Flying donuts, Stevie, Chain Smokers, Bedrock, Jello Shots....standard Saturday night 🍾🧐👯‍♀️🍺🍩🍗⛓🚬.... #Chainsmokers #steviewonder #donuts
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Saturday nights alright #chainsmokers #peak6 #chicago
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Congrats to the #chainsmokers 😍
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CHAINSMOKERS WON I’M SO HAPPY!!!!❤️ #chainsmokers #ama2017
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november nineteenth, twenty seventeen // i remember driving you home and this song came on the radio. you know how much i love edm and you’re so into your rap. i promised not to sing along so you wouldn’t change the station, but what do you do? you start singing i need you, don’t let me down. i turned and smiled at you hard trying not to laugh. you said you don’t know where it came from, but i told you that it was bottle up inside of you. it’s true, i need you right now, but you’re not here.
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When kane brown brings a little girl up on stage and starts singing closer by the chainsmokers. And he starts dancing he literraly made that girls dream come true. Kane brown is hands down awesome! #kanebrownconcert #kanebrownlive #chainsmokers #shermantheater @kanebrown_music
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