So after 7 weeks, 32 days, one hospital admission, 2 bags of blood, one lot of antibiotics, 6 bonus rounds of chemo and 13 doctors appointments I have finished radiation!! It's been difficult basically living in Brisbane for seven weeks and leaving half the family at home but we finally made it! I'm so thankful to all the staff in LA1 who always greeted me with smiles and asked how my one kilo box of sour straps was going (still no where near finished) 😂PHIL was there on my first day of treatment and my last day so I just had to get a photo with him! I'm really going to miss all the staff but I hope i never see them at radiation again 😂💗#onestepcloser #kickingcacersbutt #ewingssarcoma
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🙏🏽💙❤️🎅🏽🎄 #12PubsOfChristmas #Charity #EwingsSarcoma #Help #Donate #GoFundMe #Share #MerryChristmas #HoHoHo #Love #Mykie
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The Thread was so proud to be a part of this latest Keira Strong Forever Wish Day for 16-year old, Brynn. Her wish? Something we all take for granted: A night at the movies with her friends to see Pitch Perfect 3. Problem is, that movie isn't even out yet. But, Hollywood heard the call & Universal Pictures, Marcus/Wehrenberg Galaxy in Chesterfield rolled out the red carpet for Brynn & hosted a pre-screening for her & her friends. For one day, cancer took a backseat for Brynn. Her favorite character in Pitch Perfect? @rebelwilson It was a night of joy, laughter & giggles - the memories of which cancer will never be able to take away. ❤️Full story at link in bio @thethreadstl
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during chemo :// still going rn i'll be finished hopefully soon today. had to lose all the hair bc chemo is making it fall out all over again but im trying my hardest to leave my eyebrows untouched so i dont lose them. i actually managed to eat half a jimmy jon's sandwich today and ive been listening to gaga and watching xmas movies. please pray i dont get sick this round!! it's the worst feeling in the world to throw up. thank you all and i hope your day is merry and bright❤️❤️ thank you @ladygaga im so blessed#ewingssarcoma #relapse #radiation #trans #thankyou #prayers #peace #acceptance #ftm #godisgood #gagadaily #mon#monstere #cancersucks #cancerfighter #cancerpatient #cancerawareness #chronicpain #chemo #monster #hard
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A MASSIVE AND HEARTFELT THANK YOU to everyone who attended last week's Liberty's Legacy Charity Auction at Brox. There was so much love for Liberty in the room and support for the family and we were truly blown away by everyone's generosity. We are pleased to report that so far we have raised a phenomenal, drum roll, wait for it, *** £13,865!!! *** With some payments still to be made and bidding hotting up on some of the online only items, we are hoping to smash £18,000, more than double our original £7500 target!! Hopefully we all did her proud and we have now made an amazing start to fulfilling our beautiful young daughter's Legacy. Liberty's page currently stands just shy of £37,000 including Gift Aid, which is phenomenal. It has been 2 very long months now since she gained her wings and she is missed more with every passing day. And as we promised her in those final weeks, this is just the beginning, we're not stopping here. Always remembered Libs, forever in our hearts. ❤️THANK YOU EVERYONE❤️ #LibertysLegacy #EwingsSarcoma #CharityAuction #BroxHairdressing
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💛NED (no evidence of disease) for 3 years!!💜 The ladies in this picture will never know how much they mean to us. We were blessed with the best! #teamkarly #NED #takethatcancer #ewingssarcoma #kickedcancersbutt4times
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1 in 3 people at some point will be affected by cancer. That means while we are here living on this planet, cancer will affect us, even if we aren’t the ones being attacked. In the past year I have had 3 people leave this planet because of cancer. I’ve decided to take an active part in the fight against cancer and a particular cancer called Ewings sarcoma. This cancer is very rare and it usually affects people from the ages of 10 to 20 years of age. I am trying to help raise funds to improve the lives of people living with cancer. After my cousin, my grandmother and my second father passed, I know this is what they’d want, to spread the love of a sunset into the world while helping out a foundation trying to research a cure. With your support I will be auctioning this 16x20 metal print of my favorite photograph. 100% of the money auctioned for this metal print will go to the Carson Sarcoma Foundation. At the end of it all, your contribution will help research a cure for another child fighting for their life. If you don’t have enough money to bid for the photograph please don’t. I would rather have you pray to the ones who are affected fighting everyday. Your prayers, thoughts, and good vibes are just as important. Remember to always tell the ones nearest you that you love them. #AllieSunset #Alliessunset _______________________________________________________ Starting bid- $100 Message me @landon_scapes or comment below Auction will end on Christmas (December 25th) Photograph-The best view comes after the hardest climb. . . . . . #alliestrong #cancerawareness #cancersupport #childhoodcancerawareness #beatcancer #kickcancersbutt #can#cancerfundraiser #ewingssarcoma #cancerfund
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my best friend. this 5 year old. just layed super still for an hr while a big noisy machine took photos of her shoulder. most adults wouldnt be able to do that. she is amazing. we are blessed she is ours and she spends every day making this world a better place. scan days bring so much emotion. emotion only a mother with a sick child would understand. not one moment passes when i dont feel anxiety for Erins health. but scan week. cripples me. i do my best to smile and be positive. but inside i am a mess. the fear that the cancer will return burns. I feel as a mother I hold the entire world on my shoulders. and my family's strength comes down to how i keep it together. But when alone. I don't. not until I get told at our quarterly appointment the she is perfectly healthy. what a long road we have to ride. But please trust me when I say. I am so thankful that we have her with us. I am thankful for every. single. second. #cancerisshit #heartaches #smiling #pretenditsallok #ewingssarcoma #childhoodcancer #warriorprincess.
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I love you so much. My number one supporter 💖 #cancer #ewingssarcoma #mylove #fianceé #hearts
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well today i go up for my 11th round of chemo. im kinda dreading it BUT something amazing this season is how many old friends i've gotten in contact with and we're going to be able to hang out. when i get back me and my bestest friend in the whole world have so many plans together! im happy i get to be up in kc with my other family though, and i get to be around my nephew and spoil him with all his presents. tonight i get to see my close friend perform at a hockey game and she's just amazing. i have the ansolute best people in my life and i wouldnt change anything a single bit. i may have crappy circumstances but im so happy and thankful to still be on this earth and be surrounded by so many amazing friends and the family ive made. @ladygaga shout out to you for getting me this far and pushing me everyday to fight and love harder. you give me inspiration and im so blessed to have you as an idol. i love you so much and i wouldnt even be here without you. thank you all of you wonderful little lovebugs and wish me luck this week!! im hoping i dont throw up as often 😓😓 #trans #acceptance #pea#peace #joanneworldtour #ladygaga #mon#monster4life #monster #chemo #cancer #cancersucks #cancerfighter #cancerpatient #chronicpain #chemosucks #ewingssarcoma #relapse #peace #prayers #amazing #happy #friends #family #ftm #fighter #fightcancer #nausea #bonecancer #love
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My sister's bald is beautiful. _____ When she was 26, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Now at 39, she is battling a different form of cancer, Ewing's Sarcoma. It has been emotionally taxing for her, her family, and her friends. She's beat it before. She can do it again. I can't say it enough, but she is truly the strongest woman I know. ____ #fuckcancer #baldisbeautiful #herbaldisbeautiful #breastcancersurvivor #cancersurvivor #cancersucks #survivor #strong #sister #sisterlylove #myrolemodel #famILY #ewingssarcoma #hope #faith #love #strength @breastcancer_inspirational @fxckcancer @cancersupporthq @breastcancersaver @breastcancersurvivors @weare.survivors
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Me last year compared to this year. It’s crazy how life works. #cancer #ewingssarcoma #lastyear #thisyear #christmas #comparison
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This is something that is the most meaningful thing I own.. built by Rich @layn720 it's a representation of what it's like beating cancer... I'm literally in tears looking at this... notice the fade.. the front rusty and falling apart represents the pain and suffering that comes from battling cancer.. this disease doesn't just affect the body it brings depression and loneliness just waiting till your time is up... then fades to a beautiful color and even the rims express that!!! That brings the meaning to overcoming and kicking cancer in the ass!! My brother captured my life through those 2 years of darkness... this truck is everything I stand for!! I fought the fight and I'm still fighting the fight with the ones going through this!! Thank you so much man.. you fucken rock!!! This will be showed at the children's hospital I promise that!!!! Also thank you for the extra chevys and Ferraris I'm blessed to have a friend like you!!! #selfmadegarage #carnalizmo #fuckcancer #tattooscurecancer #childrenshospital #ewingssarcoma #yellowribbon #selfmadegaragefamily #hotwheels #hotwheelsjunkie #c10trucks #c10diecast #c10mafia #c10vatos
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I can’t believe it’s been a year since cancer stole you from all of us who love you. I miss you every single day and my heart still breaks for the hopes and dreams that you had that were never fulfilled. I am grateful for the time we had together and I will cherish that forever. Adalyn also misses you and talks about you often. I’m so sad that Charlotte never got to meet you, but she bears your name and will know that she was named for a strong, courageous, brilliant, kind & beautiful woman who loved her even though she never got to meet her. Being friends with you made me a better person. You taught me so much and we’re wise beyond your years. I love you and I miss you more than words can express. Until we meet again my sweet angel. #fucancer #teamlauren #ewingssarcoma #can#cancersucks #1million4anna #pediatriccancer #cancer #cancerawareness #bringontherain
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“My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” - 2 Corinthians 12:9 People tell me that I’m strong all the time, and I never know how to react. If they only knew how often I fall apart, or how little energy I have, or how much people’s stares hurt me, they would see how weak I truly am. Without God’s grace I would be nothing. It’s through His infinite power that I am here, on my last day of chemo, smiling. #chemotherapy #lastdayofchemo #ewingssarcoma #survivor #2corinthians12 #grace
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The best view comes after the hardest climb. Halfway through my treatment journey and couldn't be more grateful for how things have gone thus far. Cancer will not stop me from doing the things that are close to my heart. The view from Lions head was extra special today 🙏 . #ewingssarcoma #view #lionshead #cancer #ewingssarcomaawareness
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A great way to end the week smiling from ear to ear with our patient Alyssa from @thedoctorstv show 💙 A year ago Alyssa was diagnosed with a rare cancer called #EwingsSarcoma🎗. Since then, we’re proud to announce that she is livelifewithoutlimitations ancerfree and on her way to living life without limitations. Erik and the team were exceptionally proud of Alyssa’s determination and adaptability to her prosthesis during her time with us. Check back soon to see Alyssa’s story on The Doctors!
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. پسربچه ی ۴ساله مراجعه با تب و سرفه از یک ماه قبل و تنگی نفس اخیرا تپ تشخیصی و درمانی مایع پلور انجام شد و ملگننسی R/o شد بیوپسی به عمل آمد و #سارکوم_یوئینگ تشخیص داده شد #ewingssarcoma #orthopedic #radiology #pediatric با تشکر از @fatemefazli کیس های آموزشی خود را با ما به اشتراک بگذارید.
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When you get blindsided with #cancer AlLL BETS ARE OFF IF we have MET & even if we haven't & you're financially capable & find it in your heart to contribute a donation & prayers We'll be forever grateful. Please @get_repost & join me spreading , #Love #Awareness and #Support to Luis & Danialy Iglesias #Family #prayerwarriors #PayitForward #ewingssarcoma #cancersucks #ewingssarcomawarrior Just Copy link no donation is too small
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#TeamNoah help support this sweet boy in his battle against Ewing’s Sarcoma! Thank you @slipbuckets for showing us! Fb: Noah’s Battle with Ewing’s Sarcoma #ewingssarcoma #childhoodcancer #gog#gogoldhildhoodcancer #childhoodcancerawareness #nationalpriority #beaware #gogold #kidsgetcancertoo #fightlikeakid #hope365 #thisischildhoodcancer #pediatriccancer 🎗🎗- christina
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today is a busy and tiring day but nothing is better than sitting down at one of your fav restaurants where you know everyone and just having conversations with the people you love. update/// i just had scans yesterday and my pain is pretty bad. unfortunately i have chemo next week but THEN I ONLY HAVE ONE MORE ROUND!!! this boy right here is ALMOST #can#cancerfree yeahhhh boiii. im so excited to be able to attend my first day at school of my senior year next semester. i love you all and im so SO ready for Christmas. im so fortunate to have so many lovely people in my life and im so blessed to have @ladygaga too. i love you gaga and i hope to meet you one day. i listen to you everyday and you're the reason im here and fighting so hard. happy seasons everyone 🎅🏻🎄☃️❄️ #acceptance #peace #joanneworldtour #monster #monster4life #ladygaga #gagadaily #cancer #cancersucks #cancerfighter #cancerpatient #cancerawareness #chronicpain #chronicpainawarness #chemo #chemosucks #round11 #relapse #radiation #ewingssarcoma #trans #ftm #fighter #prayers #bonecancer #nausea
79 3 #TeamNoah Keep this little guy in your hearts & prayers. Xoxo Noah! #ewingssarcoma #tooyoungforthisfight #walkonwater
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We asked Jennifer Allen to make a video for one of her sponsors. Isn’t she sweet? Her mom says that radiation therapy has worked and her tumor has reduced in size. She’s a superstar! Maya’s Hope is sponsoring her medical treatments in the Philippines but we are looking for a hospital to take her in the states. Please feel free to share her video with others. Swipe video to see her photo from earlier this year. #miracle #ewingssarcoma #wonder #Wonderwoman #maxillofacialsurgery #pediatric #cancer #warrior #philippines #princess #savelives #hope #love #mayashope
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I drew this for you, and you were so thankful. you loved it so much that you made it the lock screen to your phone. I wish I could go back to the times we went on our dates, before this nightmare ever started. we used to go to the zoo, go out to eat, we went bowling, we went to the arcade, you were & always will be my best friend. I’m so sorry that this awful disease has made this past year so hard for you. I’m so sorry that this is taking over. Jalen you didn’t deserve this. Out of everyone, you didn’t. You were full of innocence. You have so much more to experience.. I just want a miracle to happen & your life be saved. I don’t want casey not to have his uncle, I don’t want dylan to lose his bestfriend, I don’t want to mourn, I want to make more memories & them not be in the hospital. We’ve been through everything together. Although we have our other siblings, it was always us. We were never separated. I was told today, the doctors think he won’t make it, maybe not even past this week. I can’t lose you. I’ve never lost anyone, and the first person can’t be you. You’re only 14.. Jalen, I love you beyond words. I’m not ready to let you go & I’m going to hold on to the hope that a miracle is going to happen❤️ #fuckcancer #ewingssarcoma
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Happy Birthday to my first love, the keeper of my heart. The one who forever changed my life, and my life plan. I had no idea what I was “in” for when you were born. We’ve been through some pretty rough times together, yet we have made some incredible memories together. One thing is for sure as long as we have each other we will make it through anything. I’m sorry that your special day had a horrific tragedy. I’m sorry you’re so sad, but you are not alone. We will get through this just like everything else life throws our way. Give it to God. I love you as big as the sky. Happy 12th Birthday beautiful brown eyed girl! ♥️♥️ #12yearsold #browneyes #birthdaygirl #loveofmylife #sweetgirl #journey #tragedy #youwillbemissed #weloveyou #brokenheart #adayshellneverforget😥 #cancersucks #cancerwarrior #ewings #ewingssarcoma
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LIAM PAYNE WE LOVE YOU ❤️ This 5ft picture will be personalised & signed by Liam Payne, for the highest bidder at tonight’s Charity Auction at Brox. Send us a private message of your bid! All proceeds to Ewing’s Sarcoma Research Trust in memory of Liberty Grace Schurer. #GerrardsCross #BroxHairdressing #LibertyGrace #EwingsSarcoma #LiamPayne #onedirection #1D #personalised
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**love & light request for my favorite #hurrikanen** It’s been a long time since Kanens last chemo in 2013 but in an instant his family’s life has changed again. This little guy is a ball of laughter and life. He fought so hard to knock cancer out but sadly today he is in surgery for a new mass found last week. I wish I could be home to bring @laurenkwear @wear48 @merri_k @mommakeats cupcakes and balloon animals at @childrensphila . I have been holding my hurrikane necklace so hard in hopes that you guys can feel my love through yours. Thank you to everyone who has donated in years past as our team raised money for #pediatriccenter and #ewingssarcoma research. They beat this once and if they need to, will beat this again. If you have time today, please pray for Kanen and his family as they wait for the results. #KeatingWearFamilyTranslatesToTheIncredibles #superhero #chopparkwayrunwalk @childrenshospitalph
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This young lady has strength that over powers any person I have ever seen. #kidsgetcancertoo #ewingssarcoma
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Chiropractic adjustments can help improve many aspects of your overall health!. . . . #bostrong #bostrongfoundation #yacancer #ewingssarcoma #cancer #holisticmedicine #chiropractor . . . . Photo credit:
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Feeling extra thankful for this sister of mine today. One year ago today you were diagnosed. Today, you're cancer-free! #shekickedcancersbutt #EwingsSarcoma 💛🎗
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#Repost @teenage_cancer (@get_repost) ・・・ "I had feared that I would never get the chance to be a bride and so I felt incredibly grateful and overwhelmed when we were pronounced husband and wife" 👰🤵 Charlotte was diagnosed with cancer at 21 and underwent treatment on one of our Leeds units. By her side throughout it all was her partner James and this summer they got married! 💖 Follow the link in our bio to read their story! #TeenageCancerTrust #Ewingssarcoma #cancer #wedding #justmarried
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“Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!” - Phil. 4:4 Honest cancer fact: sometimes it’s almost impossible to be happy. Reacting to my diagnosis should cause despair, not happiness. But we are called to be joyful. Joy is happiness in spite of, not because of, our circumstances. I have joy because I know that I am loved by my Savior, and someday I will be with Him where there is no more sickness, no more sadness, and no more pain. Only five more days! ☺️ #survivor #joy #cancer #philippians #ewingssarcoma
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Bri had her check up with her Oncology Surgeon last week and so far her arm is holding steady and she will not need surgery! I am so relived ... now this month she will have her 1 year check up with her Oncologist. Praying ... praying ... praying ... #teamgervais #ewingssarcoma #bonetumor #ned #negu
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"I had feared that I would never get the chance to be a bride and so I felt incredibly grateful and overwhelmed when we were pronounced husband and wife" 👰🤵 Charlotte was diagnosed with cancer at 21 and underwent treatment on one of our Leeds units. By her side throughout it all was her partner James and this summer they got married! 💖 Follow the link in our bio to read their story! #TeenageCancerTrust #Ewingssarcoma #cancer #wedding #justmarried
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If only it were that easy; SO much information, SO many emotions to sift through as a #youngadult with #cancer and so few who really understand the fear, the uncertainty, the anger, the inability to just move on when something this epic happens to you. Four decades of #survivorship have shown me that you don’t just move on, you don’t get over it. No, you gradually incorporate it into your personal narrative as something, a BIG, life threatening thing, that happened to you; however you are not your cancer. You are so much more. You are greater than your cancer and that reality is a huge part of #healing. ~SDZ #aya #ayacancer #youngadultcancer #yacancer #sarcoma #ewingssarcoma #emotions #mentalhealth
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**WEDNESDAY 6th December 7pm** Don’t miss Liberty’s Legacy Charity Auction & Raffle! All proceeds go to The Ewings Sarcoma Research Trust!
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Year today Kieran got to visit the @thelastlegofficial set and meet the amazing @adamhillscomedy @josh_widdicombe and @alex_brooker it was a night he thoroughly enjoyed himself. #MissMyBoy #Kierans_Legacy #EwingsSarcoma #CancerSucks #CCLG #ESRT
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Check out our Facebook page 🌟 2 tickets to Ed Sheeran's sold out Wembley concert on Friday 15th June 2018. Middle tier, Block 216. 🎶🎤🎶🎤🎶🎤🎶🎤🎶🎤 Starting Bid £220 Bidding ends Sunday 10th December at 12pm. Thank you to 1st Choice Facilities for your kind donation. **Please note tickets will not be printed until approximately 10 days prior to the event. Winning bidder must be willing to collect from Gerrard's Cross** Remember to make sure that all bids are made on the original post and not any shared posts. All proceeds to the Ewing's Sarcoma Research Trust. #Auction #LibertysLegacy #EwingsSarcoma #Brox #EdSheeran
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This is where I’m at right now. I feel a little depressed, I have a fever that won’t go down, I have chills, I’m too hot, I have zero immunity, I’m stuck in the hospital and can’t leave my room because of a risk of getting sick, my body is in a little bit of pain. Cancer really freaking sucks. #can#cancers #lowimmunity #cancer #ewingssarcoma #hospital #lowbloodcounts #imeatingoodthough
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