Kevin Durant statistically compared to other players🔥💯🐐 _ Via✅: @nbadistrict
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Fire edit🔥🔥 _ Creds to✅: @swish.jfx(go follow him) #easymoneylegacy
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Sorry for the inactivity Homework has been CRAZY, but who seen the IT movie? #easymoneylegacy
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Hate him all you want now, you'll miss him when he's gone.🐐🐐🐐 #LEGEND (No I did not make this😂 Found it on YouTube but was so dope I had to post it🔥) _ Rate this mix 1-10❄️ Follow @easymoneylegacy(me) for more🤗💯😱 Song🎵: Legend by Drake
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Collab with . At 13 we both have Jimmy Butler, a premier shooting guard in the league. An average shooter with an elite playmaking ability for a sg. He is one of the league's best two-way players as he is an amazing defender. His numbers tho will go down as he is no longer a first option and arguably not the best player anymore on his team. _ Thoughts? Comment Below🤔
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This offseason has been CRAZY😱💯👌🏾
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KD stay shutting down those haters💯👌🏾🙌🏾 _ _ _ Creds to✅: @nyk_all_the_way_ (go follow him) _ _ _ Rate this mix 1-10❄️ Song🎵: Mask off by Future
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Day 8: De'arron Fox. Mostly because he's from Kentucky, and that's my favorite college basketball team. Also, I think he will be the best player coming out of this draft. Lastly, 🦊>🏀 #easymoneylegacy
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Kevin Durant 2017 playoffs mix❄️ #finalsMVP🏆 _ _ _ _ Song🎵: On Everything by DJ Khaled Follow @easymoneylegacy(me) for more🤗🔥😱
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Day 7: the most hated team in the NBA is by far the Golden State Warriors.
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Melo, but why KD look like E.T.?😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭 #easymoneylegacy
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Kevin Durant was named both the best NBA player and best male athlete by the 2014 ESPYs yet "he had to join a 73-9 team just to even be in the conversation for the best in the world." 🤔🤔 _ Tags: #easymoneylegacy #drake #warriorpride #okc #kevindurant #slimreaper #35 #easymoneysniper #goldenstatewarriors #thebay #strengthinnumbers #dubsinfo #warriorssweep #cali #stephencurry #babyfacedassassin #wardellcurry #wardellcurry30 #klaythompson #squidward #splashbros #splashfamily #draymondgreen #donkey #lebronjames #clevelandcavaliers #striveforgreatness #kyrieirving
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Top 20 players in the NBA collab with At 15 we both agree on Damian Lillard. A top five pg in the league, an unguardable monster. Can hurt you from downtown or can take it to the rim. He is one of the more athletic point guards in the conversation with Russ and Wall, has incredible ups. Also, he he CAN lead a team. Before CJ blossomed into the player he is today he was leading the trash ass blazers to the fourth seed in 2015. #easymoneylegacy _ Thoughts? Comment Below🤔
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Making this fr made me cry😭😢 But I had to do something special for my 100th POST!!🔥 Thank you for everyone that has been with me since day one‼️ You will NOT be forgotten: @hassan.legacy21 @tobiasfanpage34 @swipalegion @ssportplayss @the.fastbreak @goatbasketball_ @kd_35_warrior @deaaron.legacy @n.b.a_edit @pg.legacy13 @cultureball @freewilly4pres @bucketscenter @goldenstatewarriorshub (Sorry if I missed you) #roadto1k _ _ _ _ _ Song🎵: Battle Scars by Lupe Fiasco Follow @easymoneylegacy(me) for more🤗💯😇
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