On gloomy days, I look at this photo of Cupcake Island.
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A refresher course on wet morning commutes.
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Saatler artık 00:00 ı geçtiyse, tarih 26/02/2018 i gösteriyorsa, heyecan tavan yapmışsa, içimdeki minik kalbin sahibinin gelmesine saatler varsa, bu kıyafetler sahibiyle buluşacaksa, "anne" oluyorsam ve bunları yazarken tekme yiyorsam içerden kaç bin kez şükretmek gerekir?
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Somewhere in Minnesota... Photo by @grantplace
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I’m going to miss the beach when I’m back in Colorado, and mostly because Haley makes it look so nice 😘
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Tram Depot
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S/O @dvsndvsn, show tonight at @royaleboston who else going ? 👀📸
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Beautiful sunset slowly going down ! Zoom in from very far away 😍😍😍
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@eastwood.x X @ugmvancouver are partnering up for Experience Hastings Crossing: Bring an item, multiple items or up to one bag of clothing, as a donation to UGM, and receive one free class on March 2! (Max of one free class per person. The person receiving the free class must be present with items to receive class.) (154 W.Hastings) #DTES
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Life is better when you spend it around lovely people who have wonderful smiles!
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I took some photos of my sister getting wedding ready last year. Belatedly going through the pics now.
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At #superkickd punches are harder to swallowed @superkickd
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Haley is a beautiful ray of sun ☀️
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Sunset taken from the 16th floor window view room 😍
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56:365 | nothing better than listening to a babbling brook
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I’m glad that I met this spirit when I moved to California. She is magic and sparkles.
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There was some serious “Beatles” vibes happening on my shoot with Kelsi 😍
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It should be mandatory to have a disco ball somewhere in your home.
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In the still of the night
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Missing my city tonight and just about every other night for a number of reasons. Being here in eastern europe has really made me appreciate the way the majority of people are in the states towards people from other parts of the world. It's been a massive adjustment and educational experience being here around these people, to say the least. • • • • • • • • • • #atlanta #leafcitynow #hippomag #postthepeople #instagood #poland #createexplore #wrocław #georgia #HeaterCentral #AGameOfTones #CreateYourHype #etczine #35mm #portracurated #Shoot2Kill #CreateExploreTakeover #IGMasters #polska #ArtOfVisuals #MoodyGrams #UrbanAndStreet #FarTooDope #JustGoShoot #slowshutter #makeportraits #film #streetdreamsmag
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Tempura Veggies 🍅 😋
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Inspired | Capture Shooter by 📸 : @mark_blevins Selected by @kjm.e46 Congrats of today featured 🍻🍻🍻 Alliances @urban.aisle @cityunit @forbidden.art @worldwidegrams @heatedtones Make sure you tags and #creativetones to get featured
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P.N.W. I'll be traveling to San Francisco and Portland next week, and this is a set to celebrate that. There are multiple sets ready, with talent I cant wait to introduce. However, during my time on the road I won't be able to focus entirely on each set and their stories and therefore have this set instead. A compilation of previous sets, culminating in what you could aptly call "Pacific North West".
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Saiu o vídeo "extra" de hoje!!! Tô falando sobre o que faço pra me organizar! Então se vc tbm tá meio enrolada (o) e quer umas dicas, corre lá na bio! Aproveita pra curtir o vídeo e se inscrever no canal, ok?!
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Over the edge 🌬
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“The idea of freedom is inspiring. But what does it mean? If you are free in a political sense but have no food what’s that? The freedom to starve?” Angela Davis.
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Pues aquí os dejo un mensaje que me mandó hace un par de días una seguidora. (@mariloru4 )Y le gustó tanto que pensé que era buena idea compartirlo con vosotros. Mil gracias a todos. Déjame en comentarios si tú tmb te has puesto a cantar al final del video
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Serie #localherosonly - Ice See more on the hashtag. What do you think about it? #richardluerzer Production Marcel Tamul
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