Friday night gno craft cocktails! We snagged a spot upstairs where it was more quiet and private to have a nice conversation!
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The life of a bookworm ❤📖 . . . . . . #books #love #lovebooks #autumn #winter #bookworm #feedyoursoul #words #oldsoul #candle
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¡Estamos a tope con las comidas y cenas de empresa!💪💪 Son fechas especiales y, por eso, como en estas fechas somos más dados a las copitas, vinos y cervezas... Mejor salir sin coche y volver a casa en bus o 🚕 Pero en caso de que en el grupo haya un amigo que no beba, una amiga embarazada🤰 o alguien que se comprometa a llevaros a todos a casa, recordad que Jota Cinco dispone de Parking propio. Estas fiestas son para disfrutar, no las fastidien os con un disgusto. 🎄🍺🚗 #PiensaEnAzul
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If you need to sit back and relax after our Christmas Markets or fuel up for the stalls tomorrow, come in and get your hands on our delicious Beetroot Salmon for dinner tonight!
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~•~ Observe ~•~ La vie est pleine d'enseignements, tout est propice à évolution ! Le monde extérieur est le miroir de notre monde intérieur... j'essaye de m'en rappeler à chaque fois que je me sens irritée ou blessée par une situation ou une parole. Pas toujours simple mais toujours juste. 📷@encrystalhealing ##naturopathie #artdevivre #observe #
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Feeling festive at #PlentyMumbai! Drop in and feel the festive spirit with us.
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#decembergratitude2017 —Day 15 December 15th 2017 1. The RESILIENCE I’ve learned from my mom—she’s the queen bee. 2. The COMPASSION I’ve learned from my parents. 3. The DETERMINATION I’ve learned from my dad. 4. The LOYALTY I’ve learned from my brother. 5. The PATIENCE I’ve learned from Mother Nature and Father Time.
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Getting fat is just a piece of cake. • • Los Indios Bravos, dope or nope? Dope! 😋🍰
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Back again doe some tasty breaky food... still pretty up there!
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If only all midnight snacks taste like this 😋🍕🧀 #CheesyLava
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Wow!! What a difference a year can make??? I am so, so happy to see such a dramatic transformation not only physically but mentally in a year's time. The woman on the left was so unhappy and self-conscious. Constantly beating herself up over nuance details that didn't matter. Constantly holding herself to impossible standards that she could never possibility meet. The woman on the right.... I am a strong, confident, happy person. I struggle with things like everyone else but for the most part I am truly happy with my life and the improvements I've made in all aspects of my life. This year has been an amazing one. A journey filled with so much love, patience, respect, understanding, and growth. I am so proud of the life I have manifested for myself and I am so grateful for what my future holds!!
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⭐️ Take time to feed your soul - whatever that means for YOU. Me and Dave realized we hadn’t been to the temple for a while (way too long). Then some more time went by and I started thinking just how long it had been 🤔 - and it had been A. WHILE. 😑 Like I’m embarrassed to say how long so I’m just gonna let you all sit there and guess. So anyway my super awesome sister and brother in law came and watched M&D for us with like a day’s notice and we went here 👆🏻last weekend. Can I just tell you how much better our Sunday morning went and my whole week went? I really feel the impact it had on my day to day life this week. I felt less scattered and more focused. I was able to feel calm throughout the day on my days home (I usually feel like a train wreck 🤣 with watching after two kids). I don’t know, it was just BETTER. So don’t ignore your spiritual side! If you’re LDS - GET TO THE TEMPLE! And if you’re not, do whatever it is you do - meditate, yoga, read, other spiritual/religious services, etc. It’s amazing the connection our spirits have to our minds and our bodies. Make it work in your favor. 😊 📷: @mdraperphotography
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Octopus Pepperoni! 🐙🍕 The "octopie" @calmare_la.
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LITTLE ITALY FRIES (covered with a la vodka sauce, mozzarella cheese and oregano). These were probably some of the best french fries I ever tasted* ———————————— 📍@mothershouse📍 🌎Garden City Park, NY🌎 ———————————— “In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you.” -Deepak Chopra ———————————— #instaphoto #instavideo f52grams #fee#feedyoursoull #yummie #instafood #feedyoursoul #foodies #eatfamous #newyork #nyc #zagat #yelp #yelpelite #feedfeed #eatwell #zagatnyc #yelpnyc #grubstreet #timeoutnewyork #eaterny #nycfoodie #new#newforkcity #nyceats #newforkcity #yelpeatsnyc #longisland #strongisland #fries #italian#buz#buzzfeed #buzzfeed
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Time for dessert #vietnam
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Boba & friends 🙌🏽
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Accept yourself the way you are!
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Checking out the cutest cafe that ticks all the boxes 🙌🏽 GF, DF + loads of plant based options, @carrotsticksandcravings has nailed exactly what we’ve been missing in Singapore 👌🏽 Perfect for a post @f45_training_amoystreet #saturdaysweat refuel 💪🏽💦
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Speak kindly to yourself. Do you ever notice the nature of your internal dialog? Can you catch any unkind thoughts that pass by? Being present enough to observe our thoughts can allow us to determine if they are serving us and helping us create the life we want. Start noticing today what you are saying to yourself. Do you believe you are worthy and capable or do you think you should play small and let others welcome in abundance? Do you tell yourself “Who am I to be happy, enjoy amazing experiences, live life to the fullest and follow my dreams?” If so, don’t judge these thoughts but do slowly change that dialog to one that is more confident, positive and aligned with who you truly are- a being that deserves all the joy this life has to offer. Remember, always speak and think kindly about yourself, because your soul needs your love and approval. Have a awesome Saturday💕
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** Rant Warning ** Sooo.. ended up in @treejcafe after a disappointing visit to @byparkers at @lamer .. they were open but don't serve breakfast ?! Odd. Why don't they just open at noon time then. Misleading. Who has lunch at 10.30am anyway ? Overall disappointed in La mer.. hardly anything was open and it was really warm to walk from one end to another only to find most restaurants were either not open or were offering limited menus. I won't be going back until all restaurants are fully up and running. City walk remains as my favorite breakfast area. That said, I really enjoyed my spicy eggs and karak from Treej. . . . . . #instafood #feedyoursoul #forkyeah #instafoodie #foodforfoodies #feedfeed #eeeeeats #foodpics #igf#igfoodie #igfood #whatiate #foodstagram #instayum #dubaifoodies #instalike #instadubai #igersdubai #mydubai #foodblogger #breakfastgoals #breakfastgram #instabreakfast #brekkie #breakfastinspo #foodisfuel #eatwell #healthyeats #eggcited #eggstagram
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Chhole Bhature for breakfast? How can we Punjabis stay away from them 😋 Video edited with some amazing soundtracks added via @hypstar.india App 🎧😍
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Egg Custard, Sunchoke Purée, Sunchoke Chips, Alba Truffle
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Flashback Friday to the entirety of my bikini fitness journey! Get real; you all knew it was coming! I cannot believe the year I’ve had!! Since 2017 is coming to an end I couldn’t help but take a minute and look back and reflect not only on my fitness journey but my year itself. This picture is a reminder to me on how strong willed I truly am and (yes I’m going to insert a corny physio metaphor rightttt here) how just like a muscle works through the extreme push and pull you put it through and although it is oh so painful gain mass, euphoric feelings and everything looks and feels better in the end. This is exactly how I feel about my year. I have gone through a lot of ups and downs, experienced the good and the bad, happiness and tears, confusion and full clarity. I’ve had some new amazing people come into my life; and others leave. I’ve experienced the true meaning of a cherished friendship, those who are always there to love, laugh, support and experience life with me and who truly enjoy my presence no matter where in the world we happen to be, frame of mind we may be in, going through struggles or in pure bliss. Then on the flip experienced those those who take advantage, who are there when it’s convenient for them, who are unsupportive of my health/fitness and recent life choices - whether it be disapproval or jealousy I’ll never know - and as Gable says - “Frankly dear, I don’t give a damn” 💪🏽😘 Just like my muscles through this fitness journey; I too have gone through the push and pull, experienced the pain and have persevered to receive that beautiful euphoric feeling at the end of my “workout of life” if you must say. I have learned far more than I could have ever imagined. Just like my physique has progressed,so have I. What you can’t see is how I’ve learned to gain back so much confidence , I have pride in myself, self love, found the competitive girl I’ve always been and most importantly brought out my true self to shine...Brighter than ever! So, thank you 2017 for all you have brought this year; mind, body, and soul. I’m at my best me inside and out and am thankful and blessed for all clarity and love ive gained💕
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I was humming “shine bright like a 💎” the whole time 🤣 I truly hope everyone is feeling the magic that is in the air at this time of year. 🎄 #bepresent #holidayseason #gettingmystepsin
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Sooo my family decided to open a few silly gifts early, and this was my gift. Are you surprised? haha #freshfiercefoodie 😉🍓
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I missed these two boys! Stoked I get to take my old pals Stubbs and Buddy out on adventures again. . . . . . . #hiking #hikingwithdogs #adv#adventure #livefree #tailwaggindogwalks #dogwalker #utah #hikeutah #Stubbs #Buddy #fluffydog #autumn #drycreek #love #feedyoursoul #feelinggood #adventure #adventuredog
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BUYOUTBUYOUTBUYOUT Rib roast, smoked bearnaise 🙌 #lifeofacook #thegreatpacificnorthwest #meatonmeat
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Nothing like freshly baked bread, especially the sourdough from @sonoraresort.
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Marble Cake!!🍰 If you liked the pic, please like and follow. #cake #homemade #feedyoursoul #yummy #desserts #cakedecorating #calicut
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Spicy Shrimp Ramen Bowls...Ditch the plain boring Ramen and give this a try. Tender shrimp, crisp veggies and spicy Sriracha! Link in bio
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Honey Green Milk Tea & Strawberry Yakult w/ boba 🍓 Ding Tea 📍Huntington Beach
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Found this beautiful quote behind this lovely place where we stay for the next 6 days.. #healthybody #graditude#selfcare #feedyoursoul #zanzibartanzania #beachhouse
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His little gifts are always thoughtful and sweet. His bigger gifts are just simply irreplaceable. I'm glad that I can finally say that I'm officially back home just in time 😊 Grazie, padre, per la tua grazia 💖 . #food #foodism #thekitchn #buzzfeast #dailyfoodfeed #eatfamous #foodblogger #foodlover #feedyoursoul #cheatmeal #yummy #eatandtreats #onthetable #f52grams #foodgasm #foodphotography #foodgram #foodie #feedfeed #vsco #vscofood #instafood #eeeeeats #gloobyfood #foodpic #foodstagram #donuts #flatlays #sweets #sweettooth
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