The Chin Tuck can help reverse forward-head posture by strengthening the neck muscles. This exercise can be done sitting or standing. Start with your shoulders rolled back and down. While looking straight ahead, place two fingers on your chin, slightly tuck your chin and move your head back (image at left). Hold for 3-5 seconds and then release. Repeat 10 times. Tip: The more of a double chin you create, the better the results. If you’re in a parked car, try doing the Chin Tuck pressing the back of your head into the headrest for 3-5 seconds. Do 15-20 repetitions. #kylewatridge #exercisetherapy #correctiveexercise #privatetraining #hillcrest #revolutionfitness #upperhighway #posture #lowerback
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🙌🏻 To be able to reconnect with our belief in our body and our self is the hardest and the most powerful thing we can do for ourselves :: 🙌🏻 When we recognize that the natural world is full of abundance and creativity and potentiality, we begin to remember that we are, in fact, a part of that natural world. We too are endowed with these qualities :: 🙌🏻 Purely being born into this world is an amazing feat, yet as the years go on, we let self-doubt and fears overshadow our true potential. Reconnect to your true potential. Reconnect to your undying belief in yourself :: 🙌🏻 Our beliefs are all we can control, and our beliefs control our access to what is all around us. Thus, taking the time to rewire self-limiting beliefs is all we need to move closer to our highest self - physically & mentally.
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🚨 New Favorite Stretch 🚨 All you need is a wall, and the mental focus to get through it. This is a great stretch for the front of the hip flexor! Be prepared for it to be S-U-P-E-R tight 😳 Majority of the time we are sitting at work, sitting in our car, sitting to eat, sitting to watch Netflix. See the pattern? We sit a lot!! So our hip flexors are very tight in the front (and results in weak hamstrings), and mess with our posture. Try this one ☝🏼 out Only go to the slight dull pain 3 X 20 secs on each leg *Make sure you don’t have too much arch in your low back by keeping you core engaged. I actually have a little too much in mine. That shows you how tight my hip flexor is! • • • • #stretch #yoga #sweat #mondaymotivation #fitness #strength #personaltrainer #fit#fitnessmodel #tiugirl #fitgirl #hipflexorstretch #stepbystep #posture #healthylifestyle #happyhealthy #arizona #fitnessmodel #flexibility #getfitjna #correctiveexercise #inspiration
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💡Excessive pronation is not the only primary biomechanical cause but also the lack of neuromuscular control resulting in uncontrolled pronation. 👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣 💡 "The long-term management of some individuals with excessive pronation may not be to limit pronation (e.g. by using rigid orthotics), but to restore motor control of the IFM during pronation. Many individuals with pes planus or reduced MLA remain asymptomatic although they participate in many running and jumping activities. This may be related to the fact that these individuals with pes planus have adequate IFM control and endurance that help compensate for their insufficient passive structures. If however, both the passive and the active systems are insufficient, as may be the case for an individual with pes planus and underlying poor IFM control, the development of foot and ankle pain syndromes may be inevitable.” 👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣💡"The purpose of retraining of the intrinsic foot muscles is neither to change the static foot posture nor the height of the medial longitudinal arch, but to help dynamically control the medial longitudinal arch following heel strike." 👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣 (Evaluation and Retraining of the Intrinsic Foot Muscles for Pain Syndromes Related to Abnormal Control of Pronation by Dr. Bahram Jam, PT) Share and tag this post with your friends, let them know about it! #posture #moves #movement #keepmoving #stability #mobility #alignment #motorcontrol #physiotherapy #rmt #manualtherapist #myoskeletalalignment #thebiomechanicsmethod #correctiveexercise #correctiveexercisespecialist #functionalmovementsystem #functionalstabilitytraining #anatomy
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Rehab is my speciality so here we have corrective knee exercise. Aiding proper knee placement by pulling to correct excessive knee valgus movement....this helps to prevent future ligament and meniscus problems. #atc #athletictraining #athletictrainer #sportsmedicine #valgus #correctiveexercise #injuryprevention #rehab #ufc #ufchb #ufchuntingtonbeach #hb #huntingtonbeach @smill7
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Advanced handstand pushups ✔ Dartbands dial the intensity and control up 💯. Keep up the great work @zawebstar ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ For more information about our products or applications go to our website! Link in bio 👇 - - - - - - #dartbands #dartactive #fit #fitness #health #HIIT #fitfam #westlinn #oregoncity #wilsonville #strengthtraining #workout #running #motivation #gym #healthy #fitspo #cardio #weighttraining #physicaltherapy #chiropractic #athletictraining #wod #correctiveexercise #exercisephysiology #exercisescience #fitnessmotiation #gymmotivation #sportsrehab #sportsmedicine
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“No masterpiece was ever created by a lazy artist.” #latenightsculpting #paintingbyAK
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Sometimes increasing exercise intensity is as simple as 1: changing mechanical advantages via lever arms. Here, the arms are positioned beyond the plane of the shoulders to increase difficulty. 2: Add perturbations to prep for intramuscular coordination. START - Begin in a front plank position on your hands - Place a medball in front of you - Anterior core engaged - Neutral spine - Posterior hip tilt engaged EXECUTE - Begin by placing both of your hands on the sides of the medball in front of you - Extend your body as far and as low as you can to the ground without going into lumbar hyperextension - Trainer will begin perturbing the medball in front of you - Hold this position for the prescribed amount of time FOCUS - Anterior core engaged - Neutral spine - Posterior hip tilt engaged - Extend your body as far and as low as you can to the ground without going into lumbar hyperextension - Keep the arms as stable as possible in overhead position during perturbations GOAL - Core stability/strength - Shoulder strength/stability
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Match A, B or C with ............................. MARATHON 🏃🏽 , BASEBALL ⚾️ , BASKETBALL 🏀 Tag a friend or 2 and we will share the answer soon!
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Dorsal scapular nerve entrapment had caused Claire’s rhomboid muscle to atrophy. After two months, she’s regained her mobility and her love for life - pain free. . . . . #250kchallenge2018 #bodybuilding #fitness #bikinicompetitor #workout #weightloss #figurecompetitor #signaturemethods #workoutmotivation #fitnessmotivation #per#personaltraining #per#personaldevelopment #healthylifestyle #bus#businessr #entrepreneurship #motivational #networking #business #fitnesstrainer #fitnessmodel #personaltraining #physicaltherapy #correctiveexercise #personaldevelopment #muscle #instafit #fitlife #fitnessaddict #gymlife
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Vary up your exercises. #athletes must be efficient at slowing down or absorbing outside forces. Here the bar acts as an external force that requires the #body as a whole to work together. ----------------------------- START - Upright stance holding straight bar in front of thighs with supinated grip EXECUTE - Take long step forward and lower into a lunge position - Rotate bar over to the side of the front leg while lowering into a lunge - Lower until back knee is about an inch above the ground and both knees are at 90 degrees of flexion - Pull through front leg to move forward and return to an upright standing position and rotating back to center - Continue alternating side to side while traveling forward FOCUS - Maintain neutral arches - Move in straight line - Maintain balance and upright torso during rotation - Both knees at 90 degrees of flexion at bottom of lunge - Avoid adduction of front leg GOAL - Lower body strength - Rotational core strength
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This was a painful lesson in my post partum journey. It's all about having that "fit pregnancy." I worked out through my pregnancy without any issues. Then you go from a fit pregnant to day 1 post partum and in my case day 1 post c section. I had read lots on return to activity after pregnancy and as a physical therapist, I have a solid knowledge base to rehab on my own back to that "fit" person I use to be. I was pretty good in the beginning, meaning that I went jogging 2 weeks post (a painful experience) and was back in the box with lots of modification around 3 weeks. And here I am 3 months post making my best attempt to get ready for a CrossFit competition. I was back at work, I was sleep depeived, I would spend the majority of my training sessions in the garage gym fighting back tears from how hard this was. After the competition, I took 2 weeks away from the gym and walked away from crossfit for good. I couldn't separate what I wanted to do from what my body needed me to do. Don't be this girl. Don't think you have to prove to yourself and others (more of my case) that you bounced right back from that "fit pregnancy." I have since learned, researched and experienced what I should be doing. I lost weight and built muscle while maintaining my milk supply. I rebuilt (and still building) my foundation of core strength. I am that coach that I wish I had from the beginning. If you are struggling with post partum health and fitness, reach out. I want to help you have a smoother ride that I did. Email is in my bio. #postpartumbody #postpartumjourney #fitmomclub #momstrong #diastasisrecti #corestrengthening #correctiveexercise #nutritioncoaching
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/ NUTRITION 🍎/ Don't let your resolutions stop in January! Learn how to make sustainable lifestyle changes to aid toward your health goals including: 🔸Weight Loss 🔸Blood Sugar Control 🔸Blood Pressure Control 🔸Increased Fitness 🔸Athletic Performance Enhancement You can contact our nutritionist Olivia at to schedule your appointment today! ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ For more information about our gym and physical therapy clinic go to our website! Link in bio 👇 - - - - - - - #ActiveEDGE #fitness #health #HIIT #fitfam #westlinn #oregoncity #wilsonville #strengthtraining #cardio #workout #run#running #motivation #gym #healthy #justdoit #westlinnstrong #weightraining #physicaltherapy #running #nutrition #gymlife #correctiveexercise #exercisephysiology #exercisescience #fitnessmotivation #gymmotivation #sportsrehab #sportsmedicine #mobility
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Yesterday @idap13 came in with shoulder pain with a burning sensation. Along with other issues I start out addressing her “shoulder” pain by working her neck. She was extremely tight I almost don’t know how she functions. . _____ Here’s what’s she said after being asked later that day how she felt: “Good. It’s a little tender to the touch and sore but not burning! That’s a win in my book haha” . . After one 60min session she felt relief. Want to feel relief from your pain and discomfort. Mobility is key link is in the bio. . . #cabodyrecovery #bodyrecovery #bodymaintenance #fitnessmotivation #mov#movementapy #movementtherapist #movement #massage #massagetherapy #deeptissue #sportsmassage #softtissue #workoutmotivation #correctiveexercise #motivationmonday #sanjose #deskjockey #neckpain #shoulderpain #painmanagement
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A huge birthday shoutout & welcome to the East Coast squad to Andrew Florides! - Coach @aflo.22 has 5 seasons of professional baseball under his belt (Toronto Blue Jays/LI Ducks) after being drafted out of high school. His passion is corrective exercise and @kinstretch . - #strength #conditioning #coach #athlete #sportsperformance #assessment #fms #motus #baseball #bluejays #fitness #correctiveexercise #movebetter #movement #eastcoastsp
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🔥Functional Training🔥 . What is functional training? Anything that helps you on the path to achieve your FUNCTIONAL GOAL in work, sport, and daily life. This is INDIVIDUAL to each person, so you can't say an exercise is "functional" without understanding how it specifically fits into you or your client's life. . In other words, functional training is NOT some arbitrary set of exercises that you learned at a course or read about online. You can't truly be "certified" in functional training. . Functional training is NOT limited to closed chain exercises, multi-joint exercises, free weight exercises, balance exercises, or exercises involving high "core" activation. Your body is very smart, and it will move in whatever way that works to accomplish the task at hand, 👉🏼even if there are mobility or strength restrictions that limit how well you move . You have to first understand WHAT you (or your client) want to achieve (lift more weight off the ground, run faster, reach overhead without pain, have a quicker first step, etc) and then WHY you are having difficulty achieving that goal (do you lack the mobility, do you lack the power, do you have isolated muscle weakness that limits your overall ability to perform a task?, etc) . Struggling to squat more weight and limited by weak quads? Even if you change your form to a more upright trunk to increase the demand to your quads, you would likely benefit even more from some quad isolation work such as seated knee extensions to improve quad size/strength. This will get you past your plateau . Struggling to improve on your bench press due to fatigue in your arms and not your chest? Maybe you need to improve the hypertrophy and/or strength in your triceps by doing some isolation work for a month or two and then come back and watch your numbers jump in your bench press. . Are these exercises functional? YES! Because they help you along the path to achieve your FUNCTIONAL GOAL! . So I'll leave you with this: ANY exercise or program that helps you achieve your FUNCTIONAL GOAL is "functional" training 💪🏼 . ❤️ DOUBLE TAP if you Agree! Questions/comments? Let's discuss👇🏼
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Working out for body shape change and the most effective use of your body. Muscle activation means turning on specific muscles that haven't been working (sloppy gut? Saggy booty?) When we trigger these muscles they fire up a new balance in your overall physique (ex. torso lengthening, heart lifting). These newly working muscles will hold the body in a new shape and increase stability (tone form) for improved performance and less pain (less sloppy/ injury prone). Activate your lower abs to balance the pelvis and elevate the belly button....Activate your outer thighs to open the hips & create space in between the legs....Activate your low glutes to lift the booty....Activate your lower traps to retract the shoulder blades and lift the chest.... these are specific movements detailed to create alignment engagement for beauty. Making the body brilliant! There is more to working out than beating the dead horse or hustling without intention. Results based fitness is about seeking what you want from your workouts. Random Fitness gets random results. My clients know all about the bizarre combination of movements that allow for the body to click into a new aesthetic shape and feel. It is more than a (random) work out it's (detailed) science. Stay tuned to find exercises for body shape changes for your best results yet. We just got done having an amazing full body workout at Grand Fitness #livegrand in #mirmarbeach. Today we learned specifically activating the lower abs, low glutes, lower traps for lifting the belly button, lifting the booty and lifting the chest. Work out the same as you always have, get the same results you've always gotten (uh-oh plateau!) OR Detail your workout with the professional alignment advantage. Let's see actual changes in your overall physique. I'm Heather Peterson skilled personal trainer on the beach #SantaRosaBeach. I specialize in #correctiveexercise which means executing exercises that make body corrections. I love Correcting muscular malalignments, lifting, lengthening and defining your physique for postural beauty! Get Personal training results fast! Butts and Guts class is held at grand fitness 530p Mondays.
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Improve your rear/posterior deltoids. Whether you are trying to simply improve your post delt activation, hypertrophy, or work on assymetries/imbalances - direct rear deltoid training has a host of benefits for any type of athlete. Your rear deltoid will have three primary actions. This specific muscle will extend, externally rotate, and horizontally abduct your shoulder. The 3 exercises in this video utilize a combination of these motions to effectively target your posterior/rear deltoid. . . ✅ 1) First exercise is the barbell row which is a great back exercise that will indirectly work your posterior deltoid primarily through the motion of shoulder extension. . . 2) Second exercise is the face pull. Utilizing a rope/pulley machine may work the best for this exercise. Hands will be in a pronated (palms down) position. Think of “pulling” your hands to your eyebrow level while slightly externally rotating your hands, keeping your shoulders from “shrugging up”, and squeezing for a couple of seconds at the peak contraction of the rep. . . 3) Last exercise is a bent over rear delt fly. This will primarily work the rear delt through the motion of horizontal abduction. Hands in the video are kept in a palms down position. Traditionally, most people keep their hands in a neutral (in between pronation and supination) thumbs up grip. Experiment with what works best for you! . . 🐥- Knowing specific actions of certain musculature can ultimately improve your workouts. Having the knowledge of muscle actions and consciously thinking of those movements during your workouts should improve your overall connection with that specific muscle. So - next time you want to target your rear delts - remember - shoulder extension, external rotation, and shoulder horizontal abduction! Let me know if you have any questions in the comments. . .
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#mondaystretchmagic Come get some FST! . . . The difference is clear after just 20 mins, need I say anything more? . . Email for Fascial Stretch appointment enquiries. . . . @dts_edu @stretchtowin @stretchtowininstitute @jb0696
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Iron Lion Studio provides personal training through certified strength and conditioning specialist, Jason Therrien. Jason offers a spectrum of foundational based exercises geared towards improved function and optimized movement. Not only do we offer personal training but we also offer one on one physical therapy sessions with Doctor of Physical Therapy, Aimee Saint Andre, who is certified in dry needling techniques. Please come in and learn the foundations and tangible strategies for everyday health and movement. The potential to maintain a healthy body composition and wellbeing are much greater when you have the foundation of healthy movement. This will give you the potential to engage in actives with reduced pain and enjoyment to help reach and maintain your health goals. At Iron Lion Studio we will educate you to unlock the potential that is limiting your chances for greater health and quality of life. #coloradosprings #holistic #kettlebell #health #strength #functionaltraining #movement #balance #breathing #correctiveexercise #yoga #qigong #bagwork #vibrationalmedicine #potential #personaltrainer #personaltraing #physicaltherapy #dryneedling #manualtherapy #drycupping #groupon #healthoptimization #painfree
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Episode 619: Shoulder Pain? [Improve control of your Scapula] . Your scapula aka your shoulder blade is often very difficult for people to find. If you don’t initiate movements like rows/pull-ups from the scapula = you will “arm” the movement. Meaning you will rely heavily on shoulder and arm muscles. Your scapula is able to handle more load than your arm muscles. . With any movement you want to move proximally -> distally, the scapula should initiate the motion when performing a movement like the Row, Lat Pull-Down, or when performing pull-ups. . Shown here are a couple movements that will help improve scapula control. Realize that at First implementing this strategy may decrease your performance, however the potential to improve your performance increases. . 1️⃣start in open chain with your arms moving in space 2️⃣add a resistance band which will help give a resistance cue to target the scapula retractors (muscles that pull your shoulder blade back) -keep minimal elbow flexion here 3️⃣perform scapula pull-ups also with minimal elbow flexion . tag a friend that will benefit from improving there scapula strength or control!
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Rear delts on the cables. Most of us have postural issues from sitting at desks and spending so much time looking down at our phones. Strengthening your back helps correct posture because you have to open up through your tight chest in order to work your back and a stronger back will keep you standing taller (aka less slouching). To try this exercise make sure the cable is at a height where you can comfortably reach across your body and keep your shoulder blades squeezed down away from your ears. Postural assessments and necessary corrective exercises are part of all of my programs. #reardelts #babygotback #pull #strongback #betterposture #postureassessment #correctiveexercise #moremobility #lessshoulderpain #preventshoulderinjury #fitfam #fitness #ladieswholift #bossbabetribe #strongissexy
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We can't wait for you to see all the educational material that we filmed last weekend!⠀ .⠀ .⠀ Wanna check out our other education courses? Click the link in our bio to learn more.⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #kinesics #edu#educationware #HALO #biometrics #ROM#ROMurements #ROM #Evaluation #Kinesics #CEUs #ContinuingEducation #NASM #AFAA #LAPT #ACSM #FitnessEducation #FitLife #FitnessLifestyle #healthandwellness #exercise #mobility #flexibility #stretching #workout #recovery #prevention #correctiveexercise #fitness #kinesiology #education
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END ARM NUMBNESS AND TINGLING....NOW! FACT: There are about 46 MILES of nerves in the human body. TRUTH: Like a garden hose, sometimes they can get "kinked up" and create numbness and tingling in your body. SAD TRUTH: Often times it is our own fault. "SAY WHHHHHHHAAAAAAT?!?!?" Because of poor postural habits (head tilt, uneven weight bearing, etc) or exercise selection, we can create muscle imbalances. It is very easy for tight muscles to create restrictions for the nerves. Often times nerves will get compressed and we can get the symptoms of tingling and numbness. USE these exercise to deal with these symptoms in the hand and fingers. REMEMBER, to and the symptoms for good we need ti identify the cause. Become a Better Human #lats #mobility #shoulders #shouldermobility #mobilitywod #crossfit #crossfitmasters #mastersathlete #crossfitcoach #pow#powerlifting #fitness #exercise #olympiclifting #powerlifting #strength #personaltrainer #personaltraining #correctiveexercise #exercisetherapy #functionalfitness #crawling#duckfoot #flatfeet #tightcalves #butt #tenniselbow #carpaltunnel
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Glute Training using our BioMechanics Lab here at @greenwichsportsmedicine we are excited to show you what we can do and how we can apply this to our therapy sessions. . . We are excited to share our new BioMechanics Lab! This technology will help us evaluate the way our patients move in a way like never before, that you won’t find anywhere else. . . . We are now accepting appointments for our BioMechanics Lab! Please call (203)-531-3131 to schedule yours!
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Our work is cut out for us, but we're gonna have a damn good time on the road back to 💯%! #Loyalty
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Cool down! I know it’s boring watching someone jump rope but here is a tip: Instead of trying to do all those double unders and crossover where you only can complete two in a row because of all that aggression from those energy drinks, try jumping to a chill track with a simple pattern. #jumprope #cooldown #personaltrainer #cpt #correctiveexercise
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I was asked about what do you do if your experiencing wrist pains. Wrist pains are common in those whom had a wrist or hand injury. Wrist pains also occur, simply by having weak wrist. The wrist, elbow, and forearm are 1/3 of work related injuries. A risk factor can be a repetitive hand task. If not treated you can begin to have elbow and wrist related tendon disorders. . . 1️⃣static wrist extensor stretch- you want to keep your arm straight out at your side , with your palm facing the floor. Then extend your hand downward toward the floor and hold for 30 seconds. 2️⃣static wrist flexor stretch- keep your arm straight out at your side, with your palm facing up. Then flex your wrist toward the ground and hold for 30 seconds. 3️⃣Wrist Flexion. You want to have flat sturdy base. I used some books for the example I don't really recommend. If you can do it on the edge of a table that would be perfect. Make sure your wrist is relaxed dangling. Palm is facing up(toward the ceiling) and flex your wrist. Really squeeze your fist while flexing your wrist. The squeezing of the wrist works the the wrist muscles and joints. . . You can add a light weight or hold something in your hand to add some weight to work the wrist a bit more. 4️⃣Wrist extensions-follow the step 3. Only difference in the wrist extensions is your hand placement. Instead of keeping your palm facing the ceiling, your palm is faced down. 5️⃣Wrist supination to Pronation- hand relaxed at the edge of a sturdy surface. You want to internally rotate (turn in) your hand and then externally rotate(turn out) your hand. 6️⃣reverse grip bicep curls- grab the bar, resistance bands, barbell, etc with a reverse grip( palms facing down) keep wrist neutral when you concentrically increase(curl up) You don't need a gym or equipment to do any of these exercises. Hopefully this was helpful. If you guys have any question hit me up. #trainwithderick #alwaysoptimal #correctiveexercise #fitness #fitsp #rehab #wrist #functionaltraining
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Monday Mindset: (Drumming as a Mental Reset) See Blog: “When a warrior feels defeated he retreats for a moment.” – Carlos Casteneda How do you press reset? I commonly hear people say that, “They need a vacation.” We all do. But I will never forget the words of Thich Nhat Hanh, “There is no enlightenment outside of everyday life.” Adaptable people are fluid in their thoughts and fluid in their movement. We tend to make a distinction here of the artist and the athlete. The artist needs creativity in thought, whereas the well-balanced athlete (Ido Portal) needs variety in their movement. How can we avoid getting stuck in rigid patterns of thought (mentally) and movement (physically)? PRI talks about alternating and reciprocal movement that involves a transition between the L/R sides of our body. When we lose this ability to alternate our movement stagnates and we depend on a rigid pattern of stabilization (R side dominance). While L/R brain function is a flawed concept we can use those distinctions as a metaphor for adaptable thinking. The ability to transition from logical thinking to more creative problem solving ensures that we are not ‘stuck’ mentally in a rigid pattern. Drumming requires alternating/reciprocal movement of our brain/body. It is a way of resetting our nervous system. It requires independent coordination of the limbs. The brain has to develop neurological connections that support kinesthetic interdependence. In her book, “Smart Moves: Why Learning is Not All in Your Head” Carla Hannaford talks about how children that do not engage in regular movement have greater trouble learning. Contralateral movement stimulates the brain/learning. Crawling movements like Tim Anderson talks about in his book, “Original Strength” are not only a reset for the body but for the brain. What’s your reset? #dru#drum> #CrossFit #chiropractic #prehab #primal #paleo #drum #functionalmovement #functionaltraining #yoga #drumming #correctiveexercise #physicaltherapy #strengthcoach #mindset #personaltraining #movementismedicine #fascia #triathlete #drummer #physiotherapy #olympiclifting #originalstrength #sportsmedicine
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Leg day! It all starts with the foundation. So squat it out. Correctly. Hell, try using a cinder block under your ass. #squats #personaltrainer #pittsburghpersonaltrainer #pittsburghfitness #correctiveexercise #nutritioncoach #againstthemachinefitness #functionaltraining
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If your think you’re good at overhead squats, try doing a single arm dumbbell overhead squat and you’ll quickly be humbled. This movement is a “truth bearer” in that it immediately exposes any compensations and weaknesses. If you don’t have the proper ankle, hip, and shoulder mobility, you’ll get spit back out. Make a point to use light weight and perfect technique on these.
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This is seriously one of my favorite exercises to really fire up the glutes. 🔥🍑 Using the cable as static resistance it really helps with stability and allowing proper form thus proper engagement of the Glute versus quads like many feel when doing standard lunges. Driving through the heel along with getting hip extension at the top gets them firing even more. I love doing these either prior to a lower body workout or to burn out at the end. Add a few sets before doing some lower body work or even cardio and let me know what you think. *** Remember both legs 90degrees 😉. Thanks @ashleymwolverton for being my lovely client/ model lol. #Fitness #Wor#Workout #Lunge #GluteWork #Muscles #Engagement #Workout #FitFam #Client #CYBMethod #CorrectiveExercise #PersonalTrainer #PersonalTraining #Atlanta #TeamAaptiv #Motivation
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Port Dé Bra, by definition, means the movement of the arms! This class format is taught during select 8:30AM Barre sessions as part of Rachel's mesocycle. Try it TOMORROW 01/06! . | 129 W State Street, Geneva | 630-262-0566 . #vfusionstudio #barre #fitness #exercise #workout #genevail #functionaltraining #barefoot #trx #resistancebands #coreworkout #runners #strength #correctiveexercise #balance #posture #voleemethod #suspensiontraining #portdebra #mesocycle #upperbody
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Just taught #spinning so I used that as a #warmup for my @function360physiotherapy homework. These sliding pads are so handy to have! My glutes are feeling the burn. 🍑 What is your favourite piece of home gym kit?
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Sign-up for Pilates Reformer on the #CardioTramp with me on Wednesday @ 5:15pm! This is different than your usual reformer class as we will be jumping on a trampoline to challenge your cardiovascular system, while maintaining stability and control as we work in various planes of movement. This is fantastic leg and cardio work for those that require less impact on joints (like knees and hips) while still getting a heck of a workout! Jumps, pikes, planks, push and name it! 📚 Learn #corestability within fast-paced dynamic movement! 📝 click link in our bio to sign-up! ⏰Wednesday 5:15p -Laura 😘
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Hier arbeite ich an der Integration des Latissimus in die Wurfmechanik. Auf meiner schwachen Seite (rechts) versuche ich mit dem Band die Brustkorbverschiebung zu korrigieren. Außerdem muss die Hüfte stabiler werden. #functionalpatterns #throwingmechanics #correctiveexercise #lats #glutes #aos #pos #functionaltraining #biomechanics #strength #rotation #tensegrity Here I am working on the integration of the lats into throwing mechanics. On my weak side (right) I try to correct the ribcage shift with the band. Also the hip must be more stable.
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💥Low back pain?💥 Low back pain is one of the most common sources of chronic pain. For people suffering with low back pain this mobilization from @mobilitywod should be a go to to unglue matted down tissue, restore mobility, and reduce stiffness. ✅ Elevate feel -> takes up ‘slack’ in muscles of low back ✅ Don’t overextend (arch) ✅ Build ‘pressure wave’ by slowly rolling towards the spine (not onto the spine) across the ‘grain’ of the muscle ✅ Repeat on other side . . . . #exercise #fitness #correctiveexercise #painrelief #mobility #mobilitywod #movewell
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Proper training = proper function. My client is heading off to play pro ball in China, so we had to get his glutes and hamstrings working properly to take pressure off his knees when decelerating! #upyourgame #abovetherim #basketball #athlete #fit #mondaymotivation #workout #properform #hamstrings #glutes #correctiveexercise #jaredforlife #htx #trainer #lifetimefitness #citycentre #60daychallenge
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💥Messing around with the Indo Board and hip circle. This was a challenge because I never have to control shifting side to side motion in the frontal plane.  The primary action of the squat takes place in the sagittal plane, but it also takes place in the other two planes as well.  Loss of control in these planes are what can offset your body and create biomechanical issues. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 🏋️‍♂️While performing a sqaut with the hip circle, it requires the glutes and external rotators of the hip to engage and stabilize, especially during the eccentric phase and pausing at the bottom.  These muscles are important because when they do not activate, unnecessary stress is created in other areas of the body.  For example, the knee caving in (valgus), placing excessive stress on the medial knee. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 🔴The @mbs@mbslingshot Hip Circle is a great tool to help correct this kind of compensation because it challenges the hips to abduct and externally rotate.  I am using the Sling Shot Hip Circle 2.0. @mbslingshot ##chiropractic #spo#sportsopractic #performance #sports #fitness #rehab #prehab #physio #physiotherapy #prevention #correctiveexercise #workout #hipcircle #stretching #mobility #stability #nkt #frc #markbell #strength #power #core #wellness #health #movement #slingshot #wod
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💪🏻Fitness tip of the day: Posture ✏️Pull scapulae together as if you were squeezing a pencil between your shoulder blades ✏️Pull the band apart until it touches your chest ✏️30 total reps (10 of each pull) Credit: @dbroks thanks for teaching me this one 👍🏻 #fit#fitness #properform #doitright #muscle #musclebuilding #gymtips #fitnesscoach #personaltrainer #fitness #calgaryfitness #yycfitness #fitnesstipoftheday #trainsmart #trainsmarternotharder #yvrfitness #yegfitness #edmontonfitness #vancouverfitness #calgaryfitfam #yycfitfam #yegfitfam #edmontonfitfam #vancouverfitfam #yvrfitfam #posture #resistancebands #correctiveexercise
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Side hip abduction - staff training style. This exercise helps wake up the lateral chain gluteal muscles in a vigorous way. Offloading with bungees unsure everyone can achieve this motion with success. Find out how this exercise will improve your performance and help you regain stability in all forms of movement. Redcord therapeutics classes offer offloading for up to 4 participants. Privates will get you special one-on-one attention. Go to for more info or call our office 323-745-5437 or send us an email #therapeutic #correctiveexercise #redcord #neurac #alignphysicaltherapy #larchmontvillage #drpaula #suspensionexercises #therapeuticexercise #gluteactivation #awakening #wakeupyourbutt #stability #youcandoit #groupclasses #losangeles
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IT’S OFFICIAL!! 🎉 the grand opening of our North Scottsdale Location is February 8! We want to invite EVERYBODY to come check out our newest location! At 5:30pm @mckenzie_joy will be hosting a free HIIT workout for all the women! Then at 6:30pm invite the boys because we’re having a launch party! There will be food, vendors, prizes and more!! 🎉🥗🍩 We cannot wait to share this experience with all of you. Tell your friends and family to come join! 🙋🏿‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♂️💁🏻‍♂️💁🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♂️ . . . . #fithappygirl #grandopening #launchparty #scottsdaleparty @scottsdale_events #scottsdaleevents #fitnessevents #scottsdalefitness #womensfitness #fitnessforwomen #fitgirls #instafit #healthylifestyle #paleo #nutrition #experts #healthcoach #pri#primalhealthh #issa #nasm #primalhealth #strengthandconditioning #correctiveexercise #northscottsdale @f45_scottsdaleairpark #paradisevalley @paradisevalleyevents
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