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Three things that cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon and the truth.
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"Mistic valley lover" a breathtaking view of the Valley of the "Sete Cidades", which sometimes appears and disappears in clouds and fog. ....where the clouds hang between the sky and the earth. The light sometimes seems diffuse, shrouded in a mist of strange mystery.....
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So, hi again. — I needed some time alone, just that. For one week I've been planning work for 2018, I've been with a few friends and actually not all my friends that I love and even family. I've been thinking, I've been talking to God more than ever. And you know, when you want to become something in your own life, pain in your actions will come and be in any single way. If it hurts or a challenge it's more than worth it. I've been doing some changes for myself and for the ones I love. You notice, somehow in some point of growing that everyday we're wrong by thinking that we're always right on our present decisions. Let me tell you something: Our present decisions are the pure reflection of our maturity and what do we want in life. And you have to know that, it's like a pie grafic, some of your decisions are made with your pure heart (emotions) and some of them are made with your pure way of thinking or your conscience!! This past week I learned some things. One is to not blame myself for feeling. Two is to do your thing, do your best, trust the One you believe and with time you will have your questions and decisions answered. Three is to not just loving myself, but to give the value I have as a human, not as Catarina. We forget so much about us and trust me I'm not the only one, because loving ourselves is a process during our childhood, teenage years, during a relationship, marrige, friendships, family, your time alone, your glorious moments, the most horrible moments and if it's the case in the future, even death. Who are we? One friend of mine asked me: "who are you? Tell me, how do you describe yourself" — and that is a question, that is so horrible for me and I think most humans. For real, I've been feeling with the worst self-esteem during these past weeks, and most people don't know! And they don't need to know. It's a process that only myself can do it. And I think this is some of the stuff that I need to tell you. I'm ok, it's just this human talking with herself and her own monsters. See you tomorrow. With love, Cate. // #nikon #faded_portugal #olho_portugues #selfportrait #art #portrait #portugal #artistsofinstagram #sigmaart #arts_of_enigma
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. viagens . porto . #pelaestradafora #nicolesanchez
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Whole Wide World// Cage The Elephant
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Come Through & Chill
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imagination sweet imagination
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Excelente shoot @duartemoura 🎯 Utilizem a nossa hashtag #iShootPortugal para partilharmos as melhores fotos de Portugal. 🇵🇹📸 • #beautifuldestinations #por#portugalfeitos #portugalnorteasul #igersportugal #shooters_pt #publicop3 #europe #portugal #amar_portugal #photooftheday
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