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Day 77. BACKING YOURSELF. Another interesting leg composition 😂 the shopping bag ruins it a bit but oh well! Being out and taking photographs more often has resulted in more conversations with people about street photography, Instagram and about photography in general. Generally I'm quite awkward when discussing creative works, and I tend to revolve around where I want to go career wise, and what it is I don't know. As a university student, I focus on what there is to learn rather than speak on experience and knowledge. With little "worldly experience" and industry exposure it's easy to feel small and out of my depth. However this self driven project has helped me back myself and have more appreciation for where I am, especially when conversing with strangers ☺️ I'm not saying be cocky but if you don't back yourself then why should anyone else! Don't be afraid to delve into what you know, because to other people it may be a huge help, no matter where you are ☺️
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