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Good night 🌙
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Нигана на вас нет ☝
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Semoga kamu sedang merindukanku seperti aku disini merindukanmu... . . . 📷Foto saking (Source)@fandiryan 👧If @eni_pratiwi. . 📍Lokasi Around Kampus STTA,Jalan Janti Blok.R, Lanud Adisutjipto,Banguntapan,Bantul,Yogyakarta. Repost?Follow dan tag. @indoflashlight @indoflashlightyogyakarta #indoflashlight #indoflashlightjogja #indoflashlightyogyakarta #jogja .
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Day 69: I can't believe my #69DaysAroundThePhilippines is over. . Traveling for more than two months around the Philippines feels like my life is on a fast forward mode. I met amazing people, did great things together, had great conversations, laughed together, and said goodbye. I felt their absence. Then I met another awesome people, only to say good bye again. Some of them you know you will see again, some you're not sure. Bittersweet. I said many hellos and goodbyes but I'm still not used to it. How many goodbyes can you say in a day, in two months, in your lifetime?
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Even though the weather is cloudy and gloomy, we hope you have a week filled with sunshine & happiness😘 #mondaymotivation #Sphalaphala #Queens💫
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Ain’t got nothing, running from love. 🎶
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Ben, birlikte kıyıya sürüklediğimiz kayıktan saflığımı ve sabrımı aldım tek.kalanları kumsala göm sen de...yaz boyunca nasılsa her keder eksilir kendini doldurarak. (B. Keskin) ☕️⛵️#sailingrace #sai#sailboats #sailboat
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Stand still! Then I can take a picture of you. 😂🙌📸
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There are some memories that are so precious they're like a rose meant to be untouched - send a rose around and it wilts with every touch, leave it to be and it blossoms. They're the ones you keep to yourself to hope that the feeling with it endures; they're the ones worth holding on to.
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Exploring South Australia’s beaches 🏖 #createexplore
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Kublai Fucking Khan
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Dressed by: @ricardo_andrez Make up by: @saraelisabetefir Photography by: @monteirotomas ✌🏻
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Berkarya bersama hati, Kita ini insan bukan seekor sapi. "Zona nyaman" Let the lens framing your timeless scenes 😊☺️ #commfest2017 #warnakomunikasi2017 #zonadansa #ikomunram #fourtwenty #seadaadanya
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Glad to be out of Auckland nice to visit not to live
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Fasci incandescenti di sentimento 🎆🎀 #candles #canon_official
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