🚨🚨 FAN GIRL ALERT 🚨 🚨 ———————————————————————— Meet Jake Wood, co-founder of Team Rubicon. Always an honor and a privilege to hear him speak on organizational leadership and the impact of Team Rubicon’s mission to respond to devastation with a team of veteran warriors with one hell of a skill set. ———————————————————————— “Passion trumps talent, but culture is king.” ———————————————————————— #nonprofit #teamrubicon #veteran #redwhiteandblue #godblessthisusa #disaterrelief #disasterresponse #disasterrecovery #mondaymotivation
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First day back to normal everyday life and I realized how easy it is to fall back into comfort. I know I'm not Puerto Rican but my heart goes out to everyone back in Puerto Rico and everyone else who has family there still struggling everyday. The facts are that majority of the island still does not have electricity or clean water to drink and that help is scarce. People are unable to leave their destroyed homes in fear that someone else will come and take ownership of their land. Many people lost their jobs due to the hurricane and now have to choose between buying overpriced food and water or doctor visits and medications. Others cannot even see a doctor or get prescriptions filled because majority of the working professionals are leaving the island. Almost every single local we saw is suffering from depression, anxiety and insomnia. The suicide rate is climbing. It is absolutely a disgrace and heartbreaking to see how the US is leaving the people of Puerto Rico to live in these conditions. I honestly knew nothing about Puerto Rico before this medical mission and it's okay if you didn't either before reading this post. But now you know and you can help make a difference in the lives of 3.4 million people living in Puerto Rico by spreading the knowledge about the true conditions of Puerto Rico and how the US is burying Puerto Rico with debt and the Jones Act. Push for the cancellation of the debt and the Jones Act that's hindering rebuilding Puerto Rico. You may feel like talking about this won't be helpful but knowledge is power and a lot of people in the US are being barricaded from the truth. It's hard to be American and be proud of your country when you don't stand by its actions. Use your rights and stand in solidarity as the people in Puerto Rico are human just like you and me and they need our support ❤️🇵🇷 --- Final thank you's to the contributors, @michaelagallagher, @ahsahsa1, Kristen F., Joseph A., Julia H., Tiffany L, and Stephanie L. who donated while I was in PR. You provided bottles of Clorox, more GI and respiratory medications, and hygiene supplies such as toothpaste and toothbrushes. I wish you could've seen their smiles and hope you gave them.
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A late upload during my refresher course. Disaster response simulation drills. After three straight session I got an opportunity to be a certified emergency response member. #Training #LateUpload #Bataan #Optics #MobilePhotography #Philippines #Helicopter #Helo #Exercise #Emergency #Drill #disasterresponse #LookingBack #AnnualCertification #November
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As we pull out of Port Arthur this morning, Team Texas says "THANK YOU!" to all our 234 volunteers who have served over the last 9 weeks. Through 101 work orders, you have contributed 11,614 hours to this community! We couldn't do this work without YOU!! We love our volunteers and appreciate your servant hearts! ❤ . . . #dis#disasteronse #disasterrelief #disaster #hurricane #harvey #hurricaneharvey #volunteer
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People who know me know that I usually stay away from sharing donation links because I believe we should actively seek out serving opportunities rather than passively let them come to us. That being said, this is one that I am compelled to share. The people of Imokalee, FL lost literally everything in the hurricanes. And this is a community where the average income is $15,000, in a good year. My church has organized a gift registry to purchase new bedding, including mattresses and bed frames, for this community. Some items are as simple as a pillow or pillow protector. These items get shipped directly to the people who need them and make an immediate impact in these people's lives. Here's the website for more information: http://tlc4u.org/disaster-response-team #disasterresponse #disasterresponseteam #donations #hurricane #pleasehelp
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I knew it was a good decision to come to St Thomas. May not be the Philippines, but it’s got the essentials. #redhorse #ridingthepony #again #usvi #disasterresponse
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Lord, when we long for life without difficulties, remind us that oaks grow strong in contrary winds and diamonds are made under pressure. -Peter Marshall #hurricaneirma #wasntmessingaround #hurricanerelief #disasterresponse #treechopping #monkeybusiness #timetowork #wearegenerations
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A Magyar Vöröskereszt Mobil Élelmezési Egysége és Nógrád Megyei Szervezete is részt vett a Katasztrófavédelem téli felkészülési gyakorlatán. Önkénteseink és munkatársaink közel 250 résztvevő és megfigyelő ellátásával járultak hozzá az értékteremtő gyakorlat sikeréhez. #exercise #disasterresponse #fieldkitchen #beprepared #preparedness #winteriscoming #redcross #voroskereszt
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Julio’s one of our most knowledgeable workers on site in #Peru, but he finds time to sneak in a joke in between his master planning. Hope your #weekend is filled with just as much fun!
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Are you an alumni who wants to learn more about our merger with Happy Hearts Fund? Maybe you have some questions such as will we still accept volunteers? How will the work change? Why did you choose purple? We are inviting all alumni to an exclusive webinar on Monday 20th November at 7.30pm EST with our founders David Campbell and Petra Nemcova. Here you'll have the opportunity to share all your burning questions and comments about our new organization, All Hands and Hearts - Smart Response. To learn more and find out the details for this exciting opportunity, join our Alumni Network and RSVP to this event today via the link in our bio.
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Earlier this week a whirlwind tore through Antalya in Turkey ripping apart greenhouses and causing injury to 38 people. In this image taken by WorldView-2 you can get a Birdseye view of the devastation! © European Space Imaging #environment #nature #mapping #aer#aerial #aerial #whirlwind #Turkey #antalya #geospatial #remotesensing #wor#worldview> #satellite #satelliteimages #satelliteimagery #emergency #disaster #eyeinthesky #worldview #landscape #disasterresponse #naturalhazard
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