Super taxed from @flatearthfam 👍👍👍✊✊✊🙏🙏flatearthfam - " Now I know there are some Globe Earthers that say this isn't proof of a Flat Earth. My question to you is. How blind and brainwashed are you? You must be a special kind of ignorance. The Moon missions took place to trick us into thinking Earth is a spherical Planet among the many in our "solar system". The Space program was invented to fool mankind into believing we can leave Earth and explore space. NASA is the building blocks for the modern day religion of SCIENTISM &creation of ATHIEST. Shadows are caused by light sources. On the moon, the Sun should be the only light source. So, logically, all shadows should be parallel to each other. Yet in the photos of the moon landing, the shadows run in different directions. It almost as if the shadows are caused by multiple lights on a film set. Here's a photo of the astronauts boot print embedded in the ground. The astronauts described this dust as being similar to"talcum powder or wet sand". If that's the case, why is there no sign of impact where the lunar module landed? Wouldn't a rocket-ship weighing over 30,000 pounds, landing on a pile of talcum powder leave some kind of impression in the surface? It looks more like the lunar module was just placed in position. When the photos from Apollo 12 were published, many people noticed something a bit unusual reflected in the shiny helmet of the astronaut. If you zoom in on astronauts helmet, to the bottom left it appears that something is hanging. Perhaps a wire or rope? In fact, it looks suspiciously like an overhead spotlight. The kind you see used in Hollywood movie studios. The bottom right photo of the"moon rock"has the letter 'C' printed on it. The perfect symmetry of the letter shows that it is not naturally occurring. NASA came up with the ridiculous explanation that it's a stray hair. It's more then likely a prop used on a film set marked with a reference letter." #anonymous #awakening #consciousness #nwo #newworldorder #government #conspiracy #hilarious #people #flatasfuck #nothingbutflat #99problemsbutaglobeaintone #flatearth #NotASpaceAgency #spa#spaceisfake #space #universe #physics #science
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Pictured is Francis Scott Key. He wrote the national anthem (The Star Spangled Banner). Key was a slave holding lawyer from an old plantation family that grew rich and powerful from slavery. At the time that he wrote the poem that would later become the national anthem, not only did he profit from slaves, but he harbored racist conceptions of American citizenship and human potential. He stated that "africans in america are a distinct and inferior race of people, which all experience proves to be the greatest evil that afflicts a community". Additionally, Key used his office, as the district attorney for the City of Washington (from 1833 to 1840) to defend slavery and attack the abolitionist movement. His movement gained momentum and with it came increased violence, particularly from pro-slavery mobs attacking free blacks and other methods to silence the abolitionist movement. Furthermore, he took the melody for the star spangled banner from his favorite song, "Anacreon in Heaven", which was a song praising alcoholism and sex. #starspangledbanner #nationalanthem #slavery #patriot #potus #american #us #usa #washingtondc #truth #facts #politics #government #happyfriday #friyay #francisscottkey #anacreoninheaven #blm #blacksinamerica #aboriginal #indigenous #woke #wokeaf #kaepernick #whattheywontteachyou #americanhistory #worldhistory #history #blackhistory #sex
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Common Sense ep. 32: Big Baller, Roy Moore, Al Franken up now, LINK IN MY BIO 📺📰
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Repost @_rizzaislam) "FDA JUST APPROVED TRACKING DEVICES TO BE PUT IN YOUR MEDICATION!😵 #LILPEEP (TAG 3 PEOPLE👇👇) (TAG: The shade room, World star, and any OTHERS who will make this known! Over HALF of America is affected by this!) 😨 Think #lil#lilpeep ....👈👈😔.. One in six US adults takes psychiatric drugs one study says. They SAY the idea behind Abilify MyCite is to improve a patient's compliance with their medication regimen, the FDA noted that this has NOT BEEN PROVED! 😑😑 Teens and young adults who are taking antidepressants are at increased risk of suicidal behavior and homicidal thoughts when taking the medication! It is on EVERY box that the medication comes in! Nearly HALF of ALL MASS SHOOTERS were ON a psychotropic drug! And it was definitely the DRUG which HELPED to lower their inhibitions and ENCOURAGE the shooting!! Family PLEASE, if you or someone you KNOW are taking these DRUGS please have them see the doctor and encourage them to gradually be taken OFF of these drugs! The government is now taking their insanity even FURTHER! How far will we allow them... Allow them... ALLOW THEM TO GO??!!! #RizzaNews #RizzaWithFacts #RizzaGotfacts #FDA #bigbrother #illuminati #government #WEFOLLOWFARRAKHAN #farrakhan #lilpeep #theshaderoom
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One of the communities that #strongertogethermb will focus on mainly this year is the Rohingya #community in #winnipeg #mb
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Not sure what I saw in #Spokane #Washington yesterday, but it sure looks like a #tornado to me. I assume it's not, and just another case of #FakeNews played on us by #God or the #Government . ;)
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