Warm Tones😍 by @hairby_katey
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The girl on the left: self conscious, depressed, drank/ate her feelings, cried multiple times a week. Until one day, she said F that noise and made the decision to change her life. The girl on the right: over confident, happy, loving life. The major change here was simply the decision that I was capable of more than I gave myself credit for. I did actually have the willpower to eat healthy on a more regular basis and be consistent with my workouts. But more than that, I had the ability and confidence to help others in my same situation. And to think, this all started with my participation in fitness challenge. I LOVE that I’m able to pay it forward and help others with my virtual fitness challenges. If you’re ready, I’m here to help you crush some goals! My 4 Week Halloween Hustle Challenge is starting soon, fill out the form in my bio to secure your spot!
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Olhares dizem tudo quando nada precisa ser dito. #blackdress #mistery #loveinyoureyes #brunettegirl #fitness #marriage #party
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