Big Apple 🍎
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Before winter has officially arrived and it’s weird to post anything but snowy adventures. Here’s me, inside of a corn field. If I’m being completely honest this corn field was super small; kinda blows my mind how little you need in order to make something look bigger than it really is. 🌽
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Casa parroquial: where you find God.
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✨🥂 love this time of year!!
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Authentic moment by @meredithhillerphoto
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Given that a few years ago I was seriously considering opening up my own boost juice shop (it's true guys😉)... I was super excited to hear that someone else has made the smart move, and pulled the trigger!🥊🥇🔫 Had to check it out👁, and O.M.G!¡! 🙀the "All Berry Bang" is serious amazing! Not to mention they have the most friendly staff! 😍 I think I might be addicted now guys l... #myfirstboost#boostjuiceNZ @boost_juice_nz _______________________________________________________@boost_juice_nz终于在新西兰开店了!第一家店就在Albany Mall. 想当年两年前我也有联系到澳洲总部,想要在新西兰开第一家店,但是由于各种原因还是取消了。所以今天就去看了看这家新开Boost果汁店。我买的莓味smoothie,真的很不错呢。值得推荐哦😉#boostjuiceNZ#myfirstboost
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Feelin’ the Fredda Dress ✨🌹PS: The SALE CONTINUES! 30% OFF SITEWIDE extended through Cyber Monday!
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I just love ❤️ the feeling when I wake up and I know that it’s Saturday #weekend #weekendvibes #saturday #chilloutday #4weekstochristmas
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Today Jackson & Mel got married! (And a little rained on!) and we all had SO much fun. . Down on the Great Ocean Road, at a gorgeous private property with the ocean as our backdrop, this sweet & gorgeous pair said their I-do's! . The rain started Abes minutes in, but in no way dampened our parade, and it actually brought everyone together (literally!) as we all huddled under umbrellas and then under cover as the rain came down hard just before the vows! . Not to be phased at all, Jacko and Mel got right back into the swing of things and under a cute umbrella shared their marriage vows. We laughed, cried and all now have frizzy hair...(Well, I do! The brides remained magnificent) But it was totally worth it for this incredible experience for such a beautiful couple, it was a joy to celebrate alongside them today! . Special thanks to my mate and photo-taking legend 📸 @edsloanephoto for taking this pic for us on my iPhone, I can't wait to see his capturing of this epic day! #weddingsbyjess #dontrainonmyparade #joyfulceremonies
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