Sitting here and enjoying the views as the sun takes over the valley is how our day began at @clubtenpinelodge . A cup of coffee made the time spent here even better and soon we were all ready to start exploring the nature at its best at #bhalugaadwaterfall . . . Follow #mukteshwardiaries2017jj and #jauntingjourneys for more from our trips
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Let’s fly 🤘🏻🚁
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Indian street food is what dreams are made of.
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Remember sitting with a picnic with this view on our first week of being in New Zealand 👌🏼 also I’m thinking of using my own hashtag for my travels, whatcha think of #georgiembtravels? Kind of like it 😊
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@danielwellington makes me happy despite the cyclonic weather. I got so many compliments on my watch and strap today and it was only my first day wearing it. ❤ If you want to get as many compliments as me - go get yours on and don't forget to use 'NIA15' for 15% off and it's free shipping. Code valid until 28 Feb 2018. #danielwellington ❤ . . . . #thelifewechase #manentailbeauty #discoverthesecret #ootdtravel #luxdreamholidays #eccentrips #mauritiushotels #localadventurer #tropicalwander #richpeoplemagazine #kilroynl #guideevasion #bestluxuryescapes
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It’s beginning to look a lot like...Christmas? • This year, I experienced my first warm Christmas (shout out to the poor souls at home who are dealing with below freezing temperatures). • • Christmas looked a lot different this year for many reasons, but also because it was my first time celebrating a holiday in a country where I am the minority. India is such an interesting blend of culture, languages and religion and I feel lucky that I have been able to experience some of that. While the majority of the population in India is Hindu, many other religions are practiced as well. I spent my holiday break in the state of Goa, which has one of the larger percentages of Christians (around 25%). In India, Christian households often adorn their houses with these cute star lanterns, which I found all over in Goa!🎅🏾⭐️🎄
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Love this place, love this candid shot 📸
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One of the coolest temples in Angkor Wat for me was Bayon. Being able to walk around these amazing ruins was really something!
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Take me back so I can do this trip all over again please thanks 🌏
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Loved exploring the wonderful city of Kuala Lumpur and spending ages looking up at the Petronas Towers 👌🏼 it’s always good to look back on travel memories- what’s the best moment you’d had while travelling?
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Namast’ay at the beach.
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Just some cows in their natural habitat.
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Wishing I was still sleeping on the beach right about now... • • • South Goa is famous for its beach huts and, while New Years in Goa is the busiest time of year, everyone I know insisted that I wait to find a hut until I arrived at the beach. So, first day in Goa with no place to stay...sounds like a great plan? • I arrived in Palolem in the early morning and decided to head straight to the beach, backpack in tow. After stopping at three or four shacks and testing to see how much I could haggle the prices down, I finally found a beach hut that I loved at a good price. I really loved the people that worked there, and there was even a food shack right on the beach that served good food and cold beer. Safe to say, I had an amazing time. • Have you guys ever stayed in a beach hut in Goa?!
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Make sure you head to the heritage centres dotted around Singapore- perfect to visit on a rainy day to learn about some of the fantastic cultures that have thrived in the city’s history 🌏
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The sky was bright with the air so fresh and chill...It all created an enchanting atmosphere. The red cloth aka chunri tied on every possible corner can be seen in all Hindu temples and always fascinates me with the wishes they would be fulfilling. It is believed that once your wish comes true, you visit the temple and untie any one of the chinari. #mukteshwardham with @clubtenpinelodge Follow #mukteshwardiaries2017jj for more
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Need to go back to this beautiful place soon 💙
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After a 5 min. hike up the stoned path we reached #mukteshwardham . It is a temple devoted to Lord Shiva said that the name of the town #MUKTESHWAR meaning 'Salvation' is inspired from Lord Shiva. Follow my journey at #mukteshwardiaries2017jj
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Hello January 👋🏼 hope you’ve all had a brill start to the year! My days have consisted of board games and blog planning before work starts back on Saturday ✍🏼
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