Cuba day 3. Inside the museum of revolution. I didn't know anything about the Kuban history at all before I entered. Usually I know a lot and do my research before I travel. Something about their history, art, important places and so on. But this time, since Camilla chose the destination, I was a clean canvas. I read about what happened in the beginning of the revolution, and quickly realised why a Traveling loving doctor with parents who where poets and feminists (You know him as CheGuevara), a lawyer raised with other values since his family was from Spain (Fidel Castro) And an artist that studied art history and idea history (Camilo Cienfuega) ..they all believed in Utopia. A better world without corruption, mafia and economic exploitation. After the revolution they made sure that also the black children could go to school. All the land beneath the people's feet was owned by ancestors to the Kolonists. Where should you get more land when all that surrounds you are water? As a Scandinavian with all the privileges that we have, they don't turn visible until I travel outside my own context. The socialist country that I grew up in has Kommunism, but with a splash of capitalism, because it drives people into try harder, and also, the hard working people pay the taxes we all live from. I take so many things for granted. Drinkable water from the tap. Water -every day-, toilet paper, electricity every day, free health care and subventionated medicine, a automatic retirement plan, parental and sick leave. I am privileged. I live in Utopia. The same Utopia I think the Doktor, the lawyer and the artist dreamed of. #Havanna #Cuba #photowalk #ilovecuba #adventure #museumofrevolution #fidelcastro #cheguevara #camilocienfuega #socialism #kommunism #revolution #utopia
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Go flex wearing double like a communist #fidelcastro
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Guess who had a Mehari...? Fidel Castro . #Mehari #Citroen #CitroenMehari #History #FidelCastro #Cuba #historyinpictures
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Fidel Castro ~ Che dalam Kenangan Fidel Castro (2017) Harga: Rp 90.000 || Narahubung: 0878-3913-7459 (SMS/Wasap) “Bagi saya, sangat sulit untuk menerima kenyataan bahwa Che telah tiada. Saya sering memimpikannya, saya berbicara dengannya, seolah-olah dia masih hidup.” – Fidel Castro Fidel Castro menulis dengan ketulusan dan emosi mendalam ihwal kemitraan revolusioner bersejarah yang mengubah wajah Kuba dan Amerika Latin. Fidel menyuguhkan gambaran yang hidup tentang Che Guevara–seorang manusia, seorang revolusioner, dan seorang intelektual–yang mengungkapkan banyak hal mengenai tekad dan karakternya yang tak tergantikan. Edisi baru ihwal memoar politik yang unik ini mencakup pidato Castro saat kembalinya jasad Che ke Kuba setelah 30 tahun pembunuhannya di Bolivia pada tahun 1967, dan memberikan penilaian yang jujur tentang misi (Pemerintahan) Bolivia. #warungarsip #chedalamkenanganfidelcastro #fidelcastro #cheguevara #mataangin
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★ Arriverà a L’Avana, dall’Argentina, replica gigante del berretto di Fidel Castro. Con destinazione L’Avana è partito oggi dall’aeroporto internazionale di Buenos Aires, in Argentina, una replica del berretto verde olivo che usava il Comandante in Capo, Fidel Castro. Membri dell’Unione dei Residenti Cubani in quella nazione sud-americana (URCA) con l’appoggio del Movimento Argentino di Solidarietà con l’isola (MasCuba), si sono uniti per rendere omaggio al leader storico della Rivoluzione cubana compiendosi un anno dalla sua scomparsa fisica. (21 Novembre 2017) ❤ #cuba #fidelcastro #argentina #havana #americalatina #rivoluzione #rivoluzionecubana #buenosaires #urca #mascuba #berretto #verdeoliva #comandante #jefe
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The GOAT with former Cuban hefe Fidel Castro ⚽⚽⚽ #diegomaradona #argentina #worldcupwinner #fidelcastro #footballinsanity
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