See you soooooon!
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People ask me all the time.. "how do you do it??" I tell them "I just do". Being a mother of 5 is a choice I make everyday and to put someone else's happiness and well-being ahead of my own is not easy, especially when you have a handful. The amount of love I receive from my children is literally irreplaceable. So gaining the world over my children isn't a question. Sometimes I feel like I'm doing everything wrong, but I know with failure comes strength and knowledge and like other moms we are not alone. The mistakes I've made along the way has also made me the woman I am today and I thank my family for guiding me thru this journey. I do get overwhelmed at times, but I will never give up thanks to my mom. She is the strongest most beautiful woman I know that I look up to dearly. She always told me to "never quit just trust in God and you can do anything". That I am one of the strongest woman SHE knows 😐(which means a lot coming from her) Don't be afraid to have children based on lack of money or what people will think. It's the most amazing, exciting, emotional investment you can ever have with no regrets. Money will not make you happy when you're old.. it's your children that come visit you and tell you they love you that makes life worth living for, that gives you purpose. Those are the real riches in life that truly make one happy and I'm thankful that I have that to look forward to :)
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His first win as a new goalie in Anchorage! Literally made me tear up 😪 So proud of my Logie 😘 Comp tier Il
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THESE BOOTS ARE NOT MADE FOR WALKING.. THEY'RE INSANE! Only at Sunshine Health do I attempt to try these on for my mom 🤷🏼‍♀️😆 Maybe I should start my own class 😎definitely breaks you a sweat!
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True Love. My greatest teacher, most joyful being, deepest heartbreak, biggest love. My son-Thank you for being you and allowing me to be your mom. Everyday is a gift. #lovemyboy #aboutaboy #motherhood #everydaysaventure #holidaytime #desertliving #coachella #truelove #joy #growth #learning #parenthood #everydaysagift #photooftheday #nofilterneeded #desertoasis
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Merry Christmas Eve everyone! 💚💚
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Even with her asthma kicked in and having a hard time breathing she continues to amaze me with her strength.. Such a quiet sweet girl, but stronger than most. She's a fighter and never gives up no matter how she feels. I'm so proud of my Brahnwyn 💚☘️
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The joy of a newborn baby:) seems like yesterday these photos were taken and you were only, but a week old.. Kolston Quinn 💚
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“Whatever doesn’t kill you/ can make you an ill-ionaire... “
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Kolston found his new look 😯
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Finally learning the basics of ballet:) At 8 yrs old she's figuring out what muscles to use to be strong, but to also be graceful at the same time. The art of ballet is a passion and love I can't express. You just feel it 💚
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My group of 5 :) we always have so much fun swimming especially my little buff dude 💪🏿🐳
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