Pequeño pero de gran corazón, #smart puede contar con uno de los 2 tipos de motores de 3 cilindros; uno de 71 caballos de fuerza y otro y 90 caballos de fuerza. Llévatelo desde $2, 580 mensuales y 35% de enganche. Llévatelo con cómodas mensualidades con nuestros accesibles planes de financiamiento. #ForANewUrbanJoy #fortwo #autos #Chihuahua #2017 #cars #MercedesBenz
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In 7 years of blogging, never have I ever become so obsessed with one of my own recipes! ✨ These naturally-sweetened brownies (made with almond butter + cocoa powder + maple syrup) FLOOR ME. We make them at least once a week. And I love that so many of you guys have chimed in to say that they can be made with peanut butter, and with GF flour. I love that our community here on IG is all about getting brownies into our mouths faster. Sisters & brothers of the traveling bakeware, we are! Do yourself a favor and make these nut butter brownies. Don't skip the chocolate bar on top, which takes any edge off the almond butter. I love you & wish you well, and I'm so glad we sleep under the same stars. Sometimes the stars and brownies are all we have together. 💔❤️ #feedfeed #whatveganseat #vegansofinstagram #vegansofIG #brownies #chocolate #🍫 #fortwo #smallbatch
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Lobster Fra Dee tonight! Don't believe anyone who tells you / especially TV Chefs that the clams that don't open are bad // it's just the freakin opposite Tru! ... #Recipe for #MyGuys Smash 2 garlic cloves & a teaspoon of crushed red into 1/4 cup olive oil / Warm the pot until garlic just starts to sizzle Add a can of San Marzano's & a tablespoon of tomato paste / Turn up the heat & smash the tomatoes / Simmer for 1/2 an hour season w/, salt, add clams & a split lobster then cover & simmer till clams open & lobster meat is cooked / finish w/, fresh chopped parsley., Serve w/ your favorite bread or pasta or both!! #lobster #clams #fortwo #TuesdayNightSupper at your place
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Disfruta de la aventura con los sistemas de asistencia a la conducción de #smart #fortwo #instacar #carstagram #ForANewUrbanJoy
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