I’m still planning this online book/Bible study and I know I have some very interested people. NOW is the time to sign up! WHAT is it all about? As humans we are MADE to crave, but we misplace those cravings and try to “fill up” with all the wrong things that only leave us more empty. In this book/study the focus is on recognizing your patterns and behavior when it comes to emotional eating (or whatever else you fill up with) and how we can find fulfillment in God instead of food. So many people I work with find that cravings are their biggest downfall, so when I found this study I knew it would be a perfect fit for me to provide a study of it along with some coaching. This is a FREE group. The only requirement is that you purchase your own book. I’ll facilitate discussions and share tips on clean eating and meal prepping/planning along the way but will ask that everyone participates in the postings and discussions. We will meet ONLINE in a private Facebook group and cover will 3-4 chapters a week. The chapters are short and it’s a quick, easy read. I’m not an expert or Bible scholar, but I I feel so very strongly about this subject and I know this absolutely has to be part of my story and my journey. I’ve spent my whole life trying to fill the God-shaped hole with other things. It’s natural! But God desires for us to live more abundantly than that lifestyle allows. Whether you’re struggling with cravings, desiring a deeper walk with the Lord, or just need a fresh start in health and fitness, I hope you’ll consider joining us! Now is the time time! Mark your calendars and buy your book! We will begin November 1st!! Let me know you’re in below by posting an emoji and I’ll add you when we get started!! ❤️
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I don't even care the #weightwatchers #smartpoints on these babies.. GET INSIDE ME AND MAKE ME FEEL HUMAN AGAIN 😭🤒🤕🤧 Finally nabbed a #carebears #mug from @asda 🤗 so I have one reason to smile ☺ #poorly #dying #cold #flu #coldandflu #coldandfluseason #manflu #lemsip #halls #soothers #meds #medication #medicated #snotty #cough #virus #ner#nerd> #nerd #geek #girlgeek #chronicillness #spoonie #chronicfatigue #fibromyalgia #weightloss #weightlossjourney
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I have always been different. I have never really fitted in anywhere. I see the world differently to a lot of people. I have a different level of understanding than most. It’s why I find myself spending a lot of time alone. It’s easier that way because then I don’t have to bring my mind into the “usual” and “normal” way of thinking because I don’t understand it. If you are my friend and you want to date my ex, I could only be happy for you. If you say that my face is a bit chubby? I’d thank you for being honest with me. I can’t be upset by those things and it often makes my life difficult because I find it difficult to understand why people get upset by some things? It’s why I am going away on my own for a month when I finish this semester. People don’t often understand me as well and I’d rather have the opportunity to be free and see some parts of the world exactly how I want to see it. But anyway, my point was that I’ve finally, found my place in this world. Youth work. I understand it. I understand young people. I am trauma informed. I am harm minimisation. It just clicks for me and I get along with people who understand social science so well. I love youth work so much but I’ve also just been accepted into Masters of primary Teaching and I am really looking forward to entering this world as well. So to summarise: I am strange, I am travelling alone for a month, I was accepted into masters and I LOVE YOUTH WORK! #youthwork #anorexia #eat#eatingdisordervery #eatingdisorder #travel #chronicpain #chronicillness #chronicfatigue #prac #uni #student
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It's been too long. I have negle yes myself for two weeks now. I'm not sure what happened or why but I just stopped I stopped doing yoga, walking, and even though I was still eating vegan I was eating unhealthy vegan. And I felt it I was more exhausted then usual (with my chronic fatigue I'm always tired but this was crazy), My fibro pain was flaring like crazy, and I just didn't feel good. But this am I snapped out of what ever funk I was in and I'm back at doing good for me. So to my body and my spirit I am so sorry. I promise to do better. #nevergiveup #neverstop #doingthisforme #celiac #fibromyalgia #chronicfatigue #hypothiroidism #pacemaker #weightday #yoga #yogaeverydamnday
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Today I am pulling inspiration from one of my favourite artists. Frida didn't let her disabilities stop her from creating beautiful art, even decorating her body cast with the aid of a mirror as she was confined to her bed. So, while I may feel less than sparkly,, I will attempt to create something pretty today! Andlove her hairstyle so much that I often copy it 😊 any excuse to put a flower or three in my hair 😉 . #shabby #shabbyhome #shabbydecor #shabbychic #shabbystyle #frida #fridakahlo #fibromyalgia #fibroflareup #fibromyalgiaawareness #chronicpain #chronicfatigue #spoonie #depression #migraine #degenerativearthritis
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Finding out what's going down with my life through the means of Nordic #runes 😄! My lovely new pal @sian.c.h1988 lent me these beautiful pebbles after a fab #rei#reikiing session. Work just like #tarotcards but use symbols instead of pictures. If you're reading this and thinking, what a pile of #mumbojumbo . That's fine by me! But if you're #chronicallysick and reading this well I say to you guys - what have you got to lose?!? It's hardly going to make or break anything, and at the very least it's fun☺️Plus, the book still has that old-book-smell😍#bonus #canthurt #chronicillness #chronicpain #chronicfatigue #chronicfatiguesyndrome #myalgicencephalomyelitis #fibromyalgia #fibrofighter #healing #reiki #ralphblum #spi#spirituality #spiritual #letsgetbetter 🙏😘🙏
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Follow-up on last post: Here's me, in this lovely sweater I crocheted for someone and used to famz :D You can see the cane I use to help with mobility sometimes. It makes my invisible illness less, um, invisible. Lol. I have gone from having it, to counting it as a blessing. It makes walking a lot easier, and I can now do some shopping myself too. * One scenario young people with invisible illnesses are family is managing to have a seat in the hospital, church or some gathering and then being asked to give it up for an elderly person. It's good manners to do so, but the point I'm making is that people don't see your pain. They see a young (also rude and disrespectful child of "nowadays") who should have compassion on the old. It's an awkward situation to be in, and as ridiculous as it may seem, it has brought many young people to tears. * P.S. This is also an advert for this gorgeous sweater. It's called the Caron Stepping Stones Cardigan designed by @yarnspirations #Crocheters Google to get the free pattern. * Also DM or call +234 703 6000 878 to have one made for you, in your preferred colors. * #crochet #orgu #handmade #handcraft #madeinnigeria #wejosrock #madewithlove #cro#crochetgirlgang #yarn #hobby #smallbusiness #art #photography #crochetsweater #caron #crochetcardigan #yarnspiration #crochetgirlgang #chronicillness #chronicpain #rheumatology #rheumatoidarthritis #fibromyalgia #lupus #chronicfatigue #sicklecellanemia #invisibleillness #themighty
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A daily reminder that I am healing and healing takes time. As I reflect and remember where I started, I am grateful to be where I am now. This has been one hell of a journey. Full of emotions from being sick, tired, scared, in pain, lost, and lots lots of tears. Tears of uncertainty, uncertainty of where my life was going. Scared that I was never going to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I can now say I see that light, it's still very tiny, but it's there! I know I still have a long way to go and I still have lots of bad Days. Days I cry and don't think I can bear another... I've also been seeing more decent days. Days I have been able to smile, days I am finally able to laugh, and days I can finally sleep. This struggle has defiantly been one hell of a HARD journey! Looking back I don't know how I've done it. Today I have to remind myself I am a fighter, I am a warrior, and I am still healing and healing takes time. ♡ Love and light to all the warriors out there fighting the fight. Where ever part of your journey you are at I wish you love, light and strenght. Stay strong!
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Day three of endo/adeno flare kicking my ass! Fatigue and cramps haven’t been this bad for a few months so always a bit of shock when it I have a bad time. Resting up all morning and passing up on training to hopefully give me the energy for work. The beautiful one is taking me out to my favourite place for dinner tonight so I want to be able to enjoy myself #end#endoiosis #adenomyosis #endoflare #chronicfatigue #endo #fightlikeagirl #endowarriors #listentoyourbody #restingisnotlazy
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Happy Friday lovelies! 🤗 Who have already discovered what do I drink with a meal when water (or wine) is not an option? 😌 If you didn’t find yet, go have a look on my last post 😏 *********************************** Boa Sexta-feira meus amores! 🤗 Quem já descobriu a minha bebida favorita para acompanhar a refeição, quando água (ou vinho) não é opção? 😌 Se ainda não descobriram, vão espreitar o meu último post 😏
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