Durant shows his versatility by blocking Gordon on one end and hitting the contested shot over him on the other. 💯🤷🏾‍♂️🔥 _ _ Song🎵: Pills and Automobiles by Chris Brown Follow @easymoneylegacy(me) for more🤗💯😇 Sorry for the late night post iMovie wasn’t working
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Left or Right?🤔🏀
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Durant’s father made an unexpected visit to last night’s game in #philly ❤️🏀💯 #thisiswhyweplay
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M*kers get no love💔 _ Creds🎥: @drizzzyfilms _ Will KD ever gain back your respect?🤔 Comment Below
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@kevindurant on “the shot” 👀🐐💯
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Who you got tonight? Warriors vs Celtics at 5:00 PT/8:00 ET on TNT🏀
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Long ass Road ahead of them💯✊🏾😴 _ _ Via📷: @jrdn_designs
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@kevindurant is named #championoftheyear by @gq 😱💯🐐 _ Well deserved?🤔
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Ik I’m a little late😂 but KD scored 29 points, and recorded 5 rebounds, 4 assists, 2 blocks and 2 steals in 28 minutes last night While the #warriors beat the #Sixers 135-114‼️😱 _ _ _ Song🎵: The Plan by G-eazy Follow @easymoneylegacy(me) for more🤗🔥😇
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KD gets past Paul George to throw it down on Hibbert🔥😱😂🤷🏾‍♂️ #150thpost _ _ _ Song🎵: Motor Sport- Migos Follow @easymoneylegacy(me) for more🤗🤘🏾😇
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Who you got in one on one? KD or #thegoat. I got KD, just because as good as MJ is, he has never seen something like Durant, 7 footer can score from anywhere past halfcourt. Not only that but he has multiple ways to score beyond halfcourt . And I think KDs long frame can slow down Jordan. _ Thoughts? Comment Below🤔 Via📷: @eg.studios
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#throwback to when @kevindurant dropped 51 points on the #Toronto Raptors while hitting the gamewinner😱🔥🐐💯 _ _ _ Song🎵: Remember the name- Fort Minor Follow @easymoneylegacy(me) for more🤗✊🏾😇
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Rate the new kd 10s 1-10🔥
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7 footer with the handles of a guard’s!!!!!😱🔥💯👌🏾 _ _ _ Song🎵: Pull Up n’ Wreck- Metro Boomin Follow @easymoneylegacy(me) for more🤗🤘🏾😇
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I think KD could have a real case for dpoy, but the chances of him actually winning it are very slim because of the other elite defensive talent in the NBA😬💯 _ _ Thoughts? Comment Below🤔 Via📷: @top.ball.coverage
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@kevindurant is expected to play in tomorrow’s game against the #Philly Sixers
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#neverforget when @kevindurant shifted @andredrummondd 😱🔥✊🏾 _ _ _ Song🎵: Patek Water-Future Follow @easymoneylegacy(me) for more🤗💯😇
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