Mary is in our fantasy tan room all of today, and tomorrow morning for Emily’s wedding party and family! Don’t forget your pre wedding day prep and ask our wedding coordinator about scheduling your party for their spray tan the week of your wedding! Our staff will custom mix and apply your fantasy tan!
58 9
Thank you Gensfoto for this great shot! Carly Jo working on bridesmaid at the time Taylor’s hair, and now we’re lucky enough to do Taylor’s bridal party this year!
90 3
Alex was stunning! Hair by KL, Makeup by Lisa. Photo by Arielle Teft Photography.
65 3
Sharing this engagement picture of one of our 2018 brides! Hair by Cassandra. Our wedding coordinator can help you coordinate a blow out on all of your special days leading up to the wedding! Don’t forget about your engagement pictures, showers, bachelorette party and rehearsal dinner.
32 2
Check out this months issue of On-the-town for their wedding issue! A ton of amazing local vendors for all of your needs! We have a 1 1/2 page spread, the hair in the pictures was by Carly Jo and the photographer was @bytiffanyannphotography! Thank you Emily and On the town for this opportunity!
70 2
2017 was amazing! Thank you to all the brides that trusted me on their big day! Cheers to a new year, and new adventures! . . ❤ rachael #makeupartist #makeupartistgrandrapids #grandrapidsbride #theknotmichigan #cheekystrut #cheekystrutweddings #sirenandproper
13 2
That special day is only made better by your hair being on point, and with hair like this? It doesn't get any better. Thanks to @cheeky_strut_weddings for the share! 💍👰💖 ・・・ Sadie styling one of our bridesmaids. Photo by Brooke Renae Photography
47 2
Sadie styling one of our bridesmaids. Photo by Brooke Renae Photography
106 8
Stina is absolutely stunning in this 3 page magazine spread in the knot Michigan. Hair by Carly Jo, Makeup by Lisa. We worked with the best vendors as well! #Repost @moderndayeventsfloral (@get_repost) ・・・ As 2017 comes to a close, we are reminded once again how truly blessed we are at Modern Day. Thank you to @theknot for the beautiful three page feature of Stina and Christophes’ big day. It was a pleasure working through the planning and design process alongside Stina, her mother, Camille and a host of tremendously talented wedding vendors. I’m convinced that clients like this come into our world to remind us that we are on the right path professionally. 💕Stunning photography by @kellybramanphotography #modernday #moderndayfloral #destinationweddingplanner #michiganwedding #the#theknotigan #theknot #fallwedding
51 7
Monica putting the final touches on Jackie’s hair.
58 3
Bride and bridal party hair and makeup by us. Photo by the team of @jamiegensphotography and @gensfoto
60 1
Repost from The Days Design styled shoot! Hair by Britt, Makeup by Kelsie. Dress by Ali Nicole Bridal and Photo by Samantha James Photography.
43 1
Just a friendly psa to our 2018 brides. Lindsey Rae has been receiving about 5-10 new bride emails a day and replying with information, and even talking details with quite a few of you. However until a deposit is down your reservation is not held. Also we do have 4 days fully reserved in 2018 at this time. For more information please email
39 2
We have had the most beautiful brides and bridal parties in our salon this year! Thank you to Kate Touzel for this picture in our seating area!
68 1
We loved having these beautiful ladies in our salon for Kaley’s wedding morning! Hair and makeup by us! Photo by @jamiegensphotography / @gensfoto
66 2
93 6
Hair by Carly Jo, Makeup by Lisa, Photo by Chelsea Seekell
38 2
Beautiful Morgan! Hair and makeup by us, dress by Bianka Bridal and photo by Rob Wilkinson
47 2
We had these beautiful ladies in the salon for hair and makeup this past weekend! Photo by Brooke Renae Photography
51 4
Mr. & Mrs. Droski! Hair and makeup by us!
45 2
66 3
Pony loves running around the salon, and she sure fell in love with the beautiful girls in Kaley’s wedding party yesterday!
80 4
Photo by Kat Sherman. Makeup by us, Hair by Britt.
36 1
Betsey’s vision by KL, all the mermaid hair!
57 1
Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Wild! Our beautiful Friday bride, hair by KL. Also congratulations to Saturday’s bride Alexa! We only have 5 brides left in 2017!
45 4
{ Doing what I love, and loving what I do. } 📸 by Kat Sherman Photography . . #mak#makeupst #makeup #bride #bridalmakeup #wed#weddingmakeup #wedding #grandrapidsbride #theknot #theknotmichigan #grandrapidsmakeupartist #cheekystrutweddings
21 2
Will be some weeks before professional photos get to us but - here’s a snap from one of the best bridesmaids ever, @carly.j.andersen - such an angel. #boyledroskiwedding #biankabride #hayleypaige #hayleypaigebride #cancer #cancersurvivor #twotimecancersurvivor #ewingssarcoma #ewingssarcomasurvivor #grandrapids #cheekystrut #blessed #cheekystrutweddings
136 14
We did Morgan’s hair and makeup last weekend! Hair by Carly Jo, dress by Bianka Bridal.
60 3
Happy wedding day to our brides Morgan and Valerie! We were at The Cheney Place this morning, where we added a touch of makeup on this flower girl, as well as this beautiful updo by Britt!
49 4
Hair by Britt! Makeup by us and picture by Kat Sherman Photo
50 1
We loved this bridal party who spent their wedding morning with us. Photo by Kate Touzel.
74 1
Our stunning Sylvia! Hair by KL, Makeup by Kalie! Photo by TAK Photography
52 3
What a beautiful day for a wedding! Congrats to our bride Alex today!
47 1
Hair by Hillary, Photo by Amy Carroll Photography.
43 1
Hair by Britt, Makeup by us as well! Photo by Kat Sherman Photo
65 1
Curls by Carly Jo for this engagement shoot yesterday by Alyssa McElheny Photography. Scheduling a blow out for your engagement pictures or your rehearsal dinner is always a great idea!
27 2
Mr. & Mrs. Berger. Hair and makeup by Anna.
35 1
We had this beautiful bridal party in the salon last weekend! Photo by Kat Sherman
42 1
Another one of Saturday's brides! We were very excited when Sara said she was doing a black dress! Hair by Cassandra, makeup by us as well!
45 1
Bride #3 from Saturday! Elisa's hair and makeup by Anna. Photo by Lizzie Photo
43 1
Chloe was also married Saturday and had Britt as well for hair. Photo by The people picture company.
47 1
{ Yesterday's bride. I always love seeing photo's of my brides on their big day. Just gorgeous. } 📸 by Kat Sherman Photography #bride #bridalmakeup #shesperfect #makeup #makeupartist #grandrapidsbride #theknotmichigan #cheekystrut #cheekystrutweddings
23 0
Meggie was 1 of our 5 beautiful brides yesterday!! Makeup by us, hair by Britt. Photo by Kat Sherman Photography.
47 1
Meggie before she left the salon yesterday! Absolutely Gorgeous! Hair and makeup by us. Hair by Britt! Color is fluid hair painting by Hillary.
68 2
Hailey's hair by KL, makeup by Lisa. Photo by Kate Touzel Photography!
79 1
A little bridesmaid makeup this morning! Congratulations to our brides today! Meggie, Sara, Chloe, Elisa, and our very own Meghann!
33 2
Makeup and most braids on this bridal party by us! Hailey sent us some amazing pictures so the next few posts are going to be all her! Our last post was her beautiful mom! Photo by Kate Touzel Photography!
72 1
Natalie's dreamy hair by Hillary. Photo by Amy Carol Photography.
38 1
Hair by Carly Jo, Makeup by Chandler. Photo by @alyssamcelhenyphotography
56 2
Can we talk about how stunning this is!! I am always in love with romantic dreamy brides ❤ What is your dream bridal look? You can check out @cheeky_strut_wedding for wedding inspo 💎 Hair: @thevelvetkitty Makeup: 🐰 Photo: @givingtreephotography • • • #dreamy #romantic #bri#bridalup #bride #bridal #waves #inspo #michiganwedding #grandrapids #grandrapidsmakeupartist #mua #makeupartist #temptupro #anastasiabeverlyhills #toofaced #theknot #weddingwire #cheekystrutweddings #sirenandproper
95 19
Hair by Carly Jo, Makeup by Lisa. Photo by Giving Tree Photography
53 3
Maid of honor makeup today by us. Congratulations to all of our brides this weekend, Jenae, Jaclyn and Natalie!
57 2
Bridal party hair and makeup by us! Photo by Jamie and Sarah Photo
62 2
Hair by KL, photo by Kate Touzel Photography.
78 4
Gorgeous Hailey! Hair by KL, makeup by Lisa. Photography by Kate Touzel Photography
131 2
Excited for more pictures like this from Katie Touzel Photography. Brides hair by KL.
88 3
Hair by Carly Jo, Makeup by Lisa. Photo by Giving Tree Photography
54 1
I havent been able to do as many brides this summer because of 🔪🔪🔪 taking over, but the ones I have...👌👌👌 • 📸: @givingtreephotography 💇‍♀️: @thevelvetkitty#michiganwedding #bride #bridalmakeup #makeupartist #grandrapidsmakeupartist #mua #temptupro #beautifulcouple #theknot #cheekystrutweddings #sirenandproper
126 4
We have about 20 brides currently booked for 2018, and have one date fully booked already. Please contact our wedding coordinator for pricing and availability.
47 1
We just can't get enough of this couple. Hair by Carly Jo, makeup by Lisa. Photo by Giving Tree Photography.
79 2
Bridesmaid Braids by Britt
55 1
Color, hair and makeup by Anna. Photo by shutter sam photography.
49 1
Stephanie was so beautiful! Hair and makeup by Anna. Photo by shutter sam photography. Event planning by Kenley Event Design.
58 1