Groups. "Circles are better than rows" - Pastor Bryson. Sign up today online [Link in Bio] or this Sunday. Let's go! #grow Great way to start the year off strong. 🤙✌️💪 #forgcu . P.C - @tish_harris
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I’m so happy & blessed to be part of this Nursing Program! It hasn’t been easy and I know it’s not over yet, but it’s finally here. I can’t wait to continue to embark in this journey and see where it takes me! 💜✨ #GCU2019 #ThankyouJESUS
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🔥Congratulations to our friend and Worship Leader @doncartermusic on being selected as @gcu next Rising Talent Spotlight. Check out our FB page for the full story. ✅
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Quote. "In order to really have a breakthrough you must have others around you." - Pastor Bryson 🔥🔥🔥 . ((( New ))) Community Groups are forming now. Sign up today > Link in Bio or DM us for details. #bettertogether #breakthrough PC: @tish_harris
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Made if through my first day of nursing classes today. I'm so incredibly excited for this semester and the next 16 months! • • Also do yourself a favor and make a fresh pot of coffee, put it in a blender with a spoonful of coconut oil (trust me!) and a spoonful of honey and blend it together. It's DELICIOUS, and the coconut oil helps with the absorption of the caffeine. You could also add some grass fed butter but I never have any and it's deliciousness.
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New sermon series tonight kicking off the new year! Have you ever felt stuck - in life? in your faith? Do you need/want .... a break through? Then join us at 5pm as we begin a brand new series in the book of Romans called, What's Wrong with You? Message #1 - To see/experience a real break through in you, you first have to know "what's wrong with you?"
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Mission. "You cannot be saved and not sent" ... Will you join us in praying for our friend @joshthechinaman today? He is overseas and doing good work. #sent
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Memories. Throw back to our very 1st community group. Now we have over 20 groups meeting weekly. New groups are forming now for next semester. Don't wait. Sign up this week. Link in Bio or DM us for details! #bettertogether
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Circles.⠀⠀ We believe circles are better than rows. This is where friends are made and life change happens. New community groups begin this semester. Sign ups are underway, all week. Get started here --> Link in bio > or DM us for details.... #bettertogether
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Audition.⠀⠀ Vocals // Guitar // Drums // Sound ⠀⠀ Worship auditions for the Spring Semester are underway and we have room for you. DM us today for details...⠀⠀
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Join a Group. Community Groups are one of the best ways to get connected. Get a head start and sign up early... link in bio.
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These two have been on me, in my diffuser, and in my tea 24/7 for the last week. My whole family has some kinda of gross sickness and I refuse to get what they have so all the immune support for me!
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Final got my final grades for this semester. Exercise Physiology C+, Exercise Physiology lab B+, Exercise Science: Special Population A+, and Health Promotion A-. I’m happy with at least three of these class grades and one to be total baloney... but oh well 😭😂😖🤗💩 #collegelife #gcu2019
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Gcu students. After hearing about the tragedy that occurred on the campus of GCU we are praying for the families involved and anyone else in need of prayer at this time. If you are in need of prayer please message us with what you would like us to pray for. Photo: @tish_harris
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singer// drummer// pianist//guitarist//sound//all musicians We are searching for new talent to join our Valley Life Camelback worship team! If you are at all interested message us to get connected🎼
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Been using these two non-stop for the last couple days prepping for finals to give my brain an extra boost! Can it be Christmas yet?
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happy thanksgiving. from valley life to you we wish you a happy thanksgiving. We hope your day is filled with joy and blessings🍂
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Help us invest in the future with Reach GCU 2018. Learn more by clicking the link to the website in our bio!
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Because it's Monday. Again.
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I love Christmas so much. I love the food, the decorations, the family and friends, the traditions, and most of all I love what we are celebrating, Jesus' birth! • This little bottle of joy is truly amazing. It smells like Christmas and puts me in the Christmas mood. • I'm placing an order soon and would love to add a bottle or two or five to my order!!!
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What is Reach GCU 2018? Learn more... •• Link in Bio •• or go to now.
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Life is about to get better, Lopes 😎 📱: 602.595.2855 📧: 💻:
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A workspace is a MUST for every college student - thankfully, our thoughtfully designed floor plans provide ample space for desks, so you can skip the library and study in the comfort of home! ✏️📚 | #gcsquare #gcu #grandcanyonuniversity #studenthousing #gcunursing #gcuengineering #gcu2018 #gcu2019 #gcu2020 #gcudorms #gcutakeovertuesday #gculopes #lopesup #golopes #gcuathletics #gcuprising #gcusoftball #gcupride #gcuemediagroup #gcustudent
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Miracles at GCU. Last semester God did miracles. From death to life. Who's ready for a change? God is on the move at GCU. Join us this semester at Valley Life and be a part of life change! Direct Message us for details.
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today. Service tonight at 5pm! Come join us as we continue our desirable series! Today we will be talking about marriage and how to be the one 🙌🏼 The gates behind Encanto will be open for easy access to the church! Newcomers dessert is also tonight after service! So come check us out and get to know our church and our team!
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big news. We are looking for a person to join our growing worship team to do sound/production! Message us if you are interested!
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Happy Monday! We're making more progress here at GC Square... here's a sneak peak of some of the furniture that was recently delivered! 😎👍🏼 | #offcampushousingreimagined #gcsquare #gcu #gcuapartments #grandcanyonuniversity #gcu2018 #gcu2019 #gcu2020 #gcu2021 #golopes #lopesup #phoenix #apartments #phoenixliving #phoenixapartments #stu#studenthousing #student #gcunursing
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next step. ⠀ This week we challenge you to find your next step! Whether it is becoming a member of the church, serving in the church, or getting baptized we’d love to help you. There are a handful of service teams such as child care, greeting, connection and many more ways for you to get connected! Message or email us if you are interested in taking your next step and we would love to help.
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My sweet friend @anniemarieessentials and I are hosting an Essential Oils For College Students tonight on Facebook at 7:00pm MST! • Essential oils have changed my life, they have changed the way I focus, study, and do life in general and I want all my friends to use them and love them as much as I do! • If you're interested in essential oils send me a message and I'll add you!
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Prayer. How can we pray for you? Every Tuesday we set time out of our day to pray for you individually! You can contact us through messaging us on and social media or emailing us! 🙏🏼
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quote. "Don't look for someone to do what only God can do. It will crush them and it will crush you"
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service. Tomorrow we will continue our desirable series! We will be touching on dating as well as getting the chance to baptize amazing people 🌊💙 We hope to see you there! The gates behind Encanto will be open for a short walk!
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reminder. You don’t realize all you need, until Jesus is all you have.
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Stress Away is one of my go to oils when it comes to emotions and today was no exception. • I've been freaking out waiting for an answer about whether or not I was accepted to Nursing School and it's been killing me. I HATE not knowing what the next chapter of my life will look like. • I put this on 10 minutes before I got the email (I wasn't expecting it until Sunday) saying I was ACCEPTED!!!!!!!! I'm so excited to start this new journey♡
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Prayer. How can we pray for you? Every Tuesday the leadership of Valley Life Camelback prays for each of you by name and need. Feel free to send us an email, direct message us, or feel free to give us a call if you would like prayer from Valley Life Church! Come meet us in person this Sunday right next to GCU! Call us at: 623-850-8777 Email us at: Direct Message us on any of our Social Media!
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good reminder. “your discontentment problem is a mission problem. If you really want to find life - give it away. To Jesus. His church. For his mission"
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We had so much fun last night at the second annual Meet the Firms event at Grand Canyon University! 💜😎 | #gcu#gcuing #gcsquare #meetthefirms #gcu #phoenixapartments #phoenixlife #student #gcuevents #gcustudent #gcu2021 #gcu2020 #gcu2019 #gcu2018 #studenthousing
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••she turned her cants into cans && her dreams into plans•• #bachelordegree #medicalfield #gcu2019 #nevergiveup #keepmovingforward
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Check out our freshly painted accent walls! Which color is your favorite? 🙂💜 | GCSquare #gcu#gcuing #gcu #grandcanyonuniversity #gcu2021 #gcu2020 #gcu2019 #gcu2018 #gcustudent #gcuapartment #phoenix #arizona #accentwalls #progresspictures #modelapartment
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monday's. "It is in Christ we find out who we are and what we are living for." Ephesians 1:11 Monday's can be rough for everyone. Keep this verse in mind to help you push through this week. 🌴🍃
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make disciples. plant churches. join us tomorrow at 5pm to hear Pastor Bryson share the amazing word of God. bring a friend to join us for this weeks portion of The Pursuit of Happiness series.
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I love my crazy roommates ❤️ #grandcanyonuniversity #gcu #gcu2019 #golopes
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Miracles at GCU. Last semester God did miracles. From death to life. Who's ready for a change? God is on the move at GCU. Join us this semester at Valley Life and be a part of life change. #gcu #gcu2021 #gcu2020 #gcu2019 #gcufreshman #lopesup #bettertogether #miracles #lifechange #phoenix #namb
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