#DailyTarot 🌟 I drew the #SixofCups ⭐ "Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our #power.” Victor Frankl 🌟 You may find lots of old memories resurfacing or you may be dreaming vividly about past events. This card suggests that deep rooted issues that are holding you back push to be resolved. Be careful not to romanticise or vilify the past but rather to view it clearly and objectively. In her book #EmotionalAgility @susandavid_phd describes how “#emotions are data. Not directions.” In other words, don’t allow yourself to be held hostage by your past. Instead, “choose to explore your thoughts, feelings and experiences with #compassion and curiosity.” Don’t judge them as “low vibe” or “negative” in fact, don’t judge them at all! Face your thoughts, feelings and memories with #kindness so that your present isn’t clouded by them. In doing so, you may finally be able to let it all go… 🌟DM @angelovehub or click the link in my bio for info on personal readings.🌟 ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° Deck used: #SmithWaite  #deeplyrooted #iheartmylife #memorylane #emotionalintelligence #tarotreadersofinstagram #6ofcups #mindfulness #healing #agility #tarotcardoftheday #tarotcommunity #loveandlight #lightwork #childhood #DivineGuidance #letgo #feelings #woke #raiseyourvibration
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Every moment my Monkey Mind rears its head I drop deeper into my heart and hear my angels and know that I AM not alone. Beautiful Lovers, the Soul of the World needs you. Be brave. Be you. 🙂💜🌹🎶🌈🔥❤️☘️
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Essential oils blend to help you raise your vibration. Enjoy! ❤️ Click the link in the bio for more information.
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Throat chakra inspired crystal grid 💎While there are many excellent healing stones that support this chakra, Blue Celestite is a powerful and trusted choice. . . . It brings peace and strength to you and helps to open you to new experiences. It teaches you to trust in the higher power and in your own abilities. It also dissolves the illusion in your “struggles” and helps you see the truth of things. . . . It’s a rockstar at calming the mind by dispersing unfounded worries, giving you mental clarity and clear and fluent communications skills. It supports you in speaking your truth, living your truth, and coming from a place of integrity and love in all situations. . . . Pair this gem with our fav truth speaking essential oil, which we will be sharing with you witches at the retreat 😘, and you’re going to have a glowing throat chakra in no time✌🏻#wellnesswitches #alchemytribe1 #crystalgrid #healingcrystals
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Something is stirring with in you. You are on the move. You are busy being and doing. Yet, you feel trapped. Changes are being made. Switches are happening. The transformation that’s occurring may be more behind the scenes, than before our eyes. Never the less progress is being made. Just know, all is well. Life is good. The mind can be a dangerous thing if you allow it. Take control back. Amongst the changes being made we must remember that even though we are fierce and strong we can not do it all on our own and sometimes lose sight of that. It all comes full circle and the moves that are happening are going to serve everyone very well. Breathe. Be present. Believe. Peace of mind in the midsts of all is vital. You are fierce. You have power. Take the reigns. #DailyEnergy #CollectiveEnergy #WildUnknown #EightOfSwords #RaiseYourVibe #VibrateHigher #DivineGuidance #TakeControl #GetOutOfYourMind #NYS #NourishYourSoul
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New post on the blog this week! Read about what I've been busy with since the beginning of the year, plus what new services I will be offering soon! Link to blog post in my bio! https://www.divinegracetoday.com/single-post/2018/02/19/I-Am-A-Channel-That-I-Am #lightlanguage #channeling #divineguidance #steppingintopower #surrender #acceptance #lovingwhatis #selfmastery #spiritualjourney #alchemy #raisingconsciousness #IAm #theMasters #love
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😇Archangel Gabriel is the angel of communication, this angel is the divine messenger. This angel is always there for us for guidance and consolation. This angel's name, Gabriel means "Strength from God". If you need some courage today, if you are having trouble moving foward on your path, if you feel as if you need to find your faith again, call on Archangel Gabriel. This angel is with you and is more than happy to help you to find your strength and to guide you on your path. 🌟I found a prayer to 😇St.Gabriel on a prayer card: 🙏Saint Gabriel Prayer: I pray to you to assist me as I develop the strength to carry out my life's mission. Please send your strengthening energy to help me live life with courage and love for myself and all humanity. With your guidance I will strive to fulfill my purpose and assist others on their journey. This I ask of you through Christ's universal energy. Amen 💛Love and Light and know that Archangel Gabriel is with you today💛 . 🌟Follow me👉 @tarakite__tarot for daily readings and inspiration
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Daily Tarot: Ace of Cups- This cup is being offered to you from Heaven as a symbol of emotional and spiritual fulfillment. Are you going to reach out and take it today? This card also represents the beginning of love, happiness, and compassion. You will experience, or have already experienced, the the start of a new relationship, friendship, or romance where you share a special connection with someone. This message is about opening your heart and giving and receiving love. Love is the essence of this card so look for ways to connect with others, even if that means forgiving someone or asking for forgiveness in return. Drop your walls and let your feelings show. If you choose, you have the power to bring happiness and positive energy into your life💙 ° ° Thank you for reading! For information on our readings or what we offer, please DM or visit our website (link in bio). #riderwaitetarot #dailytarot #divineguidance #tarotreadersofinstagram #tarotcommunity #aceofcups #fulfillment #heaven #spirituality #emotions #love #givingandreceiving #openyourheart #expresslove #selflove #forgiveness #connect #feelings #happiness #abundance #positivity #newlove #relationships #lightwork #vibratehigher #meditation
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So, WHAT IS IT?! Discuss in the comments below... 💞🤗💞
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This Sunday is a Psychic Fair day at @forheavensakedenver Lakewood location and that means $1/min readings! I'm extending this amazing price to phone readings on Sunday February 25th for anyone not in the Denver Metro area. Book now, psychic fair Sunday's fill up fast!
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We spoke and we created. 🇬🇷 Greece was one of our most memorable Vacay’s where we learned the power of manifestation through the throat chakra✨👌🏻 . . We would literally say what we wanted to do that day... had no clue how it was going to happen🤷🏼‍♀️ ... was unattached to how it would happen🙅🏻‍♀️ ... and MAGICK it always did. . . From the best ☀️day bashes, to VIP dinners🍽, private parties🍾, and managing to get around the island almost effortlessly👍🏻, we discovered the power of an aligned throat chakra that matched our “highest vacation truth” .....which was to have one hella good time ✨🤩☀️🥂🍹👙💃🏻💃🏼#wellnesswitches #alchemytribe1
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Every moment is precious, every moment has the power of the now. In each moment we have the power to change our minds, to go in a different direction, to begin again. Treat your very existence as sacred and you will not miss a thing. Tarot Readings @ LunarQueenTarot.com #justbeing #atpeace #newpath #ageofaquarius #spiritualgrowth #higherself #spiritualguidance #divineguidance #divinetiming #spiritualdevelopment #manifesting #soulpurpose
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Is it possible to have to many leggings?? Uhhhh NO. Add this 2 piece camo suit to your collection today!! You'll wanna go workout just to show these off!!
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It's a pretty amazing thing when your student becomes the master. This is a Crystal Reading that she did for me the other day. I got to choose the stones, and then she did the reading before doing a hands-on session. It was incredible. ❤ _ The first thing I like to do in any Energy work is choose an essential oil. I chose Surrender... again! (If you saw my post from a few weeks ago, you know that I keep pulling this oil! Apparently, I still need a reminder. 😂) _ When my student did this reading for me, it was very insightful and accurate. Without going into too much detail about the reading, I'll just point out a few of the highlights from my perspective. _ The first thing I noticed was that there are a lot of Heart Chakra stones throughout the reading. Jade at the 3rd Eye, Green Calcite at the throat, Malachite at the Solar Plexus, a heart shaped Rose Quartz at my Sacral, and a beautiful Green Aventurine angel for the top of my feet. All of these stones, in one way or another, point to love, compassion, and expressing from the heart. 💚 _ The other thing that stood out to me is the two blue stones for my feet. Light blue is more of a Throat Chakra stone, and the dark blue is closer to the 3rd Eye. They both are pointing to walking a path of higher awareness and communicating intuitively as I move though life. _ This reading was very supportive and validating. Readings like this can help you gain a broader understanding of what you are creating in your life, and it can show you imbalances as well. I left this session feeling more balanced and grounded. It was a wonderful experience to be on the receiving end. 🙏 _ #crystalreading #crystalreiki #crystalhealing #crystals #crystalsandoils #energyhealing #energyhealer #energywork #holistic #alternativehealing #alternativemedicine #higherawareness #higherself #spiritualgrowth #spirituality #spiritualhealing #spiritualhealer #RayvonHeart #divineguidance #surrender #youngliving #yleo #essentialoils #younglivingessentialoils #stickpersonmadeofstones
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Happy Friday Soul Shiners. Know your truth. Know your strength. Know your beauty. We are pure love and light...powerful beyond measure. May we lift one another. May we love one another. May we celebrate one another. May all beings be happy. May all beings be joyous. May all beings be free. ✨🙌💜✊✨ #morningmeditation #sacredspace #mantra #iam #sat#satnam #truth #love #kindness #purebeauty #strength #powerful #transformation #kundalini #yoga #awakening #aquarianage #healingenergy #medicinewoman #divineguidance #weareallone #shineyourlight #lightworkersunite #dailymantra #satnam #universalbliss
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The interesting thing about light, love, and water is they are three of the most powerful elements available to us...the most essential and each take the path of least resistance and ease. They flow and just are. ___________________ What if we did the same? What if we accessed the same power God has given us and took the path of ease and least resistance? ___________________ This is not to say there will not be work, work is real. But the work does not have to be hard. Yes? #light #love #grace #ease 📷: me
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#abundance #gratitude blessings from my ancestors and angels. #divineguidance #universallove
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Secretly we spoke, that wise one and me. I said; Tell me the secrets of the world. He said, Shhh… Let silence tell you the secrets of the world. - Rumi . #rumi #beloved #thetruthisinthepauses #devotion #divineguidance #silence #prayer #spirit #truelove #sacred #reverence #wisdom
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#spiritualmessages for Friday, February 23, 2018 with the Messages from your Angels Oracle. 🕊 . You may have a lot to contemplate and process mentally, thinking about how to act in the best way possible.  Take a deep breath and trust the guidance and new ideas you are getting to make changes so you can create a new cycle.  Doing this will help you maintain your strength & balance, and keep you out of conflict with others. 🕯🙏🏽🕯 . As we save our energy by not reacting to others, we make room to focus on our passions, and even to discover hidden passions that we weren't previously aware of.  Let your energy be invested into those dreams and exciting ideas.  Remember that there is no rush to manifest; just bask in the potential of where your growth is leading you, and trust in your journey and your power. ☄🌻☄ . The #crystal is selenite, which quiets the mind, brings mental clarity, balances the emotions, and strengthens the connection to angels, guides & the Higher Self. 🌈🌙🌈 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #angelmessages  #angelguidance #spiritualguidance #tarot #tarotreadersofinstagram #tarotreading #dailytarot #oracle #dailyoracle #oraclecardreading  #dailymessage #spirituality  #dailyhoroscope #tarotcardoftheday  #angels #dailyoraclecard  #dailytarotcard#angeltherapy  #angelcard  #psychicreading  #freereading #tarotdaily #healing  #tarotonline  #oraclecards #divineguidance #newbeginnings
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this is what I do before I go to my regular job. sometimes I will all of a sudden wake up at 3-4am, & I try my best to honor that (does not always happen ha) & see it as an opportunity to create for The Violet Vision. if you are in that transition time, or if you are balancing a lot of different stuff, or if you feel like you’re on the cusp of creating something big or a major shift .. or if you’re feeling frustrated, trapped, unable to devote yourself fully to your craft due to 3D world, human responsibilities - these words may resonate with you for sure. I am shifting my perspective on this time in the morning. ya know what happens when I ground, set an intention, focus, & connect before I start - the work and myself grow & expand at the perfect pace. Like, what’s my major rush man?! I get it, you may feel desperate to get out of the situation you’re in - but that’s not a super supportive energy. Instead, I’m grateful for this time I do have. and I enjoy every second of it. Man oh man does it feel good to create!! (I also am in the process of cultivating more patience and it totes took me a while to get to this place) A message from my main man SG that I revisit & reflect on a lot is: “Foundation is key. Roots are key. Connection is key. Simplicity is key. Trust is key. Build the foundation. Don’t put the cart before the horse, eh? While it may be ‘time’, that doesn’t mean time for everything to happen all of a sudden & all at once. We love the enthusiasm and eagerness to get things started - but that is only beneficial when coupled with joy, when coupled with feelings of security & love, and a feeling of fulfillment. It is not as beneficial when coupled with pressure, rushing, fear, doubt, uncertainty, worry, stress & sadness. This foundation must be rooted in love. Rooted in love, joy, security, and a deep trust & knowing that all is well. Create the space, and allow for what is next to show up”. Ahh thank you SG. It can be done. Do not fear. It is all within you. SEEK IT. In the words of Nahko, “you can do this, you’ve got purpose. find your medicine & use it”. Go forth & create what you wish to, you beautiful souls. You are loved, supported & so worthy!
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A little glimpse of the Peace Coaching process 💧💜💧#yourpeacecoach
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Oh life, how I heart thee. It is truly incredible and interesting how we sometimes fight for things that we “think” we want and need. Why do we do that? We try to control outcomes and force things to happen. Here’s the thing, anything you force turns into 💩. Sometimes you may not even realize that you’re forcing it. When we let go of control we create and allow space for the best things, those serving our highest good to come in. Detach from the things you feel you need and see what happens. Detachment can be perceived in many ways. I’m basically talking about letting go of expectations and follow your heart, signs, your gut! When we do this, Energetically our frequency increases to vibrate at a level where we’ll attract those things that set our souls on fire! When I let go of the things and people that I “thought” I couldn’t live without...then all of a sudden new doors were / are opening. I’m doing this right now, cleaning house physically, mentally, emotionally and it’s leading me to new opportunities, new people...the right people who will help me grow, evolve, and transform my life!!! That’s what I want and not the other bullshit!!!! I trust that I am guided and protected. And when you have that same faith too and trust in knowing there really is no right or wrong just lessons learned... watch magic and miracles happen! Here’s the BIG takeaway - you need to reflect and heal those parts of you that are screaming at you to heal in order to actually LEARN the lessons, then we keep moving forward. Don’t just ignore the lesson. I know you want to keep moving forward. Don’t just sit there afraid of doing the work. #digdeep #evolve #Trust the journey #divineguidance
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Check out this super cool cactus tapestry just added to our shop! Guaranteed to bring good vibes into any room to put it...💞💞💞
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Nature and open space is so good for clearing away vibrational clutter and topping up the spiritual tank!! #morningwalks
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So much beauty in one picture... 💞💞💞
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February 23, 2018 - “Now is the time to start receiving your blessings”. Feel your worth even more today, claim that you deserve your desires, you expect them... 💞💞💞
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#DailyChannelledMessage from Archangel Raguel:⠀ ⠀ My Dearest Ones,⠀ ⠀ I ask that today you speak with peace and love in your words.⠀ ⠀ Often times you may find that it is easier to keep that peace and energy within yourself. But it is in those difficult situations that expressing this peace and love is most important.⠀ ⠀ I am here to bring you strength in sharing this love and peace from within. I am here to bring this to any situation you are encountering right now.⠀ ⠀ It is important for you to know that no matter what circumstances are before you, when you lean into the energy of peace and love, the outcome will always unfold for the highest good of all.⠀ ⠀ Take this chance of sharing this peace and love from within, and remember that I am here supporting you every step of the way. I love you so very much Dearest One.⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ Comment below “My peace and love expands from within” and then tune in to feel AA Raguel bringing a purple and orange energy that moves through your heart chakra and helps you expand the energy of peace and love all around you.
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🌊The Wave 🌊
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##soulful #gathering #virtues #pos#positivity #creator #Elohim #angels #starseeds #alu#aluraceinsupporter #aluracein #truth #spiritually #newage #family #kindness #archangels #love #openminded #positivity #balance #kundalini #nature #divineguidance #soulnetwork #souls #learning #social #treeoflife Weird thing was that this posted with all the # deleted. So I put some back in. Main point. Come aboard and connect with a bunch of friendly people. We help one another out. We learn from @alura.cein @alura_cein . Our beautiful teacher from the heavens, here with us in a human body. #angelalariel
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You are so worth loving! ❤️ words by Louise Hay
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🌏 Recorded 22/Feb/2018 . In this message, a new group came through who refer to themselves as the Earth Collective. They discuss how they work collaboratively together to manage the energy grids on Earth. They consist of elementals (nature spirits), galactic beings and Gaia. They discuss the cords of energy that connect humans together and to Gaia. They also discuss energy grids and systems on Earth (Gaia), that relate to collective consciousness and energy portals. Earth Chakras are discussed and the gate keeperwho relate to this, as well as ley lines. . They also discuss other teams that work with collective consciousness and other dimensions. The sun is also discussed and the part it plays. This message is very eye opening, and reminds us of the ascension power we gain by connecting to the Earth. . Love Kimberley 💖✨✨✨ . To see this full video please visit: 👇🏼 https://youtu.be/qjNNrDPBbxo ✨ Subscribe to our YouTube channel: 👇🏼 www.youtube.com/BeingsofTheLightWithKimberleyLiveChannelings ✨ One on one video channeling services available ✨ beingsofthelight@gmail.com ✨ Like our Facebook page: ✨ www.facebook.com/beingsofthelightwithKimberley ✨ Join our FB closed group: 👇🏼 ‘Beings of The Light - with Kimberley’ 👇🏼 https://m.facebook.com/groups/180413662454913 ✨ #beingsofthelightwithkimberley #awakening #consciousness #channeling #lightworker #spiritual #spirituality #spiritualawakening #mysticism #abrahamhicks #esoteric #clairvoyance #psychic #source #ascension #raiseyourvibration #lawofattraction #divineguidance #meditation #spiritualgrowth #energyportal #earthcollective #naturespirit #earthchakra #gatekeeper #leylines #gaia
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✨FREYA✨ » Phases and Cycles « ∴ ∴ ∴ There is a beginning within every ending. ☆ Illusions are revealed and released. ☆ ☆ #freya #phases #cycles #divineguidance #manifestation #cardoftheday #stayfocused #newbeginning #goals #dreams #revealed #released • • 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
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"You've got that save-the-world vibe" 🔥✨ I teared up multiple times talking with @mrjamesmaskell and listening to his solution-driven ideas. . 🏩 #kNewcare #incenticare a fresh breath of air when around someone who just "gets it" and is on the same side within the revolution of healthcare. . ✨ He's done for the past decade what I've dedicated the rest of my life towards. 🌿🥗👩🏽‍⚕️ . ✨ And neither of us are stopping anytime soon 🔥 #endsickcare #sickcarenothealthcare . ✨ ✨ #wellnessleaders #chronicillness #naturecure #realmedicine #naturalmedicine #positivevibesonly #entrepreneurmindset #entrepreneurlifestyle #blessed #spiritualgangster #divineguidance #spiritualawakening #woke #functionalmedicine #naturopathicmedicine #naturopathicdoctor #naturopathica #mindbodyspirit #energyrich
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😇Angel Card Reading for Friday February 23, 2018: Today's card is Leadership with 💛😇Archangel Gabriel: Archangel Gabriel is with you today, encouraging you to have the strength to move foward, to move foward on your divine life mission. You simply are....you are a teacher....your are a healer....you are an artist....you are a writer...you are a leader....you are what you set out to be. The world needs your inspiration, it needs what you can do, so it's time to clear away the doubt, because it already is so, so go out there and just do it! 🎺😇Archangel Gabriel is delivering you a divine message today, and the message is: "You are enough, it is already written. A shift is occurring, a path is being cleared for you, no mountain shall stand in your way. By faith, you shall move mountains. All is well." Yes a shift is occurring, a new positive energy is being formed, this shift is clearing a path for many, it's allowing your light to shine even brighter.🌟 What has been blocking the light is being cleared away, and it is being cleared away by our faith. This energy is like putting a lamp behind a bookcase. The lamp can be turned on and be shining really brightly, but no one can see it and benefit from it's light because of the bookcase blocking it. Well, that bookcase is moving! 🌟The light is meant to be shared...to guide the way...to be seen by all. 😇The angels are clearing away the bookcase....they want your light to be shared. Have courage, you are never truly alone. The angels are with you. Believe in miracles, believe Archangel Gabriel's message, and believe in what you feel called to do. By your faith you shall clear the path for others as well, don't be afraid to step into a leadership position. You can do this! 🌟🌺Love and Light🌺🌟 . 😇To book an angelic motivational and eye opening reading, check out my website at tarakite.com (link is in bio)😇 . 🌟Follow me👉 @tarakite__tarot for daily readings and inspiration . 🌺Deck used: Archangel Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue🌺
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Relaxed vibes on a Friday 😍😍😍
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Let joy be your guide today. Open your heart, breathe in loving divine light and on the exhale release all of your worries and concerns. Let go of all that does not serve you. Place your attention on your heart centre, see it fill up with radiant white light and expand out all around you. Cocoon yourself in this bubble of joy and take it with you wherever you go today. What will naturally light up your heart today? What feels good, easy, light and joyful? Let your heart lead you. When you radiate joy from the inside out, that joy is then reflected back to you. You open yourself up to experience wonderful opportunities and you allow yourself to receive an abundance of love, happiness and peace. 😇💖 #dailycard #cardoftheday #ang#angelguidance #angelreadings #tarot #cacr #divineguidance #loveandlight #joy #angelguidance #oraclecardreadersofinstagram #certifiedangelcardreader #spirituality
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💜Fantastic February with Smmagic💜 As this is the last week of the month here’s a magical giveaway contest along with a special discount offer on✨Month of Magical Distance Energy Healing✨ Contest Rules: 1. Leave a comment on this post and tell me if you Daily, Weekly or Montly check my page with your name and Instagram Tag (e.g - Daily-Shivani @smm@smm@smmagic> 2. Repost/ share your favourite post from my page to your page with the photo tag @smmagic and #smmagic The 1st person to get the maximum likes on their post as per the above guidelines by 28th February, will WIN✨Month of Magical Distance Energy Healing✨ free for the entire month of March. Inclusive of: 1. Tarot/Oracle Card Reading 2. Chakra Healing + Crystal Recommendations 3. Four sessions of Distance Reiki 4. Personal Power Statement/ Healing Affirmation 5. Colour Healing 6. Spell Crystal Reading Special discount offer price valid upto 28th feb only.DM for details. #lov#loveandlight @smmagic #ora#oraclereadersofinstagram #oraclecardreading #love #relationships#manifestlove #mindbodysoul #healyourheart #giftsoflove #specialoffer #discounts #cardreading #oracle #divineguidance #positivechanges #affirmations #mantra #smmagicoracle #oraclecards #chakras #crystals #energyhealing#loveisalwaystheanswer#onlinereading#messagefortheheart #selflove #balance#reiki #reikihealing
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February 23 ~ Open your mind to all the possibilities. You may not be able to see them all, but heaven can. It is important to stay open so that you can recieve. There is a miracle or new blessing coming to you. Break free from any self imposed constraints you have placed upon yourself. These keep you restricted unable to enjoy, receive, ane believe. Surrender the tension to create the space for miracles, solutions, and opportunities to appear now. Love, Nailea ❤ Book a private reading: https://www.naileaguerrero.com/bookings Donate: https://www.paypal.me/naileag777 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/naileaguerrero27 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nailea.guerrero #spirituality #divineguidance #clairvoyant #intuitive #love #healing #abundance #miracles #blessed
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That’s when we learn how to dance in the rain... * This is one of my favourite photos, which I took back in 1995 in Iquitos, Peru, whilst I was visiting a tribe in the Amazon. * I was sheltering under the trees from a torrential downpour when I heard the sound of children’s laughter. * Turning, I saw three street children dancing in the rain. They had nothing except the clothes they wore, but in that moment they were experiencing pure joy. * Afterwards, they went back to begging for food from the customers of a nearby bar. * One of them had a birthmark that covered half his face - he reminded me of the character Mascarita in the book The Storyteller by Peruvian author Mario Vargas Llosa, which is set in the Amazon. * Mascarita develops a deep connection to the Machiguenga Indians and travels amongst the tribes as a storyteller, or "hablador." * Reading this book at University and writing my dissertation on Vargas Llosa was the catalyst for me going to Peru, volunteering at an orphanage and working as a journalist, campaigning on behalf of the street children and victims of domestic violence, as well as starting on my shamanic path. * It was also one of the many flames that inspired my own passion for storytelling. * Looking back over our lives, it is so comforting to see how Spirit weaves the threads of experience to create our Soul’s journey in each lifetime. * It is my trust in this all-guiding, all-present divine energy in my life that gives me the strength to keep dancing even within the darkest of storms. * Remembering the street children in this photo, especially Mascarita, I try to find the joy and gratitude in every moment, regardless of how little or how much I may feel I have in my life. * And that’s when I also learn how to dance in the rain. * Blessings Annabel xxx
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You are the Medicine! Life is the Ritual! #prayerformance #intention #ritual #divineguidance #firescimitar #trust ✨👁❣️👁 ✨ #commumityovercompetition @envisionfestival mahalo @lumina_entertainment @kaytibunny for your support to make this prayer happen!! @elevate_fire @skymana808 @roxanneruby
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Enjoy the day whatever comes.. Its all a gift after all 🌞 #positivevibes #tarotreading #fridaymood
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Ihr Lieben, vertraut darauf, dass Eure Samen Früchte tragen werden, die Ihr bald ernten könnt!!! Alles, was Du in Liebe manifestiert hast, wird sich Dir bald eröffnen, es ist alles in bester Ordnung! Übe Dich jedoch in Geduld und ehre jeden Deiner Schritte auf Deinem Weg in Dankbarkeit. Denn ein dankbares Herz zieht positive Energien an. Im Moment transformieren sich die Energien sehr schnell, weshalb der eine oder andere unter uns vielleicht sehr empfindsam ist, aber wisse, dass gut für Dich gesorgt ist und Du alle Ängste und niederen Energien bezüglich Deines Weges loslassen kannst. Erzengel Haniel unterstützt Dich dabei, wenn Du sie rufst. Erzengel Jophiel, der Engel der Schönheit, kann Dir helfen, die Schönheit in Dir und in allem was ist zu sehen und zu segnen! Du wirst auf allen Ebenen unterstützt! Vertraue!!! Ich wünsche Euch allen ein wunderschönes Wochenende!!! 🙏👼😘🍀💖🌠😉🌟💖👼🌠#Engelreading#DoreenVirtue#ErzengelHaniel#ErzengelJophiel#Geduld#Sensitivität#Vertrauen#Zuversicht#göttlicheFührung#Empfindsamkeit#Heilung#Licht#Liebe#Schönheit#Neubeginn#Natur#angelreading#love#trust#believe#healing#sensitivity#divineguidance#lightup#newbeginnings#nature#
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It is quite a significant time at present as our Elders come forward to lift the burdens of this lifetime and others that we have carried forward with us into this life. . You may have noticed symptoms surface such as a heaviness or uneasiness in the body, or more apparent sensations in your feet, lower legs and knees. Or perhaps difficulty sleeping or old memories or emotions surfacing unexpectedly that feel quite overwhelming. . The Awakening for many has arrived. The time for clearing and shedding is now. With the immense support of our Ancestral Guides to light the way. There are many hands holding space for us to undertake this process. Your gifts and powers await. Are you ready? . Tune into stillness and love so that divine guidance and your best next steps can be received. Pay attention to strong cravings and callings no matter how strange they seem, as these are the pebbles in the path of your Highest Purpose. The reason you came here to Be. . To connect in with your Guardian and Guides, ask for signs so you can become familiar with their communications and interventions. . Liv x ( 📷 via practice_seeing_beauty )
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Today's Card : Attraction The #Rom#RomanceAngels send you this card to tell you is that the best way to get more romance in your life is through attraction rather than through strenuous effort. Your joyful laughter, self expression and body language are beautiful . . #RomanceAngels #RomanceTarot #LoveTarot #Message #DailyMessage #DailyCard #TodaysCard #CoachManjuPatil #Lifecoach #CelesteTheCenter #Mumbai #TarotReadings #Healing #LoveAngels #Divinity #DivineGuidance #PowerOfLove
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The lady of the hour @imheathergraham holding forth at The Wing Flatiron screening of her marvelous directorial and writing debut HALF MAGIC @halfmagicmovie - so proud of my friend. Smart, funny, subversive, sexy, and inspiring, this film is a love letter to sisterhood. Opens tomorrow on-demand/streaming and in select theaters. See it, spread the word. "Magic is real if you believe in it."
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"When women are together, magic happens." - @the.wing - host of tonight's screening of @halfmagicmovie written, directed by, and starring my soul sister @imheathergraham - celebrating with my ladyloves @catfrels + @daniellevieth . The veins of sisterhood run deep, and I am so grateful.
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