DTHT Episode X – The Missed Release. Full Episode ★ http://dothehardthing.net . As much as I hate to admit it missed an episode last week... Which did not feel good at the time. However, there is a lesson in that. See, at that time the wife and I had to move and time was very short. Even though consistency dictates that I keep to the routine, there are times when getting out of balance will serve you as well. Had I stuck to that Sunday night routine, the act of taking the few hours needed to write, record, and syndicate would have been an impediment to our goal of getting moved and renting the old place on time. Sometimes breaking with your consistency will advance you. Do not treat your routine as law. It's purpose is to serve you... not enslave you. Full Episode ★ http://dothehardthing.net . Be. Do. Have... In that order. #hardwodder #hardwodderone #honorthework #fortunefavorsthebrave #fortesfortunajuvat #humanmovementfactory #unspecialized #unleashlove #livered #dothehardthing #100to0
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#HardTruth . . “If you don’t give up, you still have a chance. Giving up is the greatest failure.” - Jack Ma. It's about GRIT. You will not hit your goal today. If you do, it wasn't really a goal but a task. There is a difference. Each morning when you wake you have an opportunity to #wintheday to take a step toward what you want in the grand scheme of things toward your goals. Each morning is an opportunity be a winner. You win by completing your routine. A routine that makes you more lethal, fit, smart, and valuable. For me it's excercise, reading, journaling, creating content, feeding those in my circle, meditation, visualization, and eating green first. For you it may be different. As long as it moves you toward what you want it's a good thing and you win with you #dot#dothehardthing of completing it each day. Remember: There is #norestfortheworthy. It's be. do. have... in that order. Who will you be today? #hardwodder #hardwodderone #honorthework #fortunefavorsthebrave #fortesfortunajuvat #humanmovementfactory #unspecialized #unleashlove #livered #dothehardthing #100to0 Gear up ★ http://hardwodder.com . Wise up ★ http://dothehardthing.net .
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"No, I'm just gettin' warmed up." - Lt. Col. Frank Slade. Going into this weekend was serious gut check time. See the wife and I hit our goal of acquiring a new rental and new residential property by the end of the year. We didn't get a mansion. However we stepped up our game seriously... for us a big deal. We both found ourselves wondering if we were worthy of such a cool place. Those old programs started to fire telling us it was too much. And here we are doing the work. Hell, wifey flew straight in from Victoria from a gathering with her coach. Yet, real is real. Those programs fire. That self doubt kicks in. The worry of financially supporting the aquision and our business interests. It's heavy. It's real. It's there. Move anyway... was the thought process. And that's what we did. Realize this: you never arrive. The work is never done... especially on yourself. Prepare to spend your years on the path... because when you pause, quit, or change directions, you are effectively starting over. That is why it's so important to #wintheday Remember: there is #norestfortheworthy Be. Do. Have... In that order. #hardwodder #hardwodderone #honorthework #fortunefavorsthebrave #fortesfortunajuvat #humanmovementfactory #unspecialized #unleashlove #livered #dothehardthing #100to0
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The few and the proud! Happy Veterans day. #SemperFi #FortesFortunaJuvat
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"Though she be but little, she is fierce!" - William Shakespeare. Probably one of the most well know verses from Shakespeare... and also one of the most misapplied. In the case of one @MaryFrances06 I can promise you that is not the case. I have had the pleasure of watching and working with this woman over the last 2 years and supporting her in her growth as a leader and entrepreneur. She is committed to the process. She's willing to #dot#dothehardthing when necessary. And, she's inspired many others to better themselves. If you can have a partner who does all this, you are fortunate. If you can have a partner who does all this consistently over time, you have found a rare ally. My ally has been hard at work helping to build out this movement known as hardwodder as we continue to celebrate those who give their all in what they do. In this photo, she is rocking the second in the #verbs line of tees and tanks found at hardwodder.com as she #honorsthework at #crossfitnorthphoenix in a shirt she herself created. My question for you is this: What are you committed to? Don't lie. The answer is in your results. Gear up ★ http://hardwodder.com . Wise up ★ http://dothehardthing.net . Remember: There is #norestfortheworthy Choose to move. Choose growth. Choose daily. #hardwodder #hardwodderone #honorthework #fortunefavorsthebrave #fortesfortunajuvat #humanmovementfactory #unspecialized #unleashlove #livered #dothehardthing #100to0 Gear up ★ http://hardwodder.com . Wise up ★ http://dothehardthing.net .
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"The greatest enemy of learning is knowing." - John Maxwell. Full video: https://facebook.com/IAmJasonArcher I accomplished a lot this year... and not because I was lucky. It's because I cut away some bullshit stories that were serving to only hold me back. Things like "Oh yea, I already know that." Well, maybe not, Jason, you arrogant prick... Maybe if you learned what you think you learned your resuts would be different. Yea, that had to be cut away. It was dead weight and unnecessary. This years results are showing up on target because I realized that learning what putting what I know into action. Anything less is just #mentalmasturbation and a waste. Results come from consistency over time. The question is what are you being consistent with. Is it a consistency that is serving you or one that is killing you. Remember: there is #norestfortheworthy . Be. Do. Have... In that order. #hardwodder #hardwodderone #honorthework #fortunefavorsthebrave #fortesfortunajuvat #humanmovementfactory #unspecialized #unleashlove #livered #dothehardthing #100to0 Gear up ★ http://hardwodder.com . Wise up ★ http://dothehardthing.net . @oglemc @maryfrances06 @hardwodder @paleoappetite @xfitnorthphoenix @crossfitfsi @elizabethchristine @ckcrossfitfsi @1_ajrichards @danny_page_ This one inspired by @andyfrisella
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"You greatest expense is wasted time.” - Jason Archer You know... so many people I come in contact with will balk at the idea of spending $150 dollars a month on themselves in the form of fitness. Yet, in the same breathe talk about their bar tab from last night being $180. Or their cable bill with the football package being $200 a month. Or their truck payment being $600 a month. Are you fucking kidding me. What you are really saying is that your priorities are dicked... and that you don't value your body as much as crap that will never serve you. How well will you enjoy those things when you can not move at 50 years old... can not put on your shoes without help at 60. The average person born today will live to 100 years of age. Do you really plan to spend your last 40 years on the planet in pain, unable to move, and wishing you wouldn't have wasted your time on shit that didn't matter or make a difference in your quality of life. Weak. Time wasted on crap that costs you money and doesn't serve you is the ultimate expense. Yet, how many times will you put that $200 cell phone bill with extra data that you don't use, ahead of your fitness. I don't have time + I don't have money = Excuses. My question today for you is this: Where can you spend your time in ways that will enrich your life? Today. Now. Gear up ★ http://hardwodder.com . Wise up ★ http://dothehardthing.net . Remember: There is #norestfortheworthy Choose to move. Choose growth. Choose daily. #hardwodder #hardwodderone #honorthework #fortunefavorsthebrave #fortesfortunajuvat #humanmovementfactory #unspecialized #unleashlove #livered #dothehardthing #100to0 Gear up ★ http://hardwodder.com . Wise up ★ http://dothehardthing.net .
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#HardTruth . “Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years” – Bill Gates. It has been my experience that to truly master any one thing, or to go to the next level in something takes roughly 10 years of practice. One reason you see this red image show up once in every 3 posts is to ensure my writing skills are put to use. It about mastery. The same reason you squat first with a PVC pipe... you need to master the movement. It's a lot harder to get reads than likes when your competition on Instagram is some chick with a nice rack posting a selfie. Which is fine, nothing wrong with a nice rack, but what will you do when those puppies are dragging the floor. Are you bringing any other value to the game or just riding a temporary wave into nothing. Seek mastery. Invest the time. Move well before you #loadthebar because it will give you longevity. That is the gift of mastery. #hardwodder #hardwodderone #honorthework #fortunefavorsthebrave #fortesfortunajuvat #humanmovementfactory #unspecialized #unleashlove #livered #dothehardthing #hardworkpaysoff #100to0 Gear up ★ http://hardwodder.com . Wise up ★ http://dothehardthing.net .
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DTHT Episode 12 – How To Leverage Bitcoin For Cash Flow And Mortgage Payments. Full Episode ★ http://dothehardthing.net . Cash is not king… Cash flow is king. Only you know your financial situation and this crypto market is very risky… so I don’t recommend this strategy because the nature of most people in the modern world is to operate from “I’m not responsible”… for more on that, just listen to episode 11. However, you are responsible for all you do. And, if you invest in a highly volatile market and you lose your hat, shirt, and overcoat as my grandfather would say. It is entirely your fault. You chose into the game, you chose to be subject to the rules of the game. OK, that said… hopefully, I have sufficiently repelled all the irresponsible, free shit mentality people who might be listening… I’m sure there is a Bernie Sanders podcast awaiting you out there on the interwebs. I wish you well, but this is not for you. For the rest of you guys, let’s jump into this. Now, I have no intention of claiming to be an expert on the underlying technologies that run any of the blockchains… whether are a fan of bitcoin, ethereum, ripple, dash, monero, litecoin, or any of the rest based on their technical presence is irrelevant to this discussion. The reason being is I want to focus on cash flow. Lots of people want to be better off financially, and few people want to Do The Hard Thing and move themselves to understand how money works and how they can multiply their assets in a way that provides stability and freedom. And, this is a good thing. You should want to be wealthy. You should want to fulfullyoir potential. This is my desire and I wish the same to you. Full Episode ★ http://dothehardthing.net . Be. Do. Have... In that order. #hardwodder #hardwodderone #honorthework #fortunefavorsthebrave #fortesfortunajuvat #humanmovementfactory #unspecialized #unleashlove #livered #dothehardthing #100to0
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Men, your wife is the most important member of your team. Treat her as such and watch what happens. When a man starts his day with the support of his wife, there can be no greater power he carries with him. I started breathing life into her each day with a message of love and appreciation each morning almost a year ago... and now my influence has her breathing life into me. It looks like this. She writes "Good Morning, my King. Next weekend we get to roll up our sleeves and work together to get our home moved. I am grateful I will be able to come help you. Thank you for all you are doing to create an amazing home for us. I am proud of you for what you have created. You are a Powerful Creator. Your hard work and consistency is incredible. CNP and Hardwodder are alive, growing and adding value to this world. Keep up the work. This world needs you. I love you." . #hardwodder #hardwodderone #honorthework #fortunefavorsthebrave #fortesfortunajuvat #humanmovementfactory #unspecialized #unleashlove #livered #dothehardthing #100to0 Gear up ★ http://hardwodder.com . Wise up ★ http://dothehardthing.net .
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"The best executive is one who has sense enough to pick good people to do what he wants done, and self-restraint enough to keep from meddling with them while they do it." - Theodore Roosevelt. I'm so fortunate to have been exposed to really great people. They truly feed my spirit. These two and myself spent the morning shooting some video for a @hardwodder event coming up focusing on strength and flexibility in the back. Led by @ck_sandbags and supported by myself, @maryfrances06 @oglemc @xfitnorthphoenix and @crossfitfsi this is a not to miss event happening at Crossfit North Phoenix on December 2nd at 11am. Carson will be blowing minds and fixing backs. Make sure you are there! Remember: there is #norestfortheworthy . Be. Do. Have... In that order. #hardwodder #hardwodderone #honorthework #fortunefavorsthebrave #fortesfortunajuvat #humanmovementfactory #unspecialized #unleashlove #livered #dothehardthing #hardworkpaysoff Gear up ★ http://hardwodder.com . Wise up ★ http://dothehardthing.net .
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"You have to turn on your obliques" - Carson Kemp aka @ck_sandbags . If you want to turn right on your bike or motorcycle, you have to first turn the handlebars to the left. Sounds counter intuitive... to go right, I have to turn left. Try it if you don't believe me. No bullshit. Lots of things in life are this way. Like if you want more stability in your deadlift, you need control over your obliques. Sounds strange... after all, deads are all about the back and hamstrings. My sides have nothing to do with it, right? Wrong. Core stability all about your middle is key. One thing that will immediately make your deadlift feel more solid and put your back in a more stable position is to turn on your obliques. Sounds counter intuitive to a degree, yet you can not deny the results. Get after some "dead bugs" or "tuck hollow body holds" before you lift and see how you feel. You're welcome. Remember: There is #norestfortheworthy Choose to move. Choose growth. Choose daily. #hardwodder #hardwodderone #honorthework #fortunefavorsthebrave #fortesfortunajuvat #humanmovementfactory #unspecialized #unleashlove #livered #dothehardthing #100to0 Gear up ★ http://hardwodder.com . Wise up ★ http://dothehardthing.net . @paleoappetite @oglemc @maryfrances06 @xfitnorthphoenix @crossfitfsi @j.c.archer @elizabethchristine
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