My book is coming soon I hope you're ready 🖤🖤🖤
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it's 3am again and hey i just miss you so much
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"Based on what we know from various brain imaging studies with psychedelics, as well as taking heed of what people say about their experiences, it may be that psychedelics do indeed ‘reset’ the brain networks associated with depression, effectively enabling them to be lifted from the depressed state." . . Article link in bio
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We believe that God is still moving today the same way he did thousands of years ago. What would it look like if a whole generation stepped out in faith and began praying for eachother? What kind of signs, wonders, healings, and miracles would we see? We as Fire & Fragrance are committed to walking out an unapologetic love for Jesus and those around us. We challenge you to take that step of faith and pray for someone today. #thisisFF • • • #fireandfragrance #ywamkona
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|| October 20th• Love an actor who embraces the fake laugh! ||
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when in LA 🔭
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You can't kill culture. 🇵🇷
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