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More wonderful holiday mail! Friends took the time to make cards, write notes, send pictures, and add those extra touches that mean so much! We love you for making our holiday extra special! 💌📷📝🎨♥️🎄😘😻🐾
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🐭🐭😻😻 We got mail! Our wonderful friends Mr. Grey and Little Blackie @lweymes sent us these cute mousies and a card with a super sweet pic of them snuggling! We love you guys! ♥️♥️ • • HuDad left the envelope on my laptop and when I got home there was a tiny hole in the corner with fur sticking out!🙀We’re pretty sure Kal knew this was for him and decided to open it.😹• • Do you ever go to play with your cat and you end up working harder than he does? Kal & Lex are pros at this game and they love watching me play fetch. 😂 ⬅️ Swipe to see short clip of Lex’s strategy. 😹
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Indy! Yous zoos is completely out of control! Da squirrel haz a baby squirrel that is riding da reindeer!🙀🦌🐿 ~Lex • • If you like this, then please follow the adventures of my hilarious furriend Indy @indigo.indy as he tames the zoo in his backyard and has epic adventures with a squirrel who taunts him and whose tail he would love to bite! I guarantee he will have you smiling from ear to ear very soon.😁 • ⬅️ to see Kal ROTFL 😹• • Thank you Indy for this totally Pawesome card that looks just like you on IG! We love it and we love you very much❣️• • #pantherthursday #purrsday
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🗻While we love the Chalet Resort, we’re thinking we may need to squeeze in one last trip to the mall to check that last person off our gift list, you know what I mean?🎁 • • 🚖So of course we called Charley Cab Service @icharleypanfur because they’re sooo much better than Uber or Lyft!🚕 • • 💌Here’s their gorgeous card they sent us! Charley is the handsomest cabbie and provides transportation to all the Friday night Cat pawties! We love you Charley! 😻😻 • • 🎿We’re picking Lex up over at the ski spa where he’s getting some heat therapy on his sore legs from all that skiing. 🏂 • • 😻😻😻Thank you for the card and sharing your gorgeous siblings Teddy and Lucky with us! Also can’t wait to see more of your new and mysterious brofur, Colby!😻
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We can’t believe it, but we got Christmas mail right here at the Chalet Resort! It’s from our wonderful friends Sumak and Siyah @sumak_and_siyah and they even sent us some yummy snacks too! We are so lucky to have such thoughtful Furriends! Sending nose boops right back at you sweet buddies! 😽😽
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When i opened the closet door i found this little stinker. I have to hide/secure any teaser type cat toy, as she will play with them non-stop if she sees them. Guess she figured out how to open the door. #hi😊mom #NaughtyOrNice #tuxedocat #tinycat #marteenietheplayalldaycat #catsRawesome #catoftheday #cats_of_instagram #cutecats
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