Showing off my big boy teefy peggies 😁
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Today was a GREAT day! I ATE all the butter on the kitchen bench (~500grams) and now mum needs to wash the carpet and blanket - woo hoo!!
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I'm such a big girl now, going to the door and barking (really, I just love barking all of the time)!! #gol#goldendoodlesofinstagram #puppy #goodpup #barkingdog #goldendoodles
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Nice to catch a break from the office this week but damn I miss those puppers
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👅Life is too short to be ordinary! 😛 hope y’all had a wild and fun tuesday #tongueouttuesday 🐾 👉🏼 @arlodoodlenyc
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My #doodles 🐶❤ loving the new #dogbed! Lol Share girls! #fun #dogs #goldendoodles #fur#furbabies #doglovers #fayralkennels #furbabies
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G r o w i n 👬 U p Remember my best friend, Champ? This is us now. Feel old yet?! ALSO ITS HIS MAMA’S, MY GODMAMA’S BIRTHDAY! 🎉 HBD Auntie @karenkrichards!
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Even the dogs appreciate a good sunset. #farmhousesunsets #sunsets #goldendoodles
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Mum comes home from Melbourne tonight!! I’ve been having lots of fun going for walks with her mum, and also going to the dog beach!! (When it had no other dogs) so I’ve had a blast!! #lunathegroodle
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