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WHO WOULD LOVE A @firstclassfootballtraining SESSION? 🤔 - If you're willing to put the work in like 🔝 13yo Baller @shazzatomokino , we can help you too! #firstclassfootballtraining
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‼️FIRST TOUCH | AWARENESS DRILL‼️ with All White @sam_brotherton 👊 - As Sam passes the ball a colour is called. Forcing him to scan, find the cone and readjust his body position to help him take his touch towards the colour called. #firstclassfootballtraining
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Where focus goes energy flows 💥😎 #firstclassfootballtraining
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Saving the goals for gameday 🙄😂#sorefoot #firstclassfootballtraining
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@leroysane19 “Pep asked me to have a detailed look at how Messi manages one-on-one-situations” 🏆 - Watch the best and model your game off theirs 🐐⚽️ #firstclassfootballtraining
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Sharp Feeeeet from 12 year old top baller @codes5 🔥⚽️ #firstclassfootballtraining
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QUICK MATHS 🔢⚽️ - Moving the ball quickly while scanning the Numbers program on our iPad and multiplying every number shown by 4 😁🔥. Don’t just look up for the sake of it, can you take in information and process it efficiently? #firstclassfootballtraining
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When you know where it’s going 😚🎯 #firstclassfootballtraining
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‼️PASSING EXERCISE ⚽️‼️ Working on young baller @finnfootball16’s headchecks, timing, awareness and ability to take in information 👏 - He even coped well with the difficult progressions that were added. Now Finn can take what he learnt into games games and trainings by remembering to 1️⃣ HEADCHECK 2️⃣ TAKE IN INFORMATION and 3️⃣Make an INFORMED decisions - BOOKINGS 📩: support@firstclassfootballtraining.com #firstclassfootballtraining
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PROFESSIONAL PLAYER SESSIONS 🏅 - The more dedicated you are, the more we can help take your game to the next level! - #firstclassfootballtraining
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Technical variation is 🔑 #firstclassfootballtraining
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Our goal is to help as many dedicated footballers as we possibly can. All you need to do is focus, be dedicated and persevere both in and out of sessions. We can help with the rest 😉⚽️ #firstclassfootballtraining
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‼️NEW WEBSITE 💻🌍 ‼️ - Want more information about us, our services or coaches? Check out our new and improved Website, link in bio ⚽️ #firstclassfootballtraining
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Demonstration is key 🔑 - We cater for and understand that every single player and person is different. Whether you’re a Visual, Verbal or Physical learner. We show you what to do, tell you how to do it and then let you try it yourself! If players don’t understand initially we choose the learning type which is most SPECIFIC to the individual and show, tell or let them try again! Well done @danielm0rgan @dynamicsportnz top session yesterday ⚽️🔥 #firstclassfootballtraining
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A comfort zone is a beautiful place. But nothing ever grows there 🌱⚽️ #firstclassfootballtraining
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⚽️ 25 BALL MANIPULATION EXERCISES ‼️ - Part 2 #firstclassfootballtraining
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RABONA TEKKERS 😂❄️ Thoughts⁉️ #firstclassfootballtraining
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‼️REAL TIME 1V1 footage, posted daily‼️Use our exercises and ideas to help improve your game 😎🔥⠀ -⠀ VENUES: North Shore & Central Auckland .⠀ -⠀ #firstclassfootballtraining ( #📷 @firstclassfootballtraining via @latermedia )
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‼️REAL TIME 1V1 footage, posted daily‼️Use our exercises and ideas to help improve your game 😎🔥 - VENUES: North Shore & Central Auckland . - #firstclassfootballtraining
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🔥25 BALL MANIPULATION EXERCISES ‼️- Part 1 #firstclassfootballtraining
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ANOTHER PRO BALLER’S SESSION 🔥‼️ This time with Bolton Wanderer's @adammitchell8 ⚽️ - Who would love individual training like this❓ 📩: support@firstclassfootballtraining.com #firstclassfootballtraining
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We help players understand exactly HOW to improve their game 🙌 - We are not just a Individual training service. Our coaches introduce proven concepts and ideas that genuinely will change the way you play football. #firstclassfootballtraining
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😱 WHIPPAGE CONSISTENCY‼️Both feet too 😉 — Tag a mate who’s got this in their locker 🎯 #firstclassfootballtraining
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@ronaldinho 👑 has officially retired from football - Throughout his career this legend has shown us exactly what football is all about! He made football look like an art form, expressing himself with no fear of failure and no matter what always having a massive smile on his face. I (@dylanrstansfield) watched this legend every single day when I was younger, doing this helped me gain the confidence to try things on gameday and because of this enjoy my football so much more ⚽️ - ❗️Get on YouTube and watch different players you admire, this will help to model your game❗️ #firstclassfootballtraining
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The best do the extras, so why don’t you? 🤔 - Individual training is the perfect compliments to team training. Unlike grouped sessions it’s focused, specific and tailored to the personalised needs of a player. In a team session players may only get 30 touches of the football. Wheras in an individual session players may get more than 30 touches every minute of the session! - All you need is a ball and some space! What’s your excuse⁉️ If you want different results try doing something different 👊⚽️ - Video featuring: @leomessi @10aguerosergiokun @johnterry.26 @waynerooney #firstclassfootballtraining
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How sharp are this young lads feet 😳🔥 #tb @finnfootball16 ⚽️ - We’re dedicated to helping as many players “Accelerate Improvements” as we possibly can . Our superior methods are proven to improve match day performances, get ready to change your game. - Massive Expansions coming! ❗️STAY TUNED❗️ #firstclassfootballtraining Clothing: @besteam_sports_nz Training aids: @firstclassfootballapparel
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Practice doesn’t make Perfect. Perfect Practice makes PERMANENT 👏⚽️ #firstclassfootballtraining
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⚽️ AWARENESS PROGRESSION 👀💥 - Whats the point of having the ball at your feet if you’re not aware of your surroundings? 🤔 Get a friend and give this a try so you can: ✅Get comfortable checking your shoulders in possession ✅ Use different surfaces of both feet ✅ Be completely aware and comfortable when in possession. - Baller featured: @adammitchell8 of Bolton Wanderers 👟⚽️ #firstclassfootballtraining
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DON’T PRACTICE SHOOTING, PRACTICE FINISHING‼️🎯💥 - The best Finishers don’t sacrifice Finesse for Power. They choose what technique to use, take aim and EXECUTE ACCORDINGLY. Learn to Finish chances, not just lash at opportunities. - GET IN TOUCH TODAY 📩: dsfirstclassfootball@gmail.com . 🔵⚫️⚪️ #firstclassfootballtraining
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PRIORITISE QUALITY OF TRAINING OVER THE QUANTITY ⌛️⚽️ - - During and Outside our of our sessions we encourage players to train for SHORT DURATIONS at HIGH INTENSITY. You will be working hard on your Aerobic Endurance during your team trainings and matches anyway! - - GET IN TOUCH TO ADD INTENSITY, INTENT AND QUALITY TO YOUR GAME‼️ - - . 📩:dsfirstclassfootball@gmail.com . 🔵⚫️⚪️ #firstclassfootballtraining
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