'Tis the season for Christmas miracles.
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Wanna know how I help boost my immune system when our weather pattern is sending us on a roller coaster ride making people sick?? * On Guard Apples * Simply cut an apple into slices Cover with cool water Add 1 drop for every 1-2 apples Let soak for a few minutes and then enjoy a healthy, tasty treat!! * Tastes like cinnamon apples🍏🍎 * * #inspiringwellness #holistichealing #naturalwellbeing #exercise #essentialoils #crystals #oraclecards #spiritualjourney #spiritualgrowth #spirtualgangster #yogaflow #organic #meditationlife #selflove #lifecoaching #woowooandIloveit #viberaiser #intouchwithyourself #hollowtowhole #reikihealer #feelempowered #nomorevictimmentality #yolo #yogowypi #oilsarelyfe #emotionalhealing #sexualassualtvictimsempowered #consciousliving #spiritjunkie #eatpraylove
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Love working with conscious brands especially when they're your friend😊💚 . Guys go check out @gre@greenstitchdiva for beautiful conscious clothing. . Also check out @jim@jiminymagazine for great info on green clothing and while you're at it check this article out where I got to model this pretty little dress😉. . . #Repost @jiminymagazine (@get_repost) ・・・ This sassy little number is the Kimono Nights Dress by @greenstitchdiva || Working to create one of a kind, one size only womenswear, this is a fabulously feminine brand that has a unique and powerful take on streetwear.
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What an incredible year of building our conscious community and nurturing our souls. (While having the absolute BEST time exploring our creative expression together!) __ Our tribe has grown so much this year! I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you ALL for your presence and participation in a group that encourages us to be our best-selves. Every single person adds something invaluable to this group consciousness. It's beautiful. ✨ __ Can't wait to share the exciting plans for the new year and to co-create this next chapter of life with you all! If you are being called to be a part of this community the answer is yes. PLEASE Reach out. Join in. 📸 From The ReRoot Retreat @doriian . . . . . . . . . . . . #meditation #yoga #elevate #higherconsciousness #consciousness #consciouscommunity #love #consciousliving #meditate #inspiration #retreat #creativeretreat #healingretreat #raiseyourvibration #joshuatree #selflove #consciousworkshop #goodquotes #retreats #sacredspace #growyoursoul #soulwork #artists #openhearts #personaldevelopment #workshop #heartmath #soundhealing #reflections #newyear
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I have to run to the lab today, so this has inadvertently become poop collection day. Good times. #twobirdsonestone #poopfaster
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We used to say that all there was time for was work. Work would take up 9-11 hours a day. And then after years of “working” and telling that story, we were blessed to see Life differently. We met people who did more than work with their Time. We met people who accomplished much with less. So we continued to search for people who do more with their time and deliberately design their Life — we used to think it was bogus to live that way. That you needed to be born into Money to live that way. As we are learning, nothing could be farther from the Truth. This is not about starting a Network Marketing Business or any Business for that matter. This isn’t about finding yourself a Coach either. This is a post about Self Inquiry — About identifying the story you tell yourself daily about your life and uncovering it’s truth. It’s about surrounding yourself with people who live the way you want to, and being humble enough to learn. Because ... The story you tell yourself is the one you will live. And that is the first thing we must change in order to live different —THE STORY WE TELL OURSELVES ❤️🙏🏾
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“Six feet beneath the moon” oil on canvas by @rhuigi
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Swipe to drool over all the food from our fave #vegan cafe we found in Lisbon, Portugal! 😜 I wanted to give them a special shoutout bcuz they were so kind & friendly to us and the food was amazing!😍🌱 The prices were very affordable and it's such a cute small cafe. We love & miss you @veganeatscaffe ! Just before we took a trip to Lisbon a few people told us we would find it really hard to eat vegan there, even someone who was from the city told us that. But to be honest I tend to ignore it when people tell me this because I've never found it hard to eat vegan anywhere I've been so far and I find that most the time it's easy if you prioritise it and don't compare to other cities. There is always an option somewhere, and if you can't eat out, then you can buy food from your local supermarket/market and prepare it yourself. Or an even healthier option- eat raw foods. But eating out in Lisbon was never a challenge. I downloaded the app @happycow and it came up with so many vegan restaraunts & vegan-friendly cafes nearby. This cafe happened to be 5mins walk from where we were staying. If ever you are in Lisbon you must check this place out and also downloading the app Happy Cow will help so much for most cities that you visit. If you want to see some of the other places we found there, you can check out >the link in my profile to our YouTube vid. 🙌 I am so grateful for vegan businesses that make it easier and so much more convenient for people to be vegan. And grateful for all the activists that are a huge part of this change we are seeing too. This society is starting to see huge shifts in consciousness & people are waking to a kinder way of living and it's so exciting bcuz we can all be a part of this beautiful change together when we support each other. 🙏💞
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How about a step-by-step program for your #2018 #goals ? Joylight.teachable.com Let’s Step! 12 Steps Goal Setting Program #visions #kickasster #joylengcoach #reflections #tasks #priority #consciousliving #purposefullife FREE First Stepper (Step 1 of Let’s Step)
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Final shift at the gym this morning, before my weekend begins, and it feels like I’ve been watching paint dry since I got here 😂😭 Does anyone else feel like time slows more and more the closer you get to the end of the work week ? #setmefree #onemorehour P.S. I badly need my ends trimmed 💇‍♀️
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“Courage is not the absence of fear, or anger, or doubt but the willingness to truly live” ~ Jeff Foster 🦋 Courage is about living through the messy bits, the hurting bits, the scared bits and the I-can’t-take-it-anymore bits. 🦋 Courage is about standing in truth. Courage is about walking the walk even though you’re unsure of the path. Courage is about falling, about failing and getting back up to try again. 🦋 Courage is about feeling the fear and the doubt and doing it anyway because you know that on the other side is the sweet spot. 🦋 Courage is about being human, accepting your faults, taking delight in the good and being grateful for the stuff that arises in between, the stuff that teaches us about our humanness. 🦋 Today, be courageous in some small or large way. Step into your greatness. p.s. Thank you Alabama for being courageous. 🙏🏽♥️ . . . #becourageous #bepresent #bealive #findyourjoy #findyourjoylifecoaching #kgracehowes
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O come, Thou Key of David, come And open wide our heavenly home Make safe the way that leads on high And close the path to misery Rejoice, rejoice, Emmanuel Shall come to thee, O Israel
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Here is the result of "wiping the mirror clean." These are works in progress that will receive many more layers and meditations before they are completed. The key is knowing when to stop. I stop when the painting seems to have a life of its own and I no longer recognize myself as the creator. I welcome the painting as a gift and am surprised by what it has become. #art #process #meditation #discipline #prayer #daydreaming #consciousliving #awareness #mindfulness #painting #contemporaryart #evanston #chicago
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Ese color! El mejor #smothie de la vida!🙊 Solo lleva: manzanas rojas,naranjas y un poco de raíz de cúrcuma 🍎🍊 Endulzado con un par de dátiles queda una maravilla. #batido #plantbased #eattherainbow #apple #orange #tumeric #curcuma #veganfood #consciousliving 💞
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SOMEONE (@carly__reid__ ) suggested zipper pulls and I finally got around to it! How sweet is this little zipper pull? Zipper pulls are great for the little ones learning to tie up their own jackets! I’ll be making them throughout the winter months, so be sure to keep an eye on my Etsy! ❄️ ❄️
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I honour the clarity of the present moment, and the stillness at the centre of being (mine & others), even in the midst of so much doing. #jaywoodman : : : Back to the reality of winter....and the crazy rush of the holiday season...Dreaming of the warm gentle winds and stillness in this spot....reserving space within me for silence to grow. 🙏🏻 : : : #presence #mindfulness #awareness #stillness #awake #spirit #witness #con#conscious #conscious #manifest #quoteoftheday #inspirationalquotes #consciousliving
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In order to see birds it is necessary to become a part of the silence. #hummingbird #birds #verdesanalodge #nature #costarica
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TODAY ON THE BLOG - My 10 Personal Commandments ⠀ ⠀ or how I've reflected on my life and came up with rules that make sure I take the right decisions⠀ ⠀ 1. It's OK to say NO.⠀ ⠀ 2. Alcohol isn't worth it⠀ ⠀ 3. Let it go⠀ ⠀ 4. Smile⠀ ⠀ 5. Less is more⠀ ⠀ 6. Act now⠀ ⠀ 7. Don't expect a gold star⠀ ⠀ 8. You can stand anything for 10 seconds, then you just start on a new 10 seconds⠀ ⠀ 9. Assume that people are doing their best⠀ ⠀ 10. Think about your future self⠀ ⠀ -------------------------------------------⠀ ⠀ Head over to the blog to read more details about each commandment.⠀ ⠀ Do you have rules you live by? I'd love to read them!
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Happy Hump Day lovely humans! 🌺 🌺 Remember to take care of yourself! At this time of year we are all usually exhausted and ready for a break, often we get so caught up in everything that still needs to be done that we forget to look after ourselves! 😱 take some time to turn inward and reflect on your personal needs 💕 check out our blog post on transforming your mornings for some self care inspiration to help carry you through this last stretch!!! ✨😘☺️ #plantbased #foodblog #eatwell #plantbaseddiet #plantpowered #foodography #blog #hea#hea#healthylifestyle #healthy #vegan #veganfriendly #transform #vegetarian #healthydiet #photography #wellbeing #lifestyle #nutrition #wel#wellness #selfcare #wellness #foodphotography #health #delicious #picoftheday #consciousliving #comingsoon #powerhour #balance #healthyalternative @preview.app
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// FIT BODY, HEALTHY MIND // I often get asked "Why do you exercise? You're so skinny already!" This comment used to make me mad because of my own insecurities but mostly because I find astounding that so little people know about the real benefit of physical activity. • It's more than just getting a toned body and losing weight. Sure, the 🍑 bum isn't a bad side effect 😏 But the real life-changing effect is... happiness! I'm not kidding. Exercising regularly brings you peace of mind, lowers your stress levels, makes you sleep better and feel more confident in your own skin and makes those happy hormones flow in your brain 😌 • THAT is why I exercise. Because it's the most underrated drug on the planet 💦
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The Training In the constant unfolding of life, consciousness continuously seeks various vessels for multitudes of expression. Which vessel it chooses for which expression is intradependant on the needs of the soul within the vessel and the specialized training of the body-mind. So what do you control? The training. Want a certain life expression? Imagine the life you desire... then sculpt the body-mind through rigorous, precise, and obsessive training to be the perfect conduit for consciousness to express your ideal life through. So, you want it? Then training starts now.
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Joy Leng, the #storysmasher shares how she smashed her thirty years old #disempoweringstories to step into her #sha#shaktionfire birthright. #nowitsyourturn #fromzerotoshakti #joylengauthor #selfhealing #empowerment #warriorgoddess #shaktionfire #kickasster #becauseican #consciousliving #purposefullife #takingresponsibility #startfromwithin FREE 1st chapter at fromzerotoshakti.joyleng.com
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Tick-tock, only this weekend remains to stock up on ALL GF Vegan (Soy Free and All Natural too!) goodies before Christmas - and lucky for us, its another double-header! This holiday season treat your guests to Legume Free Hummus, Nut Meats & Cheeses, Dairy Free Cheesecakes and so much more - No Additives, Preservatives, Gluten or Soy, 100% Vegan and full of flavor! #dunedindowntownmarket #shmarketonmain
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We Three Queens. ⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪️ ⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪️🌍⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪️ ‘I’d Won the World But Like A Forsaken Explorer, I’d Lost My Map’ Anne Sexton .. #artreview #synchronicity #abstractexpressionism #abstractpainting #abstracto #consciousliving #contemplation #interiordesigners #interiors #interiorandhome #modernart #contemporaryinteriors #artsrow #arts_gate #artforum#artcollector #artistlife#laureenwarrington#abstractobsession #kunstwerk#abstrait #contemporain #architectinterior#conceptualart#artbasel #dreamers #artlondon#crystallove#artsnewss
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This is the joy you feel when you drape plant dyed, handmade goods on your body. For real. Love the joy radiating from her!!
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Well, that is a lot of waste! How about rethinking our gift wrapping strategies and producing less waste this Christmas? We suggest: 1. Giving away time and experiences - no need to wrap such a gift. 2. Wrapping gifts using reusable gift bags 3. Using nice cloth napkins rather than wrapping paper 4. Or using waste paper such as the pages of an old magazine or newspaper. 🎀😊🍃 #factitgreen #bookitgreen #samebutgreen #einfachgrün . . . . . #gogreen #traveltheworld #greentravel #sustainability #sustainabletourism #ecotourism #conscioustravel #consciousliving #discover #explore #christmasseason #giftwrapping #presents #rethink #recycle #lesswaste #wanderlust
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I wrote a little something about my trip to Japan. Head to ElaraBlue.com to read it. Ohhh the adventures indigo has taken me on already! 🙏🏻 Link in bio!
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"This being human is a guest house. Every morning a new arrival. A joy, a depression, a meanness, some momentary awareness comes as an unexpected visitor. Welcome and entertain them all! Even if they are a crowd of sorrows, who violently sweep your house empty of its furniture, still, treat each guest honorably. He may be clearing you out for some new delight. The dark thought, the shame, the malice. meet them at the door laughing and invite them in. Be grateful for whatever comes. because each has been sent as a guide from beyond." #Rumi . #itsalltantra #LoveEvolveAwaken #sharingthelove
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💔It’s always at this time of year when I’m reminded of just how many people are out there in our communities are feeling lost and alone. 🙏Remember while you’re rushing around from one place to another organising all the festivities for your family and friends... 🌺That there are people in the crowds who have no one. People who at this time of year feel tremendous loss and pain as they’re reminded of either a traumatic experience or just the fact they they are alone in this world. 🌻Remember to, in the spirit of giving, extend an arm to help someone up, give a smile to brighten someone’s day and always take time to listen more than you speak... 🌸It’s the little things in life that mean so much. Reach out and touch the soul of another human being this Christmas. With love, Debbie-Jane ❤️🙏💫 #Fre#FreeToBeMe #Philanthropist #SpiritOfLove #christmasspirit #loveoneanother #FreeToBeMe #freedompreneur #freespirit #freedomthinker #consciousliving #lovetotravel #payitforward
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These days we're trying to be mindful about what we buy. Making do with what we have, and using what we've got if we can. We wanted (not needed, we just wanted) stockings this year. Instead of buying new ones (even super cool fair trade ones) I made us some simple ones using grain sacks from @palouse_brand, where we get our wheat for bread baking. Maybe not the cutest ever, but used what I had on hand, cost $0, and gave me something to work on while we watched a movie. 👍
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#Repost @demetrialucasdoyley demetrialucasdoyley#wcw: BLACK WOMEN. For saving yourselves in Alabama last night, and in the process, saving everyone else (even when they ain’t wanna be saved). For the 94% that tried gallantly to save America last November. For being the backbone of America’s wealth for 300 years (and counting). For propping up the black church with physical and emotional labor, and financial investments that go unrecognized. For doing the same thing for black boys and men. For loving hard. For staying when daddies sometimes leave. For listening ears and praying hands, and the hard candy the elder ladies, especially the ones in white, carry in their pocketbooks. For laughing “too loud” and throwing a side-eye that can silence children and grown men. For being able to hold full conversations with other black women in the unwritten language of facial expressions. For the amazing sh— we do with braids. For stretching a dollar. For seasoning food properly. For elevating filled-in brows and laid edges to an art form. For oiling scalps as an act of love. For not aging in dog ears. For getting ish done by running for Office, scaling a flagpole or starting a whole movement to assert #blacklivesmatter. For participating in previous movements where black women did the dirty work & carried the intellectual load, but didn’t get the credit or the microphone. For going to the whole Moon, literally, or shooting for it, figuratively. For having rhythm & always being on beat. For being the most educated group in the country. For still working THRICE as hard, despite getting 65 cents on the white male dollar. For embracing therapy, self-care & “no” as a full sentence. For the way we yell for family at graduations & for our kids from the sidelines. For the way we dress up for concerts & Easter Sunday. For the gap in the waist of our jeans and the way the elders wear a church hat. For being style icons. For being us, magical, magnificent & melanated, and 50-11 other glorious adjectives that we’ll continue to celebrate in each other until the rest of American catches up, if they can. For Sisters Only. For “Four Women”. “4 Little Girls”. Thank God for #blackwomen 💕
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It was a dark and gloomy day in December 2010. My husband had discovered a trunk nestled in one of the many overgrown hedges of our garden. . He was grinning like a Cheshire cat, so pleased at having found the perfect solution for a coffee table in our new home. . I on the other hand wasn't a fan of things just "found" in the garden, willy nilly. Slug infested, dirt embossed, I wasn't impressed. One thing was of interest to me, however. On top was a hand painted name and address. Curiosity struck. . I set about finding this individual's family. It might be of meaning to them, non? After much research, I discovered the owner of the trunk was a young man who fought in the second world war. He was sadly killed in London (in a tank accident), whilst training. He also had no living relatives I could share this trunk with. . So here it sits. It's done four house moves with us. The story behind it has made me adore it in ways I didn't think possible. It's loved. It's drawn on. It holds a warm cup of tea and occasionally a foot. . What objects do you have in your home that have a story?
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Christmas calendar day 13 🎅 rocking my second hand finds (skirt and belt) from Copenhagen ✌️🌵 Saving water and natural resources with every outfit. Lot of clothing brands have started using organic cotton or BCI cotton, which is amazing. No more that gmo stuff please! But cotton production is very heavy in the environment and uses a shit ton of water. So buying second hand reduced and also tensil and lyocell are nice sustainable materials to consider when you are shopping for clothing. Or if you can find garments/textiles made out of recycled plastic bottles, I think you would be winning in life. Conscious consuming is easy start with small steps, first you can start thinking if you really do need that new shirt, buy smart buy less. Or raid your friends closets and their 2nd hand bags before they trough them out! 🌵
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Dentro de algunos años no importará qué zapatos tenías, que ropa usabas ni cuántas bolsas de marca tenías... Importará como viviste, como amaste y qué aprendiste del proceso... cuantas veces te caíste y cuántas más te levantaste. Cuántas veces perdonaste, cuántas veces agradeciste, cuántas veces diste... 🌳♥️🙏🏼 #fitfammx 💫 In a few years it will not matter what shoes you had, what clothes you wore or how many brand bags you had... It will matter how you lived, how you loved and what you learned from the process... how many times did you fall and how many more did you get up. How many times did you forgive, how many times did you thank, how many times did you give something to someone... ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— #pea#peacefulplace #peaceful #peacefulmind #nature #naturelovers #relax #love #thankful #wellnesswednesday #health #healthyliving #healthylifestyle #livinglife #reflexion #filosofia #vive #amor #paz #tranquilidad #armonia #agradece #felicidad #ama #vivelavida #bienestar #consciousliving #sky #cloudyday
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mid-week coffee vibes ☕️
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Just my kinda fun! Join me for the #womanunleashed Retreat with @amberkuileimailani !!! www.womanunleashed.com #amberkuileimailanibonnici
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People need reasons in order to get on board. Be sure to be ‘benefit’ focused and not just ‘features’ focus. 🌸 So, instead of screaming about all the junk you want to get rid of and how there’s no purpose for any of it, explain ‘why’ you care- whatever that reason is. 💪 . . . #min#minimalmovement #minimallove #minimalmovement #minimalninja #minimalisme #minimalstyle #min#minimalistng #minimalist #minimalistics #minimalpeople #minimalplanet #minimalistlifestyle #dec#declutteryourlife #decluttering #declutter #mindfulnessmatters #mindfulmoments #mindfullness #mindfullife #mindfulliving #int#int#intentionalng #intentional #intentionallife #intention #consciousliving #littlestoriesofmylife #thelittlethingsinlife #raiseyourvibration #verilymoment #thatauthenticfeeling
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Journaling helps you remember things. Like that you need to buy Christmas gifts for your secret Santa by Friday... #linkinbio to Shop now and get free shipping on all orders through 12/31!
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You have to keep breaking your heart until it opens - Rumi. But the most important thing is to just keep moving on your path, because the #truth is, you never know what is right around the corner... #Wanderlustwednesday #wednesdaymorning #Consciousliving #rumi #Familytravel
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Amazing feedback from a client today. So grateful and humbled to do this work. 🔥 If you are struggling with something in life or business, don’t go through it alone. Whatever it is, I can probably help in some way. Get in touch and tell me what’s going on for you. 🔥 Email me at rebecca@self-alchemy.com or message me here. 🔥 Posted with permission 🙏🏼
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Weihnachten steht vor der Tür und wir sind die Ruhe selbst. Wie das geht? Das verraten wir euch in unserem neuesten Wasteless X-Mas Blogbeitrag. Psst... es wartet dort zusätzlich eine Verlosung auf euch. 💝 👉 Link in der Story 👆 ⠀ ⠀ #hessnatur #wearagoodfeeling #greenfashion #fai#fairfashion #greenstyle #sustainability #ecofriendly #wardroberevolution #ecostyle #ethicalfashion #fairfashion #slowfashion #organicfashion #wanderfolks #ecofriendlyfashion #consciousliving #consciousfashion #fairtrade #ecofashion #sustainablefashion #organiclife #ootdshare #fashiondaily #nachhaltigkeit #fashioninspiration #outfitinspiration #xmas #weihnachten #outfitoftheday #wasteless
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“Until you step into the unknown, you don’t know what you’re made of.” -Roy T. Bennett #consciousadventurist 📷 captured by @sethlightcap
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This one goes out to people of mental health & friends/family! #consciousLiving #Lesbifit #aff#affirmns #affirm #mentalhealth #wellnesswednesday #youmatter #godisgood
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The Holiday Season is upon us. 😍🙌🏼It's so important that self-care comes first; you can enjoy whatever you're doing to the fullest even if you don't celebrate this holiday. This week is especially busy, so I want to support my body and my husband's in any way. Our daily Ningixa Red juice is a must. We accidentally skipped it last week and we felt our worst ever, never happening again! In addition to that, I also love taking one Ningxia Nitro when I need extra energy support especially during busier days. Both of these are best when cold; you can even mix them together and get the benefits from both! Today is Ningxia day!
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