #raleigh #northcarolina #violinplayer #instrument #music #classicalmusic #symphony #orchestra #musician #ele#electricviolinist #electricviolin #violinsofig #violinists #violinlessons #grandpawisdom #woodworking #luthier #ladyluthier #mymusicalfebruary
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“We all have to go one day no one can avoid that” #grandpawisdom#gonenotforgotten #rip#grandpa
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Today I'm grateful for the wonderful books I have to study from. I know it's #saturdayoff but I had some major breakthroughs today and I had to share how thankful I am for #earthmedicine and #spiritguides @butterflyessentialoilsofficial #grandpawisdom #herbalism
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Random “woofing” fun for Year of Dog, too silly not to share when no one else around was doing it. We did get a good lecture from grandpa though afterwards, 5 degree cold and no clothes to change 😃. Falling wasn’t an option on this one. #familylove #chinesenewyear #randomfun #familyholiday @scott.t13 @erntsang #grandpawisdom @scottt0103 #scottt0103
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We went to the grocery store the other day and were overwhelmed by the fragrance of tulips as we walked in. Made me think of this... One of the best things my grandpa ever taught me was this poem 😂 #grandpawisdom #tulips #lifeinthehighcountry #happyvalentinesday #handlettering #moderncalligraphy #tombow
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My Gramps taught me this from a young age and not only has it proved to be true time and again, it has stood the test of time. Any situation where it seems to be ‘the end’ or that you’re ‘missing out’, or having something ‘taken away from you’, you can pretty much guarantee that it’s actually the very opposite happening for you; it’s a powerful new beginning, you’re being given a valuable life gift, and it’s actually making space for far, far better things to come your way. You can apply this to pretty much any situation and it helps massively. #grandpawisdom #reflection #lifeadvice #quotes #inspiration #guidance #blessings 💜🙏🏼
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I CANNOT tell you the emotions I feel holding this book right now, as silly as it sounds. Since last February when I had my "breakthrough/Awakening/answered prayer" what have you and adopted the #grandmawisdom that I did, I have embraced and recognized more of the simplicity of things including earth medicine and the spirit of things as well as mind body power of health. In everything I do in my practice, very often its with homage to my grandpa Jeppsen. I wish every day that I would have been in this place in my life while he was alive to talk to him and learn everything I can from him and ask him questions, etc! But ya know, I still do. I say "grandpa! What in the world is this herb good for?... How can I treat such and such??" I feel like I have been led in the directions I have and given the knowledge I have because of help from him. Today I received a book (that I just learned 3 days ago that he wrote and it existed) that is FULL of his wisdom, research, remedies, etc. I can't tell you how excited I am to dive into this! I KNOW that every remedy I make from these pages are blessed and WILL bless your lives as well. I love you Grandpa and thank you! #herbalhealing #earthmedicine #grandpawisdom #keepitsimple #remedies
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“I can only turn when the road turns.” -Jim 🌲🌲🌲 #grandpawisdom
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Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler 😊 #for#forever21 #forever21 #myquote #grandpawisdom #fashion #myfavouritething
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Sleep late after waking late Littlest penguin Poop jamaa, poop clothes Getting too big bassinet, 1/3 mom #Sleep next to, plop bra out #Bonding Found fingers #Fun with sounds Walk dad employment Cold Pursuit happiness #Pizza #Icecream Entertain self (before bed) Dudel yet to make cry arbits Special occasion #Best pizza Take passi out himself Cemetery Sleeeeeep Never let me go on the floor #83daysold Hand is closer to independence — suction not mastur (mastur also). Salighet’s mastured some tricks with his pacifier. Spitting it out and plopping it back, from all angles, no hands. Maybe why he’s over it, opting for the fingers now. Salty. Sound affects. The pursuit of Happiness. Pursuit. Dad’s is on the floor, a different perspective, still close to the family, reading. Not Little Penguin and Friends. Mom replaced the old for the new cruising the cemetery, antiquated & beautiful, aphrodisiac that was the impetus for her date here today. Sal dreams of Dudel — still yet to make him cry — Mom and sometimes Dad, getting closer; milk, use of his legs, dreams of more dreams. Editor’s Note Från Dad: Entitled is counterintuitive to happiness. Start with gratitude for the opportunity to fight & feed yourself, ‘Dear god thanks for these vocal chords, the dexterity of the neck and these gorgeous tits.’ You are not entitled, infantiled like the nation of your birth might suggest. You are not the animal the other half coursing through your veins, pure capitalist America, would make you out to be. Work for what you want but don’t hear them when they say ‘work hard’. Ask a Mexican gardener or a single Mom pulling 3 jobs from TV movies. If work was a virtue you could volunteer your time for free and be King of the US, but it isn’t, exposing an inherit love for the dollar, trading the time & creativity to even spend it. What can you do without? #Grandpawisdom. Find something that you love and do it every day. Do that for the rest of your life. (macklemore not mastur reference) Safe. Alive. Salí Folke. #SaliFolke2017 #happiness #dreams #gratitude
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