I've been taking Super B for a couple weeks and I love it!! It gives me a continuous boost of energy, which who doesn't want that?? • I woke up late yesterday and didn't think to take it before running out the door and holy cow did I notice a difference!! It hit 2:00 and all I wanted was a nap. It's safe to say this will be part of my daily routine FOREVER
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“Unless you try to do something beyond what you already mastered, you will never grow.” #gcu#gcuoorrec Photo contest winner: @lizzieehr #rockclimbing #azontherocks #gcu #gcu2020 #gcu2017 #lop#lopesup #lopecountry #grandcanyonuniversity #lopes
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I love Christmas so much. I love the food, the decorations, the family and friends, the traditions, and most of all I love what we are celebrating, Jesus' birth! • This little bottle of joy is truly amazing. It smells like Christmas and puts me in the Christmas mood. • I'm placing an order soon and would love to add a bottle or two or five to my order!!!
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What is Reach GCU 2018? Learn more... •• Link in Bio •• or go to reachgcu.com now.
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Life is about to get better, Lopes 😎 📱: 602.595.2855 📧: rent@gcsquare.com 💻: www.gcsquare.com
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A workspace is a MUST for every college student - thankfully, our thoughtfully designed floor plans provide ample space for desks, so you can skip the library and study in the comfort of home! ✏️📚 | #gcsquare #gcu #grandcanyonuniversity #studenthousing #gcunursing #gcuengineering #gcu2018 #gcu2019 #gcu2020 #gcudorms #gcutakeovertuesday #gculopes #lopesup #golopes #gcuathletics #gcuprising #gcusoftball #gcupride #gcuemediagroup #gcustudent
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Miracles at GCU. Last semester God did miracles. From death to life. Who's ready for a change? God is on the move at GCU. Join us this semester at Valley Life and be a part of life change! Direct Message us for details.
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today. Service tonight at 5pm! Come join us as we continue our desirable series! Today we will be talking about marriage and how to be the one 🙌🏼 The gates behind Encanto will be open for easy access to the church! Newcomers dessert is also tonight after service! So come check us out and get to know our church and our team!
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big news. We are looking for a person to join our growing worship team to do sound/production! Message us if you are interested!
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Happy Monday! We're making more progress here at GC Square... here's a sneak peak of some of the furniture that was recently delivered! 😎👍🏼 | #offcampushousingreimagined #gcsquare #gcu #gcuapartments #grandcanyonuniversity #gcu2018 #gcu2019 #gcu2020 #gcu2021 #golopes #lopesup #phoenix #apartments #phoenixliving #phoenixapartments #stu#studenting #student #gcunursing
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next step. ⠀ This week we challenge you to find your next step! Whether it is becoming a member of the church, serving in the church, or getting baptized we’d love to help you. There are a handful of service teams such as child care, greeting, connection and many more ways for you to get connected! Message or email us if you are interested in taking your next step and we would love to help.
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Prayer. How can we pray for you? Every Tuesday we set time out of our day to pray for you individually! You can contact us through messaging us on and social media or emailing us! 🙏🏼
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quote. "Don't look for someone to do what only God can do. It will crush them and it will crush you"
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service. Tomorrow we will continue our desirable series! We will be touching on dating as well as getting the chance to baptize amazing people 🌊💙 We hope to see you there! The gates behind Encanto will be open for a short walk!
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reminder. You don’t realize all you need, until Jesus is all you have.
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Hello Lopes! We want you to succeed in your Midterms! Come visit us in one of our many locations including: Building 25, Building 16, Roadrunner, Encanto, Agave, Diamondback, and the Grove! . . . . . . . . . . . . . #gculounge #lopesup #midterms #gcumidterms #gcu2020 #gcu2021 #learningassistance #college #studybreak #motivation #collegelife #golopes #lopesrising
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Prayer. How can we pray for you? Every Tuesday the leadership of Valley Life Camelback prays for each of you by name and need. Feel free to send us an email, direct message us, or feel free to give us a call if you would like prayer from Valley Life Church! Come meet us in person this Sunday right next to GCU! Call us at: 623-850-8777 Email us at: hello@valleylife.church Direct Message us on any of our Social Media!
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