ever feel really shitty, try and ring your doctors, wait on the phone for 3 minutes for no answer but cause you spent time on your makeup you take a selfie with the good lighting? (did that make sense? #fibrofog)
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El amor es el ingrediente clave para la curación. Nirmala Raniga El amor hacia nosotros mismos es el amor más importante que podemos cultivar en nuestra vida. Si nos cuidamos y amamos a nosotros mismos, entonces seremos capaces de compartir el amor con los demás. Una forma de cultivar el amor hacia nosotros es conectarnos de nuevo con nuestros talentos y verdadero propósito en la vida. Un ejercicio para identificar nuestros talentos consiste en elaborar una lista de aquello que disfrutamos hacer, aquellas actividades que podemos realizar durante horas sin percatarnos del paso del tiempo. Enlistemos y accionemos. ¡Hagámos! Otra forma es perdonarnos a nosotros mismos. Liberarnos de los recuerdos y sentimientos de culpa y vergüenza asociados a eventos pasados, y la aceptación de nosotros mismos tal como somos en este momento, nos permitirá seguir adelante con confianza y auto-compasión. Espantemos las mentiras del ego y dejemos atrás todo lo que nos robe paz. Vivamos AQUÍ Y AHORA. Desde el amor. Nuestro amor! ¡UN DÍA A LA VEZ! El amor propio baja el ruido del dolor. #QuiéreteMucho #Aceptación #AmorPropio #Fibromyalgia #fibrofog #conciencia #evolucion #entrenamiento #Resiliencia #fibromialgia #aprenderadesaprender 💙💚💜
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Obsessed!! I didn’t think something so simple could help with my fibro fog but I swear this has helped me 100% go get yourself some by following the link in my bio!
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Sometimes I can tick everything off my to do list and still have time and energy to have a girls night out. Sometimes I can work a whole shift without needing to take a 10 minute break every time the pain gets too much. Sometimes I am chatty and sociable. I have the concentration and memory to remember names and faces. Today was not any of those kind of days. And that’s OKAY ! Today I spent the majority of my time at home in my pyjamas that I had somehow managed to put on back to front. I stayed hydrated but also did a lot of binge eating and then hated myself for it. I watched episodes of greys anatomy and had a good old boohoo moment. I took my medication and I got some life admin done. You know what, it was another day I didn’t quit or give up or lose hope. Yes it was a rough day for both my physical and mental health but I am heading to be with the hope of a better tomorrow. I hope you are all having a low pain day and that you are looking after yourselves. Sending you all big hugs and love 💕
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My husband and son are spending the weekend at my in-laws. So I set my alarm to wake up after 12 hours of sleep. I hit snooze and ended up sleeping for 16 hours. If my phone hadn't rang, I probably would've slept more. But I got up to take my sweet baby Layla-Loo out and get us something to eat. I could feel my blood sugar getting low. Gonna try to stay up at least 5 or 6 hours then get back to sleep! Wish I could sleep 12 hours every night😩 #SleepForever #BrainFog #ChronillnessHangover #Bodyaches #ChronicIllness #Fibromyalgia #FibroFlare #FibroFog #CFSME #ChronicFatigueSyndrome #MyalgicEncephalomyelits #Endometriosis #StageFourEndo #EndoFlare #EndoWarrior #EndoSister #PMDD #Adenomyosis #ChronicPain #Hypoglycemia #Anxiety #Depression #InvisibleIllness #ChronicIllnessWarrior #PainStricken #Painsomnia #BeyondExhausteddd #AllTheFlares #FlaringSoHard
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I was outraged, I wanted people to see my disease, to look at my exposed flesh! Why? Because I'm sick but nobody sees, no one believes, no one offers help ... I didn't care about beauty anymore. I wanted to be destroyed from the outside as I am inside. Until I found out that my friend lost an eye. A beautiful girl, extremely beautiful! Using an eye cap like a piece of that invisible bra on her face and her hair covering half of face. And she was happy to be alive. So I cried, I asked God to forgive me and I'm always grateful for being perfect from the outside. _ 🙏🏼 _ 🇧🇷"Invisibilidade é uma benção". Eu estava indignada, queria que as pessoas pudessem ver minha doença, que olhassem a minha carne exposta! Por quê? Porque estou doente mas ninguém vê, ninguém acredita, ninguém oferece ajuda... Eu já não me importava com beleza. Eu queria estar destruída por fora, como estou por dentro. Até saber que minha amiga perdeu um olho. Uma menina linda, a mais linda da sala! Usando no lugar do olho um tampão, como um pedaço daquele invisible bra, no lugar do olho e o cabelo cobrindo metade de rosto. E ela tava super feliz por estar viva. Então chorei, perdi perdão à Deus e agradeço sempre por ser perfeita por fora. 💜 #invisibleillness #invisibleillnessawareness #fibromialgia #dorcronica #insonia #fadiga #depressão #intestinoirritavel #confusaomental #força #dolorcronico #sefuerte #fibromyalgia #chronicpain #depression #insomnia #ibs #exausted #fibrofighter #fibromyalgiawarrior #fibromyalgiaawareness #fibrofog #spoonie #staystrong #beauty #beautiful #perfect #grateful #linda #blessed
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