Perfect roast veggies for a Sunday lunch... I often don’t feel like salads in the winter but hot roasted veg is always a winner. With lots of colour offering a wide variety of vitamins and minerals which we need more than ever for our immunity in the winter months. Happy weekend peeps 😘 #psychologyofeating #foodpsychology #mindbodynutrition #bodywisdom #consciouseating #mindfuleating #emotionaleating #overeating #intuitiveeating #health #nutrition #relationshipwithfood #bodypositive #bodylove #nourishing #wellness #eatingpsychologycoach #bepresent #balance
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Between our phones, tablets, computers and TV’s… the average person will spend over 10 hours each day in front of their screens! - It’s important to make sure we give our eyes and minds a break periodically throughout the day. - Meditation, listening to classical music, and taking a walk outside are all great options! - What is one of your favourite things to do when you need a refresher? ❓Questions❓Thoughts❓ ⬇️ in the comments. 💪🏼 . #fatlossblog #fatlosshelp #fatlosstips #fatlosscoach #fatlossgoals #dietblog #dietcoach #dietblogger #flexibledieting #fitfam #die#dieting #wom#womenlth #mealplan #onlinecoaching #women #fitmom #fitnessblogger #dieting #healthyhabits #healthymom #fitlife #emotionaleating
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I’ve had more requests for 1on1 appointments than I can Cater for so for those that missed out I’m running this seminar again this Thursday 21st December 2017 @715pm. The event is again FREE and all are welcome whether members or not. There is no event page for this simply text “seminar” and your name/s to 0408001918 so we can accomodate you all with workbooks etc. #decide #commit #succeed #fit#fitness #phf #priorityhealthfitness #pt #personaltrainer #psychology #goa#goalsng #emotionaleating #addiction #wellness #fit #instafit #narrewarrensouth #workshop #learning #education #values #healthymind #goals #change #happy #instagood #instadaily
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If you missed my video today. I spoke exactly about this topic! Watch here: #joedispenza #risesisterrise #innerpeace #lightworker #ruok #emotionalmastery #meditation#ego #transformation #selflove #emotionaleating
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Well ladies and gents, this was the final product! This was legit the BEST grilled cheese and tomato soup combo that I’ve EVER had!!! • And I know it takes more work, but tomato soup from scratch is SO much better and SOOOOOOO much healthier for you! It’s basically just veggies!!! • My husband spoils me and I love him immensely! ❤️❤️❤️ #pruvit #stoked #bettertogether #ketoup #lchf #lowcarbhighfat #worldchangers #foodporn #tomatosoup #foodfromscratch #soup #grilledcheese #yummy
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You hate your body image and feel the need to punish yourself for not looking the way you want with food, which only brings you more anger, guilt and shame. Email me at to book your 30 minute complimentary consultation to learn how to let go of self-sabotage and build self-love with food and your body. . . . . #loveyourself #loveyourselffirst #feelgreat #amberapproved #healthy#wel#wellness #canada #foodmovement #expert #wellness #wellnessjourney#overwhelm #insecure #bodyinsecurities #confidence #growyourconfidence #bodylove #bodytransformations #changeyourthoughts #emotionaleating #bingeeatingrecovery #foodcravings #optimalhealth #coachinglife #coachingonline #healthymind #healthybody
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Tap Tap Tap! ⚡️⚡️ What’s your favorite tapping point?
52 2 💥EMOTIONAL EATING💥 🙋🏼‍♀️ I’ve been there. It starts with a handful of grapes, moves to a few nuts, and the next thing you know, you’re nose diving into a bag of cookies. . 👎🏼 You go to bed frustrated and sick, feeling powerless at sabotaging yourself again. BUT, there is help!💡 . 📍Following these step will take A LOT of practice and patience, but if you follow them not only will you stop eating emotionally, but you'll also learn to start enjoying your food in a much healthier way. . 1️⃣ Emotional eating provides a mental escape from discomfort, a small sense of pleasure when you’re wanting to avoid feeling something. Overeating has a way of numbing our pain and distracting us from the real issue. . 📍The solution is to stay present with yourself when your emotions go downhill and invite them them to hang around so you can feel them. It's okay to feel sad, stressed, scared, bored, etc. Welcome ALL emotions with kindness and curiosity. . 2️⃣ Find ways to make life more enjoyable. Read books, take walks. Find other ways to experience happiness, outside of eating. If you're mid-binge, enjoy it. Pay attention to every bite. The more focused you are on how good it tastes and feels, the harder it is to continue abusing your body. Many times emotional eating is our body’s way at reaching for pleasure. . 3️⃣ For those who emotionally eat, food is used as an escape — rarely to satisfy hunger, which only makes them want to eat more later. When you only eat when you're hungry, you'll be less inclined to binge. . 4️⃣ Discover your triggers and plan ahead. If you know you eat when you’re lonely, plan to call a friend or walk the dog instead. Emotional eating is often your body’s reaction to feeling deprived, so create ways satisfy yourself before things get out of control. Keep healthy foods in your fridge, plan fun things to do, and be structured about making time to relax. . ❓Questions? ⬇️ in the comments. 🙃 . . . . . . . #progress #emotion #emotionaleating #food #feelings #fat #fatloss #diet #dietfood #emotions #bodytransformation #transformation #fit#fitness #fit #fitlife #fitchick #fitgirl #fitspo #gym #gymtime #workout #hooperFIT #calories #macros
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This is for me! I deserve to be in the best health! I deserve to be free from these bad foods! I deserve to live the best life I can & be happy!! #notgivingup #free
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There is no magic pill to weight loss - consistency, commitment and you - you showing up and choosing you. That's your magic potion 😊
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After an insane week all the stress and germs got to me and once again, I find myself sick! 🙄 • I texted my husband this morning and told him that I really wanted soup. After asking me which kind I decided that tomato soup and grilled cheese sounded amazing!!!!! • And guess what my amazing over the top husband did?! • Well I’ll tell you. He decided he wanted to make it from scratch and came home with ALLLLLLL of this!!!! He just finished the tomato soup and it tastes amazingggggg and now he’s moved on to our grilled cheese that has prosciutto and a smoked Gouda with Bacon! The word excited doesn’t even begin to explain how excited I am! • Love that man! ❤️ #pruvit #stoked #bettertogether #ketoup #lchf #lowcarbhighfat #worldchangers #foodporn #tomatosoup #foodfromscratch #soup #grilledcheese #yummy
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Distraction from fire🔥 Just picked up this beautiful pie made from our dearest friend @licalifa16 it’s so amazing and curbing the depression from the #thomasfire #emotionaleating #tortademorango #strawberrytart #soamazing
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Hey insta fam, long time no see! It’s been a minute...ok a few months...but I am slowing getting back in to the swing of things. The stresses of life have taken over but I am finally starting to feel refocused! Planning on ending 2017 with a bang and starting 2018 on a high note!
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Lab time.... Totchos w/ Roasted Eggplant & Pico de Gallo Keeping It Simple & Satisfying=KISS💋💋💋💋 It’s time to make groceries in preparation for family & clean out the fridge. I also wanted to give the fake cheese another try. I’m sorry I’d just rather not eat cheese. When I was Vegan then Vegetarian faux food wasn’t my thing. I learned to eat real fresh foods focusing on how to prepare them while enhancing their already complex flavors. I embraced enjoying them without trying to duplicate meals I made when I ate the SAD. Guess what!? I don’t miss most of those meals. My attachment was 100% emotionally tied to my remembrance of positive experiences. This clicked again after Turkey Day with the family it just wasn’t satisfying. I had a couple small plates but I was still hungry. The meals just don’t offer the same nutrient density I’ve grown accustomed to when I prepare fresh foods. Yes they tasted good but then there’s a void. A nutritional void. So for the holiday season I’ll focus on treasuring the time with family and friends. Don’t worry I’ll still eat I’ll just do what I advise my clients to do and bring foods I eat and plan to take it home with me. I say all that to say I’ve leveled up on my relationship with food. I can enjoy it without slipping back into old behaviors. If you want guidance for how to get here DM me. Your relationship with food should be the most intimate relationship you have. Why? Because it’s the only relationship that literately fuels you for your living. You’re relationship with food determines if you’re going to live with vitality or commit a slow suicide. #relationshipwithfood #labtime #totchos #nachos #love #sweetpussy #emotionaleating #fun #healthyself #tatertots #wholefoods #notofakefood #howimlivin #LiveSimpleLiveWell #BerryWellLiving
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Do you enjoy having treats (hello sweet tooth and carb lover) 🤤but wonder how you will ever get that body you want? Well, I’ll tell you a secret...Some weekends, we indulge! Who am I kidding, it’s like every weekend! 🤷🏼‍♀️😱😊 Yet we still feel the healthiest and fit we have been in our 10 years together.... So why then, did I just contemplate changing my IG name since it says fitness and I have felt anything but fit lately! Baby #3 🤰is taking a toll on me and my working out... but I am starting to feel better as we move out of the first trimester soon...and although hard to get back the daily habits I had created... I still plan to do it! So I will NOT change the name then😏 . But food tho, The thing is, I am not on a diet, and I never will be again. 😱I hate that word. If it’s something i can’t do for the rest of my life... (Confession: I tried keto ‘ish and got sick of it because let’s face it, I just love starchy carbs!) So why bother dieting right? If I get quick results and go back to the old ways- what will it all have been worth because my body will go back to is old self too! Which duh, it did! I’ve been there, done that SO many times. 😔 So now that I have found a lifestyle that I can still have some indulgences yet most of the time make my own healthy foods at home with balancing ALL the food groups allowing for my beloved carbs🍞🥔🥞, I call that a win! 🙌🏻 It’s all about the tools provided to you and how you use them . . Is the struggle real for you too? It’s always real for me! It’s nice to have some ladies to chat about it with. I share so that I can help others who were once where I was! Because together we are so much stronger! 💪🏻 It’s a week before Christmas! Are you gonna say F it and eat whatever- or get at your goals early! 🤔 📲 I’m here to help, along with other ladies in a group just like us!!! ❤️
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✨”social media has created jealous behavior over illusion. Some of you are envious of things, relationships, bodies, skin, and lifestyles that don’t even exist.” ✨ I took 20 different selfies to get this shot. I stood in front of a window for good lighting & changed my tee-shirt 3 times. I don’t usually wear tank tops because I don’t love my arms. Sometimes I think my face looks fat. I feel prettier when my hair is wavy vs. straight so I wave it. I curl my eyelashes and fill in my eyebrows. I feel more comfortable in a sweat shirt vs. a little black dress. I live in one bedroom apartment with a tiny kitchen and cabinets from the 80’s. I don’t have a huge group of friends. Sometimes I pick at my zits and have a scab on my face for a week. Sometimes I freak out about nothing and cry and wake up and my eyes are insanely puffy. I don’t always LOVE my body, looks or life. I’m farrrrr from perfect. We all are. We all worry about things. Most of us feel insecure about our looks and bodies a lot of the time. The more we can talk about this stuff, be real, honest and vulnerable...the more things will stop appearing so put together and we’ll all understand we’re a lot more alike, then different. 💙✨✌🏼
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Hardy soup for the soul. . Your heart, body and soul need to be nourished. Everyday do something that nourishes who you want to be. Stop making excuses for yourself on why you are where you are and start loving yourself right here RIGHT NOW. . No matter how far or close you are to what your heart desires. Know that YOU and ONLY YOU can get in the way of your fullest potential. . When I catch myself making excuses. It is just too hard, I'm tired, I don't know if I will succeed. I stop and ask myself. Who am I if I just give up? Who am I if I throw in the towel? Is that someone I want to be? . . . Stepping outside of your comfort zone is essential for your dreams. TRUST ME when I tell you that it will be worth it ❤️ . . . . . . . #motivationalquote #overeating #soup #winter #bowlofsoup #loveyourself #lov#lovelife #reachyourgoals #inspire #beyourself #veg#vegetarianfood #vegetarian #noodles #noodlesoup #vegan #veganfood #foo#foodforthesoul #foodforthesoul #nutrition #lifecoach #kamloops #emotionaleating #foodblogfeed #lovelife #darkandmoody #soupstar #intuitiveeating #vegetablesoup #soulfood #foodie
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I have some thoughts about weight loss for you! Every client I have thinks they have weight to lose! I can usually tell right from the start which Clients want to just, legit feel better in their clothes because they have just fallen into some habits of overeating here and there. And those habits added some extra fluff. . ✨But the larger portion of people think that weight loss will fix the deeper is a hypothetical example of what I mean. ➡️Client A says, I have been on track for 6 weeks! I was doing so great, I thought I had this. Then my mom came to visit and insisted we eat at her favorite restaurants and make the foods she likes at my house. The damn lasagna! Why did she insist I make that?! Of course I ate it because she was watching me....then when she went to bed I went back to the kitchen and ate more. Also ate whatever I could get my hands on! Ahhhh!!! What is my problem with lasagna?!? I just can't resist it!!! . ➡️When I ask, can you tell me more about your mom? Why does she care what you eat? Why does she care if you eat the foods she insists on? I usually hear something about......well I don't want my mom to think I don't like her visiting. She also watches everything I do, not just what I eat. And she thinks I should have a cleaner house, etc.....etc....etc..... . ➡️Are you following me? So Client A has no real issue with lasagna. She has an issue with her Mom! . ➡️This is why self awareness and knowing yourself is critical. If you're trying to fix an emotional problem with food, you will lose every, single time! . #saturday #emotionaleating #foodisnottheproblem
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Bout to put that right in my 👄#thecure #friedchicken #emotionaleating #itsbeenabadweek #imbetternow
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Anyone interested in making a little progress by running or walking my virtual Reindeer Run 5k with me? ~ Virtual means you pick where you will complete your 5k, how (treadmills count), and when before January 1st. ~ A paid registration gets you a race bib, finishers medal, swag and support! ~ Join us! Discounts for signing up with friends and/ or family. The link is in my profile ☝
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If I can....ANYONE can!!! . . . . #nomagicpill 🥓 #keto 🥓 #beforeandafter 🥓 #ketogenic 🥓 #fatgirl 🥓 #fatgirlproblems 🥓 #foodie 🥓 #weightloss 🥓 #bacon 🥓 #emotionaleating 🥓 #intermittentfasting 🥓 #progressnotperfection 🥓 #cancer 🥓 #ketoaf 🥓 #effcancer 🥓 #ketoworks 🥓 #ketosis 🥓 #pma 🥓 #lazyketo 🥓 #lowcarb 🥓 #ketofunny 🥓 #nonscalevictory 🥓 #ketomeme 🥓 #ketodiet 🥓 #nomoreexcuses 🥓 #lchf 🥓 #diet 🥓 #hangry 🥓 #banting 🥓
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Vegan, because Plants are Frontline Medicine. 🌿〰🌿〰🌿 #plantmedicine
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Self-love and body love will become easier and easier the more you heal on an internal level. #eatfromlove
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Better your mood with nuts and dried fruits 😌💚 #picoftheday #night #nuts #enjoy #healthyfood #vegan #snack #emotionaleating #feelingawesome 💪
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Focus on Goals Group ** GOALS 2018 🍃🍂🍃 *Do you have goals set for 2018? *Have you created a plan? *What will you do to make sure your goals come to fruition? 🍃🍂🍃 If you would like to get clear on your goals, then please join me for my Focus on Goals Challenge where you will establish a list of clear and attainable goals for the coming year. I will walk you step by step through the process of creating realisitc goals, how to determine roadblocks, and how to follow through. 🍂🍃🍂 Make up your mind now that 2018 is going to be great for you. Only you can make the choice to make your life the best! 🍃🍂🍃 We will work together for 5 days. Each day I will introduce the next step in the process along with examples to help clarify. 🍂🍃🍂 Workshop starts January 1, 2018 Don't miss out. ✨ Link in Insta Bio above or in FB link below 👆👆👎👎 Simply click the link below to register for all 5 days of the workshop. 😘 #loveyourself#bodyfreedom #selfesteem #selfworth#selfcare #bodywisdom#bodypositive #nourishment #mindfuleating#consciouseating #emotionaleating #naturalweightloss #eatingdisorderrecovery #makepeacewithfood#intuitiveeating
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Road trip in the passenger's seat. ~ Captive audience to this book
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It’s nap time for the fam and I’m choosing to stay awake (oh, the horror!) and study instead. It’s been tough to keep focus while on vacation, but the material is so riveting, it’s a thrill to listen to! . . So far, I’m pretty stoked with my decision to pursue my certification through @eatingpsychology in conjunction with prereq courses toward my Masters in Nutrition - 2018’s going to be amazing, yo🙌🏻! #career180
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Yeah... so, I had to say this just a bit ago. Technical difficulties are so much fun.😑 oh well- I know for next time. It can be easy to try to be perfect with following food rules. If one ends up "breaking," the desire to overeat gets really strong. Understandably so from all of the deprivation before that and the fear of not being able to have it afterward. What if there were no food rules to begin with? Yeah- scary thought of being out of control. Maybe for a little while to make up for that deprivation or to test if you can truly have it. It wouldn't be forever though. Chances are you'd get bored and sick of it after awhile. It's the same thing with Thanksgiving leftovers. Most people would get tired of turkey by Day 3 or 4. Learning how to savor every bite, you'd might even be satisfied with less than you thought. That's another post though. 💖
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Nutrition Bombs💣💣💣 🍳 Forget About Low Carb, Paleo, Keto Or Whatever Is The Trend At The Moment 🍳 🍳 Forget About Meal Plans That Studies Show Most People Fail On 🍳 Rule #1 Of Sound Nutrition Is Learning To Eat Mindfully 😉 It May Not Be Fancy. Nor Can I Sell You A Fancy Meal Plan 🍳 What It Will Do Is Give You The Skills You Need To Be Successful For A Lifetime 💪 🍳 Nutrition Made Simple✔ 🍳 Precision Performance Online Nutrition Coaching 🍳 🍳 BE MORE ❤ @Regranned from - 💥PHYSICAL HUNGER vs EMOTIONAL EATING💥 . 📍Most of my clients struggle with emotional eating. There are several ways to identify if this could potentially be your issue, too. . 1️⃣ Do you eat more when you’re feeling stressed? 2️⃣ Do you eat even when you’re not hungry or when you’re already full? 3️⃣ Do you eat to make yourself feel better, such as when you’re sad, mad, bored, anxious? 4️⃣ Do you reward yourself with food? 5️⃣ Do you over-eat on a regular basis? 6️⃣ Do you feel powerless or out of control when it comes to food? . ❓Have Questions? Leave'em in the comments. 😊 . . . . . . #fatlossblog #fatlosshelp #fatlosstips #fatlosscoach #fatlossgoals #dietblog #dietcoach #flexibledieting #iifym #calories #fitfam #fitfamilylife #die#dieting #mea#mealplanning #mealplan #onlinecoaching #mealprep #fitmom #fitnessblogger #dieting #exercises #healthyhabits #healthymom #workout #gym #fitlife #emotionaleating #infographic
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⚠️Are YOU emotional eating ? HOW TO CHANGE YOUR BEHAVIOR.. . You start the week intending on losing weight and you have somehow gained 🤨 Show me your hands if this has happened to you? 🙋🏼‍♀️ . You had something unexpected pop up, work stress, your 🤒child gets sick, you have an argument with your spouse or a sibling, next thing you know you are standing in the pantry and you’ve chowed down an entire block of chocolate 🍫like you said you wouldn’t🙈 . Not only do you have a sore jaw, you now feel like shit because you think you have just blown your entire week of hard work. . 😫These problems don’t go away, I can assure you there will always be something, because THIS IS LIFE. How you choose to respond to stress, the feelings of anger or sadness can make all the difference. But it takes practice . Rather than going full submarine and driving into the kids school lunch box 🍪 biscuit tin, or the chocolate chips you said you’d only buy for ‘baking’. Just take a second to think about the consequences. . Walk away and sit down, take 10 deep breathes and tell your self NO, if it doesn’t work, tell yourself again until you listen. . Any behavior can be learned but it takes practice. I work with many men & women who suffer from both eating disorders and disorders eating and there is a way out . This week my weight went up 3kg after having missed 4 days of training. As terrible as I felt, I got up, went to the gym and practiced these very techniques - Already I’m back down 2 kilos and ready to face any challenge this week brings 😈 . #thatslife #noonesperfect #bestrong #emotionaleating #selfhelp #nutrition #dietitian #positivethinking #getshitdone #gohard #outwork #gunsup #fit#fitnessmodel #postcomp #wbff #fitness #goals #life
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What if I told you that NUMBERS are running you into the ground? Jumping on the scale every morning to check your WEIGHT, obsessing over HOW MANY followers you gained or HOW MANY followers you lost, constantly checking your bank statement to see if you have ENOUGH, docking down every calorie you consume, worrying about your AGE and running out of TIME, constantly checking the TIME... What if you tried this instead... . . . Waking up every morning and thanking God/The Universe for your existence. . . . . Thinking about how you can inspire someone today through social media...even if it's JUST 1 person. . . . Feeling blessed every minute of the day, believing & knowing that there is always more than enough for you. . . . Appreciating your food and feeling so thankful for every bite as it fuels you. . . . Feeling SO grateful that you even have the opportunity to HAVE this food in front of you as there are so many who don't. . . . Being present in yourself, in this present moment and enjoying every blessing that is currently in your life. . . . Feeling excited for how wise you are and how much you've learned up to this point...and excited for where you're about to go. Stop allowing numbers to distract you from all the good things in your life! What's one thing you're grateful for today?
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Look what finally came in the mail!!!! #holidalé it is quite thrilling to see your crazy brainstorming idea finally come to life!! And this is just the beginning! .. I am excited to see the 5k participants send in their photo submissions to be entered in the giftcard drawing! .. Honor your body. Honor your tastebuds. #virtual5k
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So many of us through our social conditioning have come to accept that being thinner is better is all ways - “healthier”, more “attractive”, “superior”. These ideas are not facts, they are beliefs. And beliefs change. . . . . . . . . . . . . #bodypositive #bodiposi #bodypositivity #bodypolitics #selflove #selflovefirst #selfcare #empowerment #freedom #hea#healthyandhappy #bodypeace #takecareofyourself #ditchthescale #fuckyourfitspo #effyourbeautystandards #haes #healthateverysize #antidiet #empoweringwomen #emotionaleating #worthy #bodypositivememes #health #truehealth #radicalselflove #trustyourself
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💥PHYSICAL HUNGER vs EMOTIONAL EATING💥 . 📍Most of my clients struggle with emotional eating. There are several ways to identify if this could potentially be your issue, too. . 1️⃣ Do you eat more when you’re feeling stressed? 2️⃣ Do you eat even when you’re not hungry or when you’re already full? 3️⃣ Do you eat to make yourself feel better, such as when you’re sad, mad, bored, anxious? 4️⃣ Do you reward yourself with food? 5️⃣ Do you over-eat on a regular basis? 6️⃣ Do you feel powerless or out of control when it comes to food? . ❓Have Questions? Leave'em in the comments. 😊 . . . . . . #fatlossblog #fatlosshelp #fatlosstips #fatlosscoach #fatlossgoals #dietblog #dietcoach #flexibledieting #iifym #calories #fitfam #fitfamilylife #die#dietingtips #mea#mealplanning #mealplan #onlinecoaching #mealprep #fitmom #fitnessblogger #dieting #exercises #healthyhabits #healthymom #workout #gym #fitlife #emotionaleating #infographic
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Link in bio! Hurry!
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This statement applies to ALL OF THE THINGS. But, I find myself using it most with the women that I coach around body acceptance, disordered eating recovery and ditching diets. Changing our mindsets and behaviors around food and body is tough in a culture determined to make us feel insecure (in order to sell us things or keep us quietly preoccupied). But, so is yo-yo dieting, restricting food, hating on our reflection and rejecting ourselves and our intuitive wisdom. Both options are hard. Both are risky. But only one is compassionate, peaceful and collectively + personally empowering. IT’S UP TO YOU. IT’S UP TO US.
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🥞Natural Protein Pancakes🥞! I love these because they are simple, tasty and healthy! **✋✋& you dont need any protein powder!!👍perfect for Saturday mornings!! .. Mash 1 banana 🍌in a bowl. Combine 1 egg 🍳& 1 tsp cinnamon to the mixture. Then, add about 1/4c of oats. {Depending on the size of the banana🍌, you might need to add more oats or another egg.} .. Place a pan on medium heat and ince it is hot, spray with canola, coconut or olive oil to cover surface. Divide mixture by 3-4 servings, pouring it onto the pan. After about 5 min, flip pancakes. These protein cakes are served with cinnamon, blackberries 🍇and vanilla bean🍧 @elliquark !👌👌enjoy!!☕☕😍😍 .. Honor your body. Honor your tastebuds.
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Shift into your desires, this morning. What does your body crave? (Ps this doesn’t have to be JUST with food even though this pancake was BOMB) . . This morning, my body craved slow movement. I woke up feeling tight and restricted, so I slowly stretched. . . If I’m being completely honest, I stretched naked. I stretched naked, in front of a mirror. Sometimes my body love journey requires me to do weird things, like stretch naked. Looking right at everything I once felt insecure about (and still occasionally feel negative about) , but feeling ok 💕 . . By simply looking at the things you are fearful of, like stomach rolls.. extra fat on the back of the hips, etc, you can come to the first step into body love which is.. body acceptance. Simply accepting her whatever her shape and size, and maybe also realizing.. she’s not that bad looking after all 💛 . . I realize this post isn’t about food at all, but I just get the need to share my routine this morning. Intuitively, I felt the need to stretch. Intuitively, I felt the need to look at my body and accept her more. Intuitively, I felt the need for pancakes and bacon.. and I did just that 😛💕💕 what would you do more of if you listened to your body?
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My crazy busy day started out with my last full LIVE Core De Force class of 2017! 👊🏻 Next up, indoor soccer! ⚽️ Followed by a baseball Christmas party ⚾️💚 and a family Christmas party! ❤️🎅🏻😳 I sure am workin' out for the "Holladays!" ☺️😂🎄
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When you sacrifice your own alignment to please others this is people pleasing. It comes from our greatest need of being loved, but prevents us from accessing our power. The thing is, we can learn to provide ourselves that love from within. 💖 #eatfromlove
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Are you fearing holiday foods and dreading next years’ diet already? 🛑STOP! Let’s ditch that diet mentality. ____________________ Head to my site to grab some tips on how to avoid holiday weight gain. There will be no talk of counting calories or restriction, I promise! Just getting back to basics with listening to your body and what it needs! ➡️Link for in the bio! _______________________ #nomorediets #healthcoach #listentoyourbody #gethealthy #holistichealth #mindful #mindfuleating #emotionaleating #bingeeating #overeating #healthtips #saturdayfreebie #saturdaymorning #free #freedom #joy #selflove #selfcare #balance #balancedlife #balancedplate #balancemyjourney #healthylifestyle #healthymindset #mindsetshift #yesyoucan #youarestrongerthanyouknow #savedbygrace #loveyourlife
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That feeling you get when you crush a workout! After you were not in the mood to do it! You can’t beat that feeling! Staying focused on my fitness during this season of indulgence! And getting ready to start a new program in January and take it up a level! 💪🏾 Have a good Saturday!! . . . #buildyourselfstrong #newprogramnewresults #levelup⬆️
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