Are you between the ages of 21 & 40? Do you desire to grow personally and professionally? Become a founding member of Tomorrow’s Leaders! This new member based group gives young professionals access to ongoing programming that includes professional development and networking events as well as the opportunity to connect with others committed to finding a cure for CF. An annual membership is $65 (not tax deductible). Currently, we are creating our Tomorrow’s Leaders Council and planning our first event for March 2018. To learn more, contact us at or 602-224-0068. To join, visit the link in our profile. #cysticfibrosis #curecf #cffaz #cfawareness
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Brudałkę... 💜 #cf #cysticfibrosis #mukowiscydoza
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L'infection diminue avec la cure d'antibiotiques qu'est ce que sa fait du bien des petites bonnes nouvelles ainsi, sinon je suis assez fatiguer, la morphine est toujours présente et on ne la retire pas, il faut avant tout que je sois soulager correctement avant d'envisager de l'enlever. Mercredi on refait un scanner de l'abdomen pour contrôler mes organes j'en aurais bien souvent avec un autre examen moins sympa mais obligatoire pour veiller sur mes organes digestif. La sortie n'en parlons pas, elle n'est pas pour de suite, j'en suis pas apte mon état est encore trop instable pour dire de sortir on espère fêter Noël chez soi et pas à l'hôpital j'y crois encore même si Noël se rapproche et que ce n'est pas cette semaine que je sortirai. Voilà pour les petites nouvelles faudra attendre les prochains jours pour en avoir d'autres mais je ne rentre pas en détail pour ne par heurter les plus sensibles et pour les curieux malsains qui se pressent de lire tes Infos pour aller cracher sur ton dos donc je pénalisé tout le monde et ce n'est pas plus mal gros bisous et merci pour les nouveaux arrivant et de tout vos messages de soutiens vous êtes chou #cysticfibrosis #cystiquefibrosic #muc#mucoidose #muco #hopital #december
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Nowe umiejętności... jedzenie stóp 👍🏼 #cukiereczek #ciągleuśmiechnięta #cf #cysticfibrosis #mukowiscydoza
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There’s a fear that drives me not to give up. A natural fear of being incapable, a fear of the darkness enveloping my entire body, stretching its disabling poison across every physiological atom inside of me. I reach out every time to muster the energy, to shout NO at the degradation of my cells. And because of all this I have to fight off the depression of the inevitable, to ward off the negativity that creeps into the mind with every battle that weakens me. It will never take me sat down, on my knees, nor on my back. It will have to cut me down like a tree. Because I hate losing more than I love winning. #cysticfibrosis #chronicillness #cf #cfawareness #cflife #health #healthymind #healthybody #keepfighting #staypositive #fuelthefire #staystrong #whatdrivesyou
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So, tyre flipping is one of the events for the #24hrs4cf Warrior Games 2018. It's a blower for sure and if you're not doing it as part of your training, you may want to start 😉💪 #MondayMotivation
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Good Monday morning! Ready to rock this pediatric #nurselife after a rough painful weekend!!! Back at it. Thankful that setbacks are temporary, and Joy does come in the morning!!! #rsd #crps #noonefightsalone #DRGimplant #invisibleillness #gettingbackinthegame #cysticfibrosis #curecysticfibrosis #cf #cysticfibrosisawareness #cysticfibrosisprayerwarrior #weneedacure #westandwithyouzach #cfrd #ALL #spoonie #RA
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All the toys delivered to cystic fibrosis ward Leeds @cysticfibrosis_leeds @weightwatchersuk @wakefieldexpress #cysticfibrosis #charity #wonderwoman
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#internationalmountainday This photo was taken on top of Ben Nevis during our national three peaks challenge in May 2017. I chose this photo for international mountain day as it was a day a team of 8 of us were bought together through struggles and motivation of completing the three peaks challenge/ completed in 23 hours and 21 minutes. It's not always about the difficulty and the destination, it's about who you surround yourself with. I am proud by every member of our team on that day and we were all brought closer together by the mountains. It was a very personal challenge for myself as I had created a team of friends and family to tackle the three mountains in aid of the cystic fibrosis trust, as I am fighting for a life unlimited. It is so warming and emotional to me to have such an amazing support of people. You have an impact, help create a better life for others. #threepeaks #threepeakschallenge #bennevis #bennevissummit #scotland #mountains #cysticfibrosis #cysticfibrosisawareness #challengeyourself #loveothers #motivateothers #motivation #livewithlove #my65roses #cf #cfawareness
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That back #detail
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Follow your instinct! Do what you like!
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Makcik ni amal vivix utk lebih sihat, tapi sedar xsedar wajah nampak muda dari usia. Huhu😅 . Vivix ni kaya antioksidan tau, lambatkan proses penuaan dari dalam sel sel badan. So that, kulit tegang dan sentiasa sihat. Gitewww😊🤗 . Antara kebaikan VIVIX ♥️ . ✅ membaiki sel-sel dan memperbaharui sel, termasuk sel kanser ✅ membantu pesakit diebetis mengurangkan tahap gula ✅Meningkatkan kesihatan arthritis dan menyokong kesihatan sendi – melindungi saraf ✅Mengurangkan insiden penyakit nyanyuk - merawat azhameir ✅Membantu merawat penyakit parkinson dan SLE ✅Membantu memulihkan penyakit strok - angin ahmar ✅Meningkatkan kesihatan imunisasi badan ✅Mengurangkan kesakitan akibat slipped disc dan berkaitan ✅Menggalakan kesihatan keseluruhan ✅Membantu proses KURUS dgn proses pensistesisan lemak ✅Memperbaiki masalah darah tinggi & kolestrol tinggi ✅ memberi tenaga kepada badan supaya lebih cergas ✅ melawaskan sistem perkumuhan dengan lebih lancar . Kandungan VIVIX daripada bahan botanikal tau, tanpa bahan kimia langsung. 😱👇🏻 . ❤️1.Polyganum Cospydatum ❤️2.Muscadine Grape ❤️3.Purple Carrot ❤️4.European Elderberry . Semua bahan ni mampu meresap ke dalam sel, bersifat anti-kanser, antioksida,anti mikrob. . Vivix promosi bulan ni BUY 2 LESS 5% BUY 6 FREE 1 Free postage❤️ Whatsapp syida 📲0137388459
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Bacaan gula semakin turun lepas amal vivix. Vivix kaya dgn antioksidan mampu bantu kawal paras gula dalam darah.🍒 . Meh tgk mcm mana vivix berfungsi dlm bantu sistem badan: . 🍇Vivix bertindak dalam 4 cara: . 1. Mempertahankan sel (cell defense) 2. Memberi tenaga kepada sel (cell energy) 3. Memperbaiki sel (cell repair) 4. Meningkatkan prestasi sel (cell performance) . Apa yang lebih menarik tentang Vivix Shaklee? . 🍇10 KEBAIKAN VIVIX! . 1) Menggalak penuaan yg sihat – awet muda dan anti-penuaan 2) Membantu mengelakan kanser – merencat sel kanser dari menjadi semakin serius 3) Mengurangkan risiko penyakit jantung – melindungi jantung 4) Mengurangkan kompilasi diabetes / kencing manis/ kolestrol / darah tinggi 5) Meningkatkan kesihatan arthritis dan menyokong kesihatan sendi – melindungi saraf 6) Mengurangkan insiden bg penyakit nyanyuk 7) Membantu dlm proses penurunan berat badan 8) Menyokong kesihatan mata 9) Meningkatkan kesihatan imum badan 10) Menggalakan kesihatan keseluruhan . . 🌹Vivix® mengandungi campuran unik botani Polygonum Cuspidatum, Anggur Muscadine, Elderberi Eropah dan Lobak Ungu yang kaya dengan polifenol. . 🌹Polifenol adalah kumpulan fitokimia yang terdiri daripada sebatian tanaman yang mengandungi khasiat antioksidan dan sel anti-penuaan semulajadi. . 🌹Vivix sudah dipatenkan. Bahan-bahan utamanya telah diuji secara klinikal dan ianya eksklusif untuk Shaklee. . ORDER & PERTANYAAN 📥 (WASAP for fast respond tau! 😉) . SYIDA 📲0137388459 SYIDA 📲0137388459 *Boleh klik terus link di bio untuk wasap👆🏻☺ . POS 🚚 SELURUH MALAYSIA!!🇲🇾
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“No One Dies in the Garden of Syn” – Own the Young Adult eBook for only 99 cents (US dollars) until the end of December! 🌿🍃🌱🍂🍄🌺🌻 Synthia (Syn) Wade is a teenage girl who struggles with cystic fibrosis, an incurable life-threatening disease. One day she is pushed into a pond by an unseen figure and wakes up in a new world – a mysterious garden where illness and death don’t exist. Welcomed by the garden’s residents and now free of her symptoms, Syn decides to stay. But, before long, she realizes that this apparent utopia holds many dangers and dark secrets. Surrounding the garden is a fog that Syn is warned never to enter. She encounters bizarre creatures that defy reason. And always lurking in the shadows is a masked woman - a woman who may have a connection to the disappearance of Syn’s parents many years ago. A woman whom no one will speak of, but whom everyone fears. While No One Dies in the Garden of Syn, Syn will soon discover that some fates are worse than death.
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People suffering from cystic fibrosis come to HOSPICE to get medical care. Composer and pianist Alex Stobbs is one of the people struggling with this genetic disorder, so he decided to do the most for people leading the same battle. His weapon? Music. Like the one he will be playing at The Deepest Concert, in the Turda Salty Mine. . . . . #cysticfibrosis #cysticfibrosisfundraiser #chronicillness #chronicallyill #palliative #music #composer #piano #fundraising #salinaturda #hospicesofhope #HOH #donation
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#DecemberDonations Donate to #cfs#cfsociety before December 31 and get a #shoutout . Yes, your business can get a shoutout too! #cysticfibrosis #cfsupport #65roses #lungs #cfsociety
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I’m heading to Antarctica this Christmas to climb the 6th of my Seven Summit bid. I’m doing this to shine a light on a genetic disease called Cystic Fibrosis. If you are born with CF there is a good chance that by the time you reach your twenties breathing at sea level will feel like breathing at 22,000ft, which is where this picture was taken. Each breath is a challenge limiting your ability to even walk. My goal is to help find a cure so CFers can breathe easy and live a longer life. If you want to get involved then just reach out or check out the More Than Just Me Foundation. Photo was on Mt. Aconcagua, which was the 3rd peak I climbed of the Seven. 📷 @redtideproductions @bigagnes_ @navitasorganics @goalzero
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I like to 💊 pop!! ☺️ This is approximately all the tablets I need to take in one week to keep my body functioning properly! The things you do when organising your tablets for the week... #nowineedtosortthem 😐#cysticfibrosis #tablets
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The #tinyhuman was so full on last week I barely had a chance to sit down, so tonight I'm finally editing photos of the @cysticfibrosiswellington Christmas Tree Festival at @wellingtonairport #christmasdecorations #Christmas #cysticfibrosis #wellingtonchristmastreefestival #ochristmastree #photographer #workingmum #mumlife
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IKHTIAR KAWAL ASTHMA DENGAN VIVIX . Antara kelebihan VIVIX: . 🍇 Membantu mengawal TEKANAN DARAH 🍇 Membantu mengawal KANDUNGAN GULA DALAM DARAM (kencing manis) 🍇 Membantu mengawal tahap KOLESTEROL. . 🍇 Membantu menguatkan TULANG 🍇 Membantu menghalang kejadian TUMOR (pengambilan VIVIX sejak awal ) 🍇 Memperbaiki tekstur KULIT 🍇 Melambatkan PENUAAN 🍇 Meningkatkan DAYA INGATAN 🍇 Menghalang ALZHEIMER 🍇 ANTI DEPRESI 🍇 ANTI INFLAMASI . ☎wassap➡019.7211161 #shakleemurahgile #shakleebandarbaruudajb #shakleeJohormurah #codjb #codshakleejbnpasirgudang #codbandarbaruudajb #codbbujohor #igers #shakleeuitm #gegarvaganza #shakleebestproduct #cod_jb #codjohorbharu #pengedarshakleejohorbharu #PengedarShakleejb #hargamahasiswa #setasthmashaklee #cysticfibrosis #vivixshaklee #vivixmalaysia
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What a year it has been. 🥂 7 IV courses (14 weeks) in 10 months | final year of my Bachelors Degree in Humanities | Turning 21 years of age (milestone in itself) | Getting my Vest after months of Fundraising and Prayer | Moving to an Adult Pulmonologist- scariest step ever | Dating my favourite person for 4 whole years | Saying goodbye to fellow CF-sufferers and welcoming new lungs to others | • It has been eventful to say the least. I’m most grateful today for getting my Degree and having some security going into the “adult world” and starting my own business. My support structure has been amazing and always and endlessly there for me and all my emotions. • I can’t wait to start my life as an official graduate. Not many CF’ers finish school or even get the chance to turn 18 - and here I am - ABLE - studying something I loved, and defeating the odds of surviving through a very tough year and exam filled with hospital stays and IV lines. • Faithfulness has not been proven to me by man this year, but and in Jesus. In times that I felt Broken or Defeated - He gracefully entered my life and made me whole again. • Cheers 2017 🥂 #cysticfibrosis#CF#cflife#breathe#graduation#sugrad2017
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Seeing a vision come alive is one of the most incredible things when it's with and because of the generous hearts and brilliant minds that surround you. It was a memorable night of holiday fun and cheering on our fellow sINgSPIRE sister, Maren. I'm always so grateful for the time I get to spend with these brilliant and strong women who have helped to breathe such life into sINgSPIRE. None of it would be possible without them. #breathebravely #cysticfibrosis #gratitude #sINgSPIRE #singitforcf #wemissedyouNatalie @natmbell
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Please read and take this into consideration before going out while sick! #repost #CysticFibrosis #cf #65roses #cysticfibrosisawareness #cysticfibrosissucks #cysticfibrosisneedsacure #cfmomma
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Because today everything hurts and there's nothing for it right now. Normally I can take steroids for it but since I had injections into my spinal column and nerve endings burned off, otherwise I'll risk a serious infection. Today I feel the magnitude of being a person with a chronic illness, more so than on other days. Physical pain that stops me from doing simple normal things like buttoning my blouse or even taking my debit card out of my wallet. Emptying the dishwasher? Not happening. But I know it's temporary but some days you think, what if but isn't? Because today everything from my shoulders to my toes aches, I can pretty much give you the weather report from how my joints feel....but tomorrow is another day to hope and dream and live out my days and carry on carry on, even when life comes undone.... #rsd #crps #noonefightsalone #DRGimplant #invisibleillness #gettingbackinthegame #cysticfibrosis #curecysticfibrosis #cf #cysticfibrosisawareness #cysticfibrosisprayerwarrior #weneedacure #westandwithyouzach #cfrd #ALL #RA #spoonie
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It’s that time of year and there are so many flus, colds, and viruses going around. Please take a moment to read and learn the facts! Sharing is NOT caring when it comes to germs and those living with CF. Please take into consideration the well being of others, especially those who are immunosuppressed and those with CF. You may “only have a virus” but that virus can turn deadly for others 😷💜 Thank you in advance! #breathebelieve #cysticfibrosis #germfreezone #handwashing #sharingisnotcaring #coldseason #knowthefacts
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Such fun at the @healthbeme holiday party! 🎁🎄Forgot to take any posed pictures, but here's one of @jasondbeme showing off his white elephant pick 😂 . @sponniecamochick Thank you so much for planning this awesome party & for inviting us! (And thank you again for the Vogmasks! Best. Party favors. Ever!) You accomplish more in a week than most people can in a month... and we can't wait to see what else you've got in store! @teamdragos Thank you for opening up your beautiful home & your hospitality! Eric was so happy to be able to see everyone, especially after missing Sweet Sickteens.💕 . @chroniclesofem SO happy I got to see you again! It is beyond exciting to have met someone with similar hopes for helping those with chronic/complex illness. Just a few months ago, I told Jason about my dream of starting an organization to pair advocates with patients... then the universe nudged me in your direction, and I found someone else who has immediate plans to do exactly that. You're amazing, and I can't wait to work with you on this fantastic cause.💗
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Vivix bantu pesakit diabetes sembuh. Kandungan dan fungsi vivix yg bantu perbetul sistem badan hingga ke dasar DNA. . Kandungan vivix dari "polygonum Cuspidatum" bantu turun kan paras kolestrol dalam badan. . Selain tu, ramai pengguna vivix bertambah tenaga dan cergas. . Bulan ni vivix murah, ramai anak2 grab bagi dkt mak ayahh. Harga kasih syg mak ayah x ternilai dgn sebotol vivix. Syg mak ayahh❤️ . Antara kelebihan lain vivix: . 1) Menggalak penuaan yg sihat – awet muda dan anti-penuaan 2) Membantu mengelakan kanser – merencat sel kanser dari menjadi semakin serius 3) Mengurangkan risiko penyakit jantung – melindungi jantung 4) Mengurangkan kompilasi diabetes / kencing manis 5) Meningkatkan kesihatan arthritis dan menyokong kesihatan sendi – melindungi saraf 6) Mengurangkan insiden bg penyakit nyanyuk 7) Membantu dlm proses penurunan berat badan 8) Menyokong kesihatan mata 9) Meningkatkan kesihatan imum badan 10) Menggalakan kesihatan keseluruhan . Syida 0137388459 Atau boleh terus klik link di bio 👆🏻👆🏻
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The aromas of walnuts and chocolate filled the kitchen and traveled throughout the house. It took mom two hours to bake cookies, and even though her lungs were too tired, she baked away because she could. #keeponmovin #chocolatewalnutcookies #kitchenaidartisan #itsmellslikechristmas #cookiecat
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A lot of you were asking me where the biopsy was and what it left on my skin. So here is a photo! I had no idea the liver was so far up haha. They went in between two of my ribs to get the biopsy sample. But it just left a small incision and a little bruise. I am healing well 🤗💕! Just very very sore and can’t lift anything for a week. Thank you again to everyone for your kind words. It means the world to me to know you all care. Thank you again ❤️ ☺️ #cysticfibrosis #cf #liverbiopsy #livertransplant #scarsfordays
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I don't have much to post. But@my throat feels so good right now, not feeling sick. Other than me coughing every now and then. Hope you all are doing well!!! #cf #cysticfibrosis #chr#christmastree #lights #photography #christmas #65roses
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This week on Breathe In: A CF Podcast we take a question from a listener who asks, how we remained compliant with our medications as children. — It definitely is a challenge to remain compliant with every single CF medications no matter your age, especially as a child not fully understanding why you are doing them & why they are so important. We tackle this question with anecdotes from our childhood, covering everything from treatments in the car on the way to school, doing your treatments in a common space within the house, & occupying yourself during treatments as a child. — To listen search Breathe In on itunes or visit — And if you haven't already don't forget to visit our @breathe_in_pod instagram page & enter our giveaway that ends tomorrow where FIVE winners will be chosen at random — ❌⭕️❌⭕️Lea & Tiff
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White lips, Pale face, Breathing in the SnowFlakes ❄️ Captured a pretty cool picture while on my way to shop for Christmas gifts. This picture was the only success of the day unlike my Xmas shopping. #christmas #barn #backroads #christmasshopping #photo #cf #cfer #65roses #salty #cyster #cysticfibrosis #cfawareness #kates_race_to_breathe
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