We live in what I call "our little cottage in the woods" with large oaks and pines as close as ten feet from our home. So when we have high wind days like we had with Irma yesterday I am in constant prayer for God's protection of our home. The winds we had yesterday were by far the strongest we've ever had and His protection of us was felt and realized when the only tree down was thirty feet from our home. We praise Him for His protection, truly He controls the winds and the waves. We pray for those who lost everything in this storm and especially for those who lost dearly loved ones. 馃檹馃徎Father God, You are the God of all creation. You are stronger than the strongest winds and You are more powerful than the most powerful wave. We praise You for Your protection through the storm. But, Father, as we praise You, we lift up those who lost all their earthly treasure because of this storm. May they realize the things of earth can be replaced. Give them patience as they work to rebuild their homes. Give them eternal perspective as they begin to replace the things they have lost. And Father, we especially pray for those who lost loved ones in this storm. As they walk through this valley strengthen them to see You, hold them close and let them feel Your mighty presence with them. Send people to them who will be Your arms holding them close and Your feet walking beside them. We ask these things in Jesus' name, Amen. #praisehiminthestorm #godcontrolsthewindsandwaves #godisourrefuge #eternalperspective #pleasingaromaministries
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