Enough said! You don't feel what I feel! #fib#fibrogia #chronicpain #chronicillness #chronicfatigue #pain #painful #fibro #warrior
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mmm pretty much. 🔥
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Such a thoughtful gift from a friend. A wedding album from a friend with love! 💜
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Bay Area #Lyme first #NYC event raising awareness for #LymeDisease on the #EastCoast 📸 with host Gayle Collat and author/advocate Isabel Rose. #DrFrid #DrElenaFrid
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When one is #NightshadeFree one no longer can enjoy the #ChickFilA French Fries. So one buries their nose in the empty container. #Fib#FibroFantastic #Fibro
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Fun day... fainted in class due to side effects of my new medicine. Ended up taking a trip to the ER and to find out I broke a bone in my wrist called the scaphoid. Yay 😑😓 #broken #brokenbones #fibro #fibromyalgiasucks
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I thought I would do something fun for all my friends for the support and love you have given me over the last year plus especially! But... I do have to ask a favor for it. I am planning to post my weekly Energize and Shake dance playlist link so you can enjoy! (If you don't know what that's about check out FB stories or Instagram Stories) I'd love a like and/or share of my page! Trying to share the love and help as many peeps as I can! The link will be in the comments!
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I just got home from the second new support group I've tried out this week. Today was non-stop classes and then therapy and then this group. And, pretty much the whole day was spent sitting. It's way past my be-in-my-bed time and my body is SCREAMING but this group was so worth it. It's a DBSA (depression and bipolar support alliance) group and being there was so amazing. I've never heard so many people share things that I experience and feel things I go through. I literally can't explain how incredible it was to be there. I am definitely going back next week and every week after that for the foreseeable future. Please, please anyone with depression or bipolar, please look in to finding a local DBSA group. It was seriously that amazing to be there. Here's a link where you can search by your state: http://www.dbsalliance.org/site/PageServer?pagename=peer_support_group_locator
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In 48 hours this is what a flare can look like physically and apart from me having a meltdown, I think I pull off looking over half alive pretty well for someone in large amounts of pain living on tramadol. The point is I know I don't look sick, But I also don't know anyone who can tell me how I should look with an illness that's entirely invisible. I can bail on plans and look great, it doesn't mean I feel great. I'm not bailing for the fun of it. I can lumber myself to my doctors or the shop and look fine, but I'm still gonna pay for it. Some days I DO look like shit, and that is fine too. I can take a million selfies around the house and it's not going to make me look any worse than I do at any given moment. Everything I do has a consequence and at this point, one of them hasnt been to turn into a swamp monster, so if we could stop the "you don't look sick" trope like appearance is a symptom THATDBGR8. - - - #perth #perthmodel #model #photography #perthphotographer #australianmodel #girlswithpiercings #gir#girlswithtattoos #gir#girlswithink #chronicillness #bodypositive #fib#fibromyalgia #fibro #spoonie #effyourbeautystandards #pizzasisters4lyfe #shameless #coffeeclub #sadgirl #selfcare #mentalhealth #mentalillness #pale #girlswithtattoos #girlswithink #redhair #fmd #ednos #hairporn #edwarrior #wiccac
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my tape handiwork as well as some cute pjs from my Momma!! this week has been a depressive one, but it's also been one that I've only missed one day of school in. i got my first proper assignment mark back and I did wonderful. i think i'll treat myself to a new pair of pjs this weekend :')
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This is the man that helps me get through so much. Having a very rough night, in a lot of pain. It's been a tough and emotional couple days. Thankful for a little cuddle time (thanks also to my amazing and wonderful mom who's here tonight taking some shifts so we can get some rest) #love #lovemyhusband #lovemymom #fib#fibromyalgia #momlife #fibro #parenting #cuddles #thankful #blessed #chronicillness #momsofinstagram #mymomisthebest #myhusbandishot #myhusbandisthebest #sotired #tiredmom #tiredparents
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I’m finally beginning to feel better- turns out my upper intestines aren’t working as well as they should be and that’s causing the inability to eat and drink and the pain. My doctor apologized profusely for unknowingly putting me in a position where I was in so much pain without any help or meds. So he rewrote me for my regular pain meds and also wrote me a prescription for Reglan. I think it may be starting to work but it makes me so sleepy! Does that happen to you if you take it? Do you learn to adjust? Anyway, I’m feeling hopeful that this medication is the answer and I’m very happy! I hope y’all are doing well and I love you guys so much!
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Fall in Arizona is when everything comes to life, especially my soul. ✌🏼🌻
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