Displaying a beautiful mixture of utility and elegance, the Talea Sconce expresses its ability to swing yet retains a sense of symmetry and stability. Shown in a white linen shade, dark-stained walnut body, and brushed aluminum finish. #Cerno
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A lot of people have asked me or commented about my recent bathroom countertop project so I thought for #transformationtuesday I would describe it in more detail. PICTURE 1: Raw walnut slab from local sawmill PICTURE 2: Sanding the top surface using the following grits in order of 80-100-120-200-320-400 PICTURE 3: Two coats of Verathane and then wet-sanding to remove any burrs and imperfections PICTURE 4: Two more coats of Verathane, wet-sanding and then buffing to glass like finish I didn't want to stain or add any color to this wood because the natural reds, browns, and even purples in some spots were way too cool to mask. My only complaint with this project besides a sore arm from sanding is the fact that pictures just never do any justice. HUGE thanks to my friend Craig @cavemanandpip for the help and suggestions along the way!
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Today is the LAST day to come down to the #MarcheCasseNoisette Nutcracker Market at the @palais_montreal in Montreal. It's your LAST CHANCE to snag many decor items (at market prices) as I won't be producing new print runs before the holidays. It's also now or never to take home truly one-of-a-kind pieces that are not in my online shop, like this stunning epoxy art of my signature photograph "Converging Boats'. The photograph is printed on brushed aluminum and then covered (meticulously!) with an epoxy resin, giving it more brilliance, depth and color than you could imagine. It changes with every light and kind of makes your heart beat fast. These pics don't do it justice. It measures 20x30 inches and comes with a floater frame and wire than makes it ready to hang. Only ONE has been produced! Receive a $100 discount until 5pm today, as it's for a good cause (the Nutcracker Fund). Perfect for your living room, dining room, home office, corporate space, loft or cottage. Come see it in person! Whose will it be??? Tag a friend! 💙 Aujourd'hui, c'est la DERNIERE journée du #MarcheCasseNoisette2017 au Palais des Congrès de Montréal. C'est votre dernière chance pour plusieurs produits déco car je n'en produirai pas d'autres cette année! C'est aussi LE MOMENT de ramener des pièces vraiment uniques qui ne sont pas dans ma boutique en ligne, comme cette oeuvre épatante sur métal avec epoxy. C'est ma photographie préférée que vous connaissez bien: "Converging Boats / Bateaux convergents". Elle est imprimée sur l'auminium brossé puis recouvert (méticuleusement!) avec une résine époxy, ce qui lui donne plus de brillance, de profondeur et de couleur. Elle change avec la lumière du jour et elle est vraiment étonnante. Ces photos ne le rendent pas justice. L'oeuvre mesure 20x30 pouces et comprend un cadre flottant avec un fil en métal donc elle est prête à accrocher au mur. J'en ai produite qu'UNE SEULE. Recevez un rabais de 100$ jusqu'à 17h aujourd'hui pour une bonne cause (le fonds Casse-Noisette). Parfait pour votre salon, salle à manger, bureau, espace corporatif, loft ou chalet! À qui la chance? . #interiorinspo #acolorstory #flashesofdelight #lifewelltravelled #visitspain
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Metal piece conglomerate specially designed for Royce Corporation
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Dimensional Letters - Laser-cut 3/16" thick acrylic with a brushed aluminum metal laminate and mounted on the wall. #acr#acrylicers #cus#customsigns #dimensionalletters #letters #acrylic #custom #wallsigns #lobbysigns #brushedaluminum #metal #laminate #logo #stpete #signs #eyecare #drf#drfisher&associates #drfisher #eyes
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#fridayfun - It’s been a busy month for our whole Team. Leo, the owner, wanted things to run smoothly, so he made sure all the products came out perfectly before given to the customers. Video: Leo making sure Gary hits his monthly goal for December. Photo 1: After a long day checking on production, Leo takes a break. Photo 2: Making sure all signs for the Karma Automotive event are perfect. Photo 3: Leo wanted to check on our welding skills for the monument sign. Photo 4: The owner wanted to drive to the next appointment and sell a job. 😂❤️🐶 Thanks Leo! Contact #fas#fastsignsboca for all your communications needs: 561.465.2325 | 2043@fastsigns.com. #fastsigns #morethanfastmorethansigns #signage #customsignage #eventsignage #monumentsigns #vinyl #pvc #maxmetal #brushedaluminum #karmaautomotive #whitehallcondominium #thehammocks #cockapoo #leothelegend #leotheowner #goteam #bocaraton #bocadelray #southflorida #florida
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Výroba a instalace cedule (kartáčovaný hliník) a 3D písmo. Výsledek kombinace za nás tedy na jedničku 👍🙂 #reklamni #cedule #3D #pismo #hlinik #kartacovany #brushedaluminum
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Cold or hot, rain or shine ☀️🌦💨🌨 we got this tractors labeled with custom designed decals @centralkubota @kubotausa #brushedaluminum #decals #stickers #vinyl #vinylwrap
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It’s here. This is the @Swatch Sistem51 @Hodinkee Vintage 84. Sistem51 is the worlds’ first mechanical movement with an entirely automated assembly (and only 51 components). The story behind this collab is also really interesting, check out @hodinkee to learn more. #swatchxhodinkee
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