What if it did work for you? What if you were able to use your passion to help others with their health? What if that allowed you to take that family trip you’ve dreamed of, make your car payment, replace your income, or retire your spouse? If you have a passion for health and wellness, I’d love to chat with you about this amazing business opportunity—I’m excited to grow my team of superstars who are excited about coaching clients to a healthier version of themselves! I let my fears hold me back for 2 years—but I’m forever grateful I finally said yes and now I’m able to live a life by design. Don’t let your fears hold you back 🤗
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Positive Coaching by Doug Davis Some of you may remember the Choose Your Habits Clinics we offered a few years back. They were a series of free educational sessions held across the country, hosted by Tumbl Trak in celebration of our 25th Anniversary. Much of the vision for these clinics came from our founder, Doug Davis, whose philosophy of positive coaching, safe progressions and valuable education has been the cornerstone of the work we do at Tumbl Trak... To read more and find other great articles each month visit our website and sign up for our newsletter! https://www.tumbltrak.com/tumbltalk/positive-coaching-by-doug-davis #tumbltrak #chooseyourhabits #gymnastics
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Stick to anything long enough and it will become a habit. #chooseyourhabits #chooseyourlife
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Today is day 30💁🏻‍♀️ I loved the way my body responded this time around! I’m actually the lightest I’ve been in 3+ years, my jeans fit well and/or loose, I feel leaner and i haven’t had any sugar cravings 😱 I have actually enjoyed attending social events as the DD and will be continuing on with the same plan, plus an occasional glass of 🍷 This is not a ‘diet’ and I love that my clients/friends are receiving the necessary tools to carry this lifestyle beyond 30 days!
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Having a friend around for accountability (and fizz sticks) will increase your rate of success 🤗
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Morning routines! Many might reach for a coffee to trigger their morning routine. The routine we choose is a habit. We can change our habits by changing just one thing at a time and create momentum to want to change more. Slowly we can create good habits that we do every day that are habits we have chosen to have. It could be doing a 5km run every alternative morning, or it could be to stop hitting the snooze button to allow for unbroken sleep. It could be to reduce one shot of caffeine from your morning coffee or to smile more at people you pass on the street. The more chosen habits we have the more we become the person we want to become. #becomeyou #chooseyourhabits
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La felicità è un’abitudine, non un obiettivo. #sempredetto #chooseyourhabits #unconventionalcoaching
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Children, drunk people, jeans and weight belts don’t lie. Is that the saying? Well, it should be 🤷🏻‍♀️. Just over 3 weeks in and some non-scale victories (lost .5# in a week😂) help make each day easier! I wore these jeans Saturday night to an event after not wearing them for about a month. I’m not sure if you can relate, but when you have 🍑, hips, a waist, and a little holiday fluff—it’s just not comfortable in certain jeans. I was pleasantly surprised when I slid them right on and they were LOOSE on my waist AND hips AND quads! Then this morning, I used my weight belt and was like ‘oh heyyyy’ 💁🏻‍♀️ So apparently the inches I’m losing don’t weigh anything🤔 I feel great and will continue this past the 30 days! Who’s with me for the Feb 5th group?!
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Funny how we let fear stop us from so many opportunities, experiences and even personal growth. I was reminded this past week that being mentally tough and ‘minding your mind’ has a HUGE effect on your reality. #getyourmindright #fearisaliar
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Two weeks in and super happy with my results so far! We have a group that starts today and another one in two weeks! Join us!
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Dream board making tonight! I love that Paisley was so excited and made her very own❤️ I never made a dream board before Arbonne. Mostly because there were no dreams left—just working as an employee hoping for a yearly raise. Now that I control my future, I’m showing my kids that now only is it ok for ‘big kids’ to dream—but we can also achieve those dreams. What dreams do you have for 2018? How about 2028? If you don’t like what you see when you look that far into the future, then maybe we should chat. Life’s too short to just get by week to week in a job you hate.
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After one week, down ✌🏼pounds and 1/2” from my waist. Feeling good, sleeping well, jeans are fitting looser—super happy so far! And the meals last week were SO good and easy to make! Looking forward to the next 3 weeks of progress. Today is the last day to join our group that starts Monday Jan 15th!
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For the first time in 5 years, I’m doing the 30 day clean eating program for reasons that don’t include the scale!😱 I made it through the holidays without gaining weight and for once in my adult life I’m content with that number on the scale. BUT, I haven’t felt as good as I do when I am on the program. I have over indulged in sugar 🍪alcohol 🍾and other inflammatory foods—and my body feels it. I love that this program will give me more energy, deeper sleep, no more ‘puffy’ Monday’s, and all of my meals have been planned for me. And sure, if I do lose a few pounds I’ll be thrilled, but it feels amazing to not obsess over the scale. Our next group starts Jan 15th—join us!! Btw, this Chai Protein Shake I had for breakfast was AMAZING😍
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We had a great 2017! Family, friends, fun, travel—we had a memorable year for sure! Some goals met, some fell short, but my 2018 goals are set and I’m excited to see where we are at this time next year🥂I hope you all have a Happy New Year!
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I thought it was my liver, ended up being the 48 hour flu 😷 Either way I am ready to get back on track and feeling better!
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“i wanted to share my two week experience with you! So before I started the cleanse I was struggling with an eating disorder, extremely tired all the time (despite all the endless amounts of coffee) and had horrible stomach problems. My goal was to just feel better and gain some healthy eating habits. Since I started I have had SO much energy (thanks fizz sticks!) My stomach feels 100% better and I over all feel much healthier. I love my detox tea + fizz in the AM and look forward to my daily Arbonne shakes. And haven't had a cup of coffee since beginning.✌🏼 OH..and don't need a nap everyday! I plan on continuing with my daily Arbonne nutrition! Thanks for being such an inspiration to me and role model. So happy to have you in my life! ❤️” This was a testimony from someone who didn’t have much weight to lose—many times our 30 day program isn’t about weight loss or inches—but helping your quality of life by increasing your energy or helping you sleep better. What are you wanting to improve for 2018? Jump in our Jan 1st group and let me help you!
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I have a couple spots left for the Jan 1st clean eating group! Message me to grab yours! The holidays will be over soon 😭, don’t let all of the social events and yummy treats 🥂hang around all year 😉 I’d love to coach you through our program and help you feel your best!
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People do not decide their futures. They decide their habits. Their habits decide their futures. Do your habits right now lead you to the future you want for yourself? 🤔 Habits can be broken and changed into anything you want them to be - you just have to want it and work for it. It might not be easy, but you’re future is worth it😍
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Progress is made one day at a time. One brick at a time. Each brick seems minuscule in the moment but with time and consistency you can build anything! I have some awesome early morning clients!! @jordans_journey2018 @katmakenzie #WhatWillYouBuild #ChooseYourHabits #WakeUp #BeautifulState
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This may explain the way I’m feeling after a few days of indulgence! 😜 I have @timferriss new book on my list for Santa, in case Clay asks anyone...on Christmas Eve... @anniegirl_mcd
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Well, if you missed out on the Blackberry Fizz sticks--I'm sorry, I'm probably not sharing the 10 boxes I ordered! THEY ARE SOLD OUT--a 2 month projected supply gone in about 18 hours. BUT--Good news!! We still have the CHAI PROTEIN in stock! Hurry and grab yours, because when it's gone--it's gone!
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Buddy Special! 2 for 1. Does it get any better? The average person gains 7-10lbs during the Holiday season. My personal goal is to maintain my health during the Holidays and enter 2018 feeling on top of my game and ready to rock a NEW YEAR! I would love to have a few friends join me for a 2 week cleanse starting the Monday after Thanksgiving. We will have meal plans and recipes provided, but I would love to make this small FB group be somewhere we can share 'real food' recipes, struggles, wins, and just be real about cravings, self-talk and vulnerability. This may also be a great way to 'dip your toe' into our 30 day program and get a feel for what it's like (at a lower price) If you are interested please message me to join. Thanks ❤️
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This sweet girl💕💕Reading in her own words what eating clean has done for her brought me to tears. This is such a huge part of why I love what I do. This girl is a client of someone on my team who is making a difference and changing lives of so many people through health and wellness. We will be doing another 2 week 'Manage the Damage' group that will start the Monday after Thanksgiving 🦃The group that we have right now has been SO much fun!! Contact me for special pricing if you want a quick 'reset' before Christmas!
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WEEK 5 VIDEO: THE CHANGE FORMULA Watch the full video on my Facebook page @hallebooyeah Check it out 👌and then share what success you have had from small habit changes in your life in the comments.👊 . . . #week5 #change #habit #discipline #livewithpurpose #positivehabits #newlife #newstory #chooseyourhabits #smallsteps #hallebooyeah
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Habits are like trees 🌳🌲🎄 Positive Habits are like good 🌳 trees. They have to be consciously planted and then nourished until they can stand on their own. After a period consistent daily care, the habit tree becomes a natural part of our life and won’t require the same concsious attention. These are the trees that add to the beauty of our landscape. Negative habits are like unwanted trees that sprout up without being consciously planted. They grow fast and grow in weird places. They ruin our landscape and if we put off removing them, they can damage structures and sprout more friends. Unlike the good trees, these trees thrive on being ignored. When they get to be large, these trees can be VERY difficult to remove. The best thing we can do to plant positive habits in our lives is to pay attention to our current habits and consciously replace a negative habit with a positive habit. One ☝️ by one ☝️ you will create a more peaceful, cheerful, successful life for yourself. In other words—choose your habits or they will choose you. . . . #week5 #habits #betterhabits #habittrees #success #peace #change #chooseyourhabits #12weeksofawesome #habitchange #hallebooyeah
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Good luck @robjonesjourney on the rest of your runs! Honored to join you for the 19th!
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'To be in your child's memories tomorrow, you have to be present today' I'm so grateful for the memories we have been able to make and can't wait for our next adventure!
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I've been working on my 'before' this past week and I know I have a couple more trips coming up where more 'before' progress will be made😜. I'm ok with that because I'm having a damn good time👙🍹🍾🌮 BUT, I know that it takes a LOT of work for MY body to lose weight and inches. So I'm sneaking in a 2 week 'Manage the Damage' group from Nov 6-Nov 20. I would love to have a few friends join me. We will have meal plans and recipes provided, but I would love to make this small FB group be somewhere we can share 'real food' recipes, struggles, wins, and just be real about cravings, self-talk and vulnerability. We will use some of the Arbonne products and if you order them before 10/31 as a new preferred client, you'll save an extra $20. This may also be a great way to 'dip your toe' into our 30 day program and get a feel for what it's like (at 1/2 the price). Anyways, please message me to join me. Thanks ❤️
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I'm not sure what I did to deserve this life....but I am SO SO grateful ❤️
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The Arbonne Charitable Foundation raised over $25,000 from the walk/run that was held this morning. This money provides support for programs and opportunities that promote the development of confidence and self‑esteem in teenage girls and boys. Loved seeing such a great turnout!
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Arbonne Welcome Dinner ❤️ #ait2017
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I just wanted to show some love for these two ladies who have blown me away with their commitment to health!!! They both did the September 30 day clean eating challenge and had amazing results! @babyvietz lost over 20# and a ton of inches--all while traveling with the Chico State Judging team (so there goes any travel excuses) and @jkaslin has lost 11.5# after 5 weeks--and she's a super busy Ag teacher (so there's goes any 'I'm busy' excuses). The reality is these ladies were ready for a change and they made the commitment to stick with the plan. What can you do in the next 30 days? If you're tired of working on your 'before', let me help you with your 'after'. Get ahead of the dreaded holiday weight gain and jump in with our next group!
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Preston and his favorite shake to start his day with. •8oz Almond milk •ice cubes •1 scoop vanilla protein •1 scoop chocolate protein •1 banana Blended to perfection👌🏼😋 #arbonne #arbonneshakeitup #giveaway
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Ahh October 1st...always one of my favorite days! This is my 'anniversary' date of becoming a Regional Vice President with Arbonne--so the day I earned the free white Mercedes. I had to push through a lot of obstacles and naysayers to achieve that goal. All while being surrounded by like minded men and women who trusted my leadership to help them achieve their goals. I am forever grateful for my journey and for those who have supported me along the way. I have learned so much since that promotion and appreciate the growth I've made as a leader--and as a person. So here's to rocking out the last 90 days of 2017!!
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How about this rockstar?! Mom, wife, business owner, and probably the sweetest person I know! She has also been doing amazing with the 30 day Clean Eating Challenge and helping so many others take control of their health. She's taken her passion for health and wellness and added an additional stream of income for her family---and just promoted to the first level of management in Arbonne! I'm so excited for you @rxdny and proud of you for focusing on your big goal--and achieving it with 3 days left in the month!!!
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You see this fierce, passionate, sweet woman?! She has been ROCKING the 30 day clean eating challenge this month! She's also been helping others get healthy and as a result she is a new District Manager as of October 1!! Congratulations @jkaslin for reaching the first level of management in Arbonne!!! So, so proud of you!!
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❤️this!! I do my best to 'follow my gut' feeling on most things--sometimes those things work out for me and sometimes its an opportunity to learn 😜
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Anyone watch The Big Bang Theory last night? Loved seeing this smart lady using Arbonne makeup in her IG story yesterday ❤️
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Happy Fall!! 🍁🍂 If you're wanting 'pumpkin' without gaining a pumpkin 🎃 from all of the sugar and calories in those PSL's- try this shake recipe! So yummy 😋 If you want to lose a pumpkin (8-12#) before the holidays, let me know by Monday the 25th for our group that starts October 2!
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No school today, so we had a project. Hauling wheelbarrow and Ranger loads of rocks that were loaded by hand one at a time. Then unloaded 1 at a time. Yea, they hated it. But they were sure excited about our 'creekbed' when we were done. Dirty dog and fake cell phone helped too 😜
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5k color run this am in Capay for #teammadeline so much fun with our great community 💕
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It's no secret I listen to podcasts everyday, but I'll have to say @andystumpf212 is quickly becoming one of my favorites (ok I'm actually kind of obsessed with him😍--it's fine Clay knows 😂) and this quote from his most recent one was like 🙌🏼 to me. How many times do we let the opinions of others hold us back? It's time we stop letting other peoples limitations dictate what ours should be. What or who is holding you back?
39 1
'Like a tree planted by the river, I shall not be moved' -Maya Angelou As a mom, I hope number 35 and his sister grow up with the courage to be their genuine self--and not take 30+ years to figure out it's ok. I have @brenebrown books to thank for opening my eyes to this. The last two days have found me outside of my comfort zone--walking into a room full of entrepreneurs discussing risk taking as I was sitting there thinking 'I took a risk just being here'. But I never spoke up. Truth is, crowds of people I don't know make me want to run and hide--even as a type A 'Red'. So I'm celebrating the baby steps out of my comfort zone--and who knows, maybe next time I'll take a leap. Until then 'stories of pain and courage almost always include 2 things--praying and cussing--sometimes at the exact same time' -Brene Brown
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This #transformationtuesday is for all the guys out there! @pjdavishorseshoeing did the 30 day clean eating challenge about 2 years ago and it set his 'after' into motion. He's made clean eating his lifestyle and was also able to add working out 3 days a week to his schedule for the past two years. He's a great example of being patient with the process and adopting a healthy lifestyle. The other man pictured is from our August group, you can read his success in his own words. Ladies, if you have a man in your life that can use an 'Easy' button to become a healthier version of themselves--contact me for more info!
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Week ✌🏼 of Capay 'weekend warriors' I am hoping to share my passion for health and fitness with the kids of our community. I'm proud of these kids for coming out today (even the 2 who had no choice 😜). I hope this group grows and that parents come to do the workouts too!
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People don't decide futures. They decide habits. And habits decide their future.✨ #youknowwhatimsaying #chooseyourhabits
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Because at this age, you never know when it's your last PR.... After my 10# PR clay said go heavier because if I can still drop it to my shoulders it's not heavy enough...so I got a wobbly 15# PR. #samesongonrepeat #pushjerkpr #chooseyourhabits
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