Acharam que eu estava derrotado Quem achou estava errado! Eu voltei, to aqui Se liga só, escuta ai... Ao contrário do que você queria To firmão, to na correria Sou guerreiro e não pago pra vacilar Sou vaso ruim de quebrar Oitavo anjo do apocalipse Tenebroso como um eclipse é... seu pesadelo tá de volta No puro ódio cheio de revolta!!
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Tired of dull insta-filters so here's some self vapor-mindfuck. Don't ask, I just fuckin' love it. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) #vaporwave #aesthetic #mindfuck #cyberwave #neon #pastel #windows #mspaint
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Sweat your back to earn the money 💰 sweat your balls to spendit #artetuki
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I dance around the pit The darkness is beneath I can't kick your habit Just to feed your fast ballooning head Listen to your heart
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Opened up a store on society6. Uploaded a couple works. Going to have to resize some works to get them up there. Link in bio.
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Wallpaper. 🔵Melt
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NEW STOCK ADDED 💋💋 Shop link in bio ✌🏽#adultworldshop
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Cookin’ up something crispy with @Scattlegram for y’all, and this is pretty much how my mind looks rn. ** striking visual by @amidst.silence.
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In less than a week, I will be playing at "The Sunset Tavern" in Seattle WA. #darksynth#synthwave#cyberpunk#cyberwave#seattle#pnw#wolftron#mythicalvigilante#ghosthand#retro#futuristic#outrun
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street findings 👽
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Moving into the 3rd and 4th dimensions like…༺👼༻ @lemongeorgelime wearing rope designs by @valentineamartey Director, Editor, 3D Modeling & Animation: @alt_male DP: @ryangrippi PA: @nel_aman Styling: @jonzu
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🖤❣️TRU LUV❣️🖤
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