Feeling like SUCH A BOSS after this week! 🔥it has been so crazy with the holidays, my 9-5, my side hustle, friends, family, me timd, blogging, implementing new events... ahhhh feels like I need 24 more hours added onto my day! Anyone feel me?! .. . Stead of getting all worked up and throwing in the towel, I turned up the heat and kicked this weeks butt 💪🏽#hiiiya .. . It’s all about celebrating the little steps and small successes! What’s one thing you’re proud of accomplishing this week?!
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. 👁‍🗨MATRIX 👁‍🗨
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Out and about... anyone looking to shoot soon let me know. ▫️ Model: @tyler_powelll Collaboration: @danthonythegreat @vstruck @styledbyhoracio
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Enjoying this new lens
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💥SAMPLE SALE 💥 This Saturday @mixedbuisnessla is hosting an @are_studio and @townclothes sample sale with up to 70% off! Perfect time to get your holiday gifts. See you at their store in Silver Lake between 11-4!
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Pure beauty.
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much love to our old 'hood 🔆⛱️💦 #venice❤️ #venicebeach • 📸(@barrio.la /@barriopartners)
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#tbt June 5, 2014. Forgetting what I left behind Reaching for you Beneath the lies I hear your cries but Love is just a thing But it’s just what we need When I bled my doubts It was then you came around To lift me back on my feet. — SUNKEN VESSELS ••••••••••• Throwback to this gig at the Whisky a Go Go about three and a half years ago. Back when I didn’t use any drums or beats, when I only had a few pedals and played outta one amp, when I still wore glasses, and when it was just me, guitar, and my voice. It was my 3rd show as SV (I’ve played about 10 more gigs since then), and tbh was still discovering my sound. In the past 4 years, I’ve written about 80 songs, majority of which were scrapped (incl “Insidesout” aka the song in the video). But I’ve kept around 25 songs, incl the 13 that have already been released. ————— Bottom line, it’s all just a number and no matter how many songs I write, and how much time and energy I put into each and every one of them, I’ll continue to challenge myself in making music that’ll rock the heart and move the soul. It’s truly a labor of love and I’ll never stop pushing myself to be a better musician, guitarist, vocalist, songwriter, producer, artist, and human being. And though the past is the past, and should be left where it belongs (in the past), I think every now and then it’s good to reflect on all that you’ve done, acknowledging all your successes and accomplishments, while accepting your failures and losses, in order to be the best possible version of yourself that you can be for today and tomorrow. ————— As we near the end of the year, gonna keep working hard in all my endeavors as SUNKEN VESSELS, incl (finally!) dropping some, though hopefully all, of these new tracks in 2018 that I’ve been seemingly working forever on. If you were at my show this past October, you’ll know what to expect. However if you weren’t, well definitely something to look forward to. ••••••••••• video by @therealmikekim
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This is my “I’m flying home tomorrow for two weeks” mood.
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🇹 🇭 🇪 🇲 🇴 🇩 🇸 🇶 🇺 🇦 🇩 ▫️ Models: @itsmorganboyd @tyler_powelll @devinmoorman Collaboration: @danthonythegreat @vstruck @styledbyhoracio ▫️ Now booking... contact me to set up a shoot!
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- Souvenir Roadtrip Étape 7 - LOOOOOOSS ANGELESSS 🇺🇸 Ok je m’excite toute seule 😜 Nous étions à Santa Monica plus précisément et c’était bien le kiff!! ☀️🌵🌴 #travel #voyagezauthentique #california #LA #san#santamonicabeach #santamonica #santamonicalife #californiarepublic #travelblogger #traveler #travelphotography #authentic #pacific #losangeles #pas#passportaddict #passport #unitedstates #unitedstatesofamerica #america #explorela #explorelosangeles #westcoast #exploreusa #roadtrip #californie #goldcoast #beach #ocean #palm #summer
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Unexpectedly ran into @deborah_lsmith at the @womeninfilmla holiday party. She’s a powerhouse, and I’m so grateful to have her as a friend.
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One of my little joys in life includes spending my mornings alone in cozy coffee shops, sipping on coffee and people watching.
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Loved the Winter Wonderland vibes on the East Coast for the past week but happy be back in the land of 80 degree weather & @alfred coffee. 🌴
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Cruisin‘ through paradise
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. 是你們令我的生命充滿色彩 🎨 ❤️💛My TRUE COLOURS SHINE 💚💙
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Timelapse from above @skyspacela
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Where we are cracked is just where the light shines through. 📸 @brenden.emmanuell
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Quickly becoming one of #myfavoritespots
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ˢᴼᴸᴵᵀᵁᴰᴱ ▫️ Model: @itsmorganboyd Collaboration: @danthonythegreat @vstruck @styledbyhoracio ▫️ Now booking... contact me to set up a shoot!
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Beach vibes. #SantaMonica
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ᴬˣᴾᴴᵞˣᴵᴬᵀᴵᴼᴺ ▫️ Models: @itsmorganboyd @tyler_powelll @devinmoorman Collaboration: @danthonythegreat @vstruck @styledbyhoracio ▫️ Now booking... contact me to set up a shoot!
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🎨 🍺 🌊 that was MY Monday. What did YOU do? 😌
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Taken 2 years ago during a visit to LA. Hoops in Venice beach 🙌
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Trophy ho 🏆🏅🎗 (jk only got participation trophies) #notanathlete
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That face you make when you’re in awe that you’re sitting in the Byers’ living room and you suddenly feel the urge to go hunt demodogs which is equally exciting and terrifying 😍🔦😱 // 📸: @megraelee
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Fall in love with ordinary. Fall in love with the everyday. Teach yourself to love the small things. Teach yourself that the ordinary is not so ordinary after all. #behindthesign#hollywoodsign#hike#hollywood#hollywoodsignhike#explorelosangeles#californiaadventure#la#ca#losangeles#cali#california#californialove
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Always ready for Disney.
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Take me back to LA. Boston is too cold.
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Now a tourist attraction, get your fix for history and thrills by taking a ride on @angelsflightrailway, a steep 20th-century rail line - for only a dollar. Operating off and on for over a century, it still to draws tourists and some locals for unforgettable rides 🚂 📷: @wenwensong⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #dorsia #dorsiala #dinela #eater #losangeles #angelsflight #dtla #downtownla #downtownlosangeles #tourist #discoverla #cityofangels #visitla #discoverlosangeles #losangelesmust #losangelestourism #tourism #travel #railway #train #historicla #historiclosangeles #angelsflightlosangeles #ride #century #oldschool #20thcentury #railline #explorelosangeles #trainride
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"My success is by choice. I am the designer of my dreams." - @ralphlauren *** What do you want to make happen for 2018? 3 steps to create your future: 🔹Get a pen and paper. 🔹Draw the life you want to have. 🔹Then go and make it happen. *** Your desired future is in your grasp. Believe it. Make it happen. *** 📸: Vaska A.D.
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