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Se mi guía cuando no me quiera cuando esté hundida y de la impotencia surgirá la calma.
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regram @rachstewartnz Take me back to this place .. uninterrupted thoughts and free to dream .. just the way it should be 🏔 ↠ @lowaaunz boots ↠ Canon 5DMkiv ↠ Canon F2.8L16-35 Mkii ↠ Soft grad 0.9 ↠ 10 stop ✧✧✧ My 2018 NZ Landscape Calendar is now available to purchase! Link in bio ✧✧✧ - #thegreatoutdoors #outsideisfree #nomad #exploremore #ahikeaday #earth_escape #exploretheglobe #wanderlust #hiking #landscape #travelingram #tra#travelgram #traveltheworld #adventure #picture #adolrivera60 #silenceisgolden #worldcaptures #getoutstayout #lifesgood #natgeo #ournaturedays #earthpix #mountainlove #travelgram #instagood #photooftheday #travelingourplanet #discoverearth #picoftheday
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Pamplona is famous for San Fermín, but the rest of the time this ancient city is almost unknown to outsiders. In our latest issue, we travel to the Kingdom of Navarre to discover Spain's best-kept secret [link to subscribe in bio] #getlostnow
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"We don't know who we are until we see what we can do." - Martha Grimes
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Renkli bir kahvaltıya ne dersiniz? 🍁🌿😉
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Don’t let the brilliant sunlight fool you, it’s cold at 2000m.
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While we’re having a dinner snack - meet the team behind last week’s expedition. Co-driver and assistant @rih@rihardsargalis and camera man @arv@arvids It took us full 2 days to shoot material and will take even more to cut it, edit, grade, record voiceovers and present the final video sometime later this winter. Meanwhile stay tuned for the behind the scenes posts coming up this following week. Kamēr uzkožam pusdienas - iepazīstieties ar pagaišnedēļas ekspedīcijas komandu. Otrais šoferis un filmēšanas asistents @rihardsargalis un kameras vīrs @arvids Pagāja divas pilnas dienas, lai uzfilmētu materiālu un paies vēl vairāk, lai visu samontētu, sarakstītu skaņas un nonāktu līdz gatavam video. Redzams būšot kaut kad šoziem. Līdz tam vēl paspēsim izstāstīt piedzīvojuma aizkulises caur turpmākajām bildēm. #RoamLatvia
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Discoveries while climbing the rocks at Matai Bay, New Zealand 🐚
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More pictures from the Orkney Islands . A perfect trip with my Friends @markusurbi @thomas__shorty and @sellitauprn . A German Adventure in scotland.
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Mermaid so hard 🦈🐠 #swimmingwithsharks 📷 by @gypsea_lust
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And just like that on a chilly day in October...We met again and it felt like the first time❤️ ugh, guys if you know me, you know how much I adore this spot. If you ever have the chance to visit, GO! And take me with you! Haha
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The hugest happy birthday to @mitchell.keyte 🎉🎉 I so admire your drive, your courage, your creativity and how you throw yourself so wholeheartedly into learning new things! You are so talented! Pretty stoked to be your sister! Watch out for this one cause he’s going places!
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