Trying out the new fenced in play area in the back! This makes things easier so I'm not having to stand outside with them as long, especially after surgeries. This is about half of it, they can also come up onto the deck for some shade and water and around under it and to the other side. . . . #bordercollie #seizurealertdog #epilepsyawareness #mobilityservicedog #ehlersdanlossyndrome #chronicpain #ser#servicedogning #positivereinforcement #forcefreedogtraining #servicedog #disabled #wheelchairuser #chronicillness #spoonie #bordercolliesofinstagram #dog #dogs #seizures #servicedogteam #servicedogsofig #servicedoglife #morning #puppy #igwoofs #workingdog #cutepuppy #brothers
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Come out any of these 4 days and help support my little cousin Amy for Team Amy cakes. All proceeds will be donated to her walk for epilepsy.💜 #epilepsyawareness #teamamycakes
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Sometimes you just need a burrito bowl 👌🏼
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Lots of new badge reels and lanyards just added to our Etsy shop! Link in Bio. ❤️
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🇩🇪 Dienstreise! Ich war heute um 05:05 am Bahnhof 😨 Jetzt ist der lange Tag zu Ende und ich freue mich auf's Bett 😴 Tagsüber war die Verpflegung nicht so #ket#ketondlich, aber heute Abend konnte ich mich nicht beklagen! || 🇬🇧 Business trip! I was at the railway station at 05:05 am today😨 Now the long day is over and I'm looking forward to going to bed 😴 The food wasn't really #ketofriendly during the day, but I couldn't complain tonight! || #epilepsie #epilepsy #epilepsywarrior #epilepsyawareness #chronischkrank #chronicallyill #spoonie #pharmakoresistent #drugresistant #keto #ketose #ketogeniclifestyle #modifizierteadkinsdiät #modifiedatkinsdiet #lowcarbhighfat #lchf #abendessen #dinner #websterduisburg #happyepilepi
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#epilepsyawareness for Jonathan 💜
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Finally out of hospital three hours later , concussion and a dislocated shoulder , no good 😴 #dislocatedshoulder #concussion #football #injury #chew #epilepsy #epilepsyawareness
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⬇️🇫 🇮 🇷 🇪⬇️ One of the four elements. The element which scares and fascinates me the most. It can be destructive, out of control and the smoke sometimes darkens your sight or takes away your breath. This picture was taken on Sunday in Figueira da Foz, Portugal. the sun is shadowed by smoke. Beautiful and scary at the same time. I was witness of the brutal forest fires which included the death of over 32 people....I can't even explain how I felt. My friends and me jumped into the car and drove up to the hill to see how bad the fires were. What we saw was so terrifying. When we went back home we realized that there were two more fires in sight. However, We were really really lucky that nothing happened to us. We basically watched how the fire would eat it's way through the forests...and the worst thing about that is that all of them were started deliberately...ususally I would never say such things but I do wish those selfish and emotionless creatures the worst! How can you enjoy destroying others life, the nature, a whole landmark..? My biggest respect goes out to the Portuguese Firemen! They've again risked their lifes and made an end to these horrible days.... But fire also stands for warmth or passion or strength. Let's keep that in mind and let's be grateful on what we have and how lucky we are in the end. . .
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The Honorable Minister of Health stopped by my information desk today. #MentalHealthDayCelebration "Mental Health in the workplace" #EpilepsyAwareness
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Today Catalina had her EEG followup appointment with her neurologist. The objective of the EEG was to confirm normal brain activity in order to wean her off of her Epilepsy medicine since she has been seizure free for over three years now. Unfortunately, she continues to show abnormal brain activity and has presented with the possibility of a different kind of seizure disorder. A new plan has been put in place and we have a positive outlook on this minor hurdle. None of this is catastrophic and we continue to be thankful for Catalina’s ability to live her life to the fullest while so many are debilitated by #Epilepsy daily. She seems to be unaffected by the news (on her birthday: #momfail) but I am hoping to lift her spirits with news of once again forming a team: #Purple4Cat to raise funds for #EpilepsyAwareness at the 2018 National Walk for Epilepsy in DC on April 14th. Please consider supporting us or joining us on this walk!! Catalina has a way of acting like none of this is a big deal, but I know her heart is always filled by everyone’s support 💜 Please go to: to SUPPORT or JOIN (link in bio as well) 📷from 2016 National Walk for Epilepsy #epilepsywarrior #myepilepsyhero #epilepsyfoundation #nationalwalkforepilepsy2018
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