Under our feet, it's an entirely different world. Photo by @moonmountainman #dailyhivemapped
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Ugh, I hate when there’s gondola traffic. 📷: @himynameismichellee /📍: Venice, Italy
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Front Runner Dachträger und Land Rover Defender - Eine Freundschaft für die Ewigkeit. ______________________ Photo Credit: @alexstrohl
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Los vemos y nos ven pasar. Tren hacia Zipaquirá #usaquén #bogota #colombia #travelersnotebook #adventureisoutthere #train #color
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Ushuaia es la única ciudad argentina que se encuentra en el lado occidental de la Cordillera de Los Andes.
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The mountain that we probably visit the most. 20/365
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Went for a cruise to Tofino. There was a lot of waterfalls along the way.
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A little farm and fruit stand we ended up at while lost in Hawaii. We stumbled on it by accident but it was pretty cool to learn a little more about this place that works towards building intentional, life giving communities alongside physically and developmentally disabled youth and adults.
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// City Lights
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Moss is boss in Iceland
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yo i went snowboarding today for the first time ever and i only fell like 150 times within four hours so i’d say it was a success thanks @pvance27 for bein a cool lad and taking me
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“A simple ray of light can break into a world of darkness and illuminate it.” -A.Einstein Be one who is bold enough to shine in the dark even when everyone else has given up. Your unwavering kindness, positive disposition against all odds, and outside the box ideas matter. Keep doing good; keep shining your light. #saturdayinspiration 📸: bokeh in photos is life, right? 😍🙌🏽 Plus we already know I’m (not-so) secretly obsessed with photography so. 🤪🤣 #bokehgram #bokeh_love #photobokeh #livecolorfully #shineyourlight #lightshow #socallove #nightphoto
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Yunnan Province, China 🇨🇳 #china
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My mom, @the.type.a.traveler, said this looks like I'm airing out a fart. _ Photo by @kej.g edit by me _ #sharpshutterstudios
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As soon as I leave the ocean I want to go back for more
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Saturday’s have to be one of the best days in the week, especially since I have a standing lunch date with my favorite people. Today we went to Clafoutis, a French restaurant that never disappoints. I saw the table next to us order what appeared to be bowls of coffee? Anyone know if that’s what those were? I’m already looking forward to the next time my family and I make a visit and finding out. Happy weekend friends! ✨
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we sailed away on a winter’s day with a fate as malleable as clay. - Joanna Newsom
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Just a few days ago when we were flying above the inversion for sunset, the Pintler mountains off in the distance.
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Yesterday I was concerned with the lack of snow around, but today it has been snowing nonstop! There are places in Utah where it even got 2 feet of snow! Thank you Mother Nature, it feels like winter! • • This was from my hike to hidden lake lookout in Glacier National Park back in August. Even though I visited during peak wildfire season (which only means I HAVE to visit again) these views are BEAUTIFUL! Definitely one of my favorite parks I’ve visited 💯
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For creative inspiration, find someone in your field that you admire. Don’t try to create what they create, instead try to see how they see. Be authentic but be inspired.
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Magic is just focusing and directing WILL to create a specific result in you life. @tatiannatarot⠀ ⠀ Thanks to each one of you for your lovely messages everyday that lift me.🙏🏼 I am so excited to soon unfold my intention and purpose for this space and divinakate.com 😊#manifesting
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The Cedar Creek Grist Mill is a historical grist mill located in Woodland, Washington listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The mill was built in 1876 by George W. Woodham family and A.C. Reid. The water wheel was replaced with a turbine in 1886. The remains of the dam which supplied water to the mill were removed in 1950s. The mill was restored to working condition in the 1980s and now operates as a museum. * * * * * * * * * * * * #staywild #our#ournaturedays #folktravel #liveyouradventure #wondermore #natureGeography #ourcamplife #ournaturedays #ilovenature #bevisuallyinspired #adventurethatislife #natgeolandscape #cntraveler #beautyofnature #outsideculture #modernoutdoors #awakethesoul #visualsofearth #exploringtheglobe #in2nature #awesomeglobe #simplyadventure #livetravelchannel #goneoutdoors #instagood10k #depthsofearth #aov5k #srs_nature #loves_united_landscape #world_bestnature
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I’ve been able to get out and shoot more lately and it has me feeling so exited. And I’m even more excited for the many cool things to come this year and I can’t wait for new adventures. ❤️📷 @gretakatte
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// very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking // John Muir ||
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to those practicing radical kindness because we can’t do it without each other #womensmarch _____ #kindness #powerofwords #poweroflove #bebrave
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We march for Peace.
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We march for Love.
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We march for Equality.
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Caught in-between... who I was and who I’ll be.
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This is a pretty fun set for y’all!
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Hope everyone is having a killer weekend! @mercysupply 15oz indigo duck @redwingheritage IR 8111 #mercysupply #nomercy #redwing #wiwt #ootd #style #usa #indigo #canvas #ironranger #8111 #patina
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One of those days in the outdoor sun where you are just happy to be alive! Also, when 40 degrees feels like summer around here! 😎 Moving on this greenhouse build! ✌️
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