Had the busiest day at Bluewater yesterday buying the last few bits and bobs for my holidays! Back to a crappy night sleep but that’s probably because I was watching Celebs Go Dating and hoovering at midnight last night 🙊🤣 Treated myself to an airport hotel tonight, and by treated myself I mean a night at the Premier Inn so not sure if it counts as a treat or a necessity 🧐 I’m really not a fan of Gatwick Airport as it is an absolute biatch to get to when you live the complete opposite side of the M25 and a different train line to get there 🚂 . Having a bit of a summer throwback with this one, a gorgeous house in Winchelsea, Sussex. Winchelsea is a very historic town but in the 13th century it was suffering from coastal erosion, and the shingle spit on which the old town stood was steadily eaten away. . Old Winchelsea’s first petition to the king for help was made in 1236 but nothing was done until a commission was sent down in 1282 to examine the situation. The commissioners, who included the king’s treasurer and the mayor of London, reported that Winchelsea was indeed in a parlous state. A large part had already been destroyed and the rest in imminent danger. . The town was of great strategic value to the realm and the commissioners recommended that it should be rebuilt on a safer site. King Edward I acted. A new site for the town was selected, plans were drawn up and work put in hand for roads, wharves, cellars and public buildings.
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Today is my last day in England before heading off to Florida for ten days! Looking forward to some Orlando sun but will also miss views like this! . Lincoln Cathedral sits on an escarpment, dominating the landscape and visible for miles. The vast church has a Norman core built by William the Conqueror’s cousin, and was embellished by early English Gothic in the restoration by St Hugh of Lincoln at the end of the 12th century. Visitors can enjoy up to three tours within the entry price, including in the summer months the Wren Library, described by Sir Roy Strong as the most beautiful room in England. The Chapter House, in which the English Parliament met, a Refectory and Shop. . 📷 Photo by me @postcardsbyhannah . #VisitLincoln #InstaBritain
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Bricks and a Bloom 💕 Hang a Bambino Bloom on your front door as a birth announcement to let friends and neighbours know your little one has arrived! 👼🏻
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Stick out the scroll for my face. You know you want to. • A Grade II listed, 19th century marvel, topped by ‘Big Brum’ (with an on-completion cost of £163,000....equivalent to £15.2 million smackers in 2016), that’s home to Birmingham’s Museum & Art Gallery, and one of the largest public Pre-Raphaelite painting collections in the world (that I didn’t see because a) I didn’t realise - note to self: always research - and, b) Sunday’s was a whizz-around (going to be honest here), ‘find all the pretty bits’ (hiiiii ceiling patterns) visit that meant much of the time I had was spent oooo-ing and ahhh-ing over industrial room ceilings, colourful accents, and fancy door handles!), Birmingham Council House was this past weekend’s stop of choice thanks to its...well, do I need to really persuade you why? Bloody look at it! • Admittedly finding just enough time to eat cake (because one will always be woo’d by a Viccy Sponge slice...I'm all about priorities), I took in the splendour of the Edwardian tea rooms alongside much of the rest of the city, filming people eating, and boomerang-ing self pouring tea, because that’s how I rock and roll! • With its #ihavethisthingwithtiles game set to strong, BMAG is one of those Birmz treasures that I had no idea existed up until my first visit a few years back (ah the things we DON’T learn when we stick to one’s own region). Fronted by extraordinary details (a mosaic of Venice...someone might be able to fill me in on why - if you can, do),, headed by an embellished-dome’d roof (I meannn, can’t ever be faulted, right?!), and accompanied by the rather-darn regal, many-coloumn’d Town Hall, Victoria Square is one of those must-do spots that, funnily enough, must be done if a trip to Birmz is on yer ‘let’s check it out’ plans. • Have you been to Birmingham? If so, what’s your favourite thing about the city? If not, ...get on it, my dear! You haven’t got all day! Well....you have, in fact, I would suggest at least one full day in the city, to not only see magnificent beasts like this, but also to go for a canal wander because, wait for it...Birmingham has more canals than Venice, with 56 Km of waterways. Did you know?! •
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Stepcote Hill in Exeter. Standard day ahead. I hope you have a good Tuesday 🙂
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small pocket of gorg on museum rd
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I wonder how this pretty house came to be numbered 24 1/2. ☺☺💕
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Gotta get up early because I'm going to ROME with my gal Hibah for the week 😍😎🙌 but now, here's my fave room in the V&A 😘❤️ praise to whoever invented reading week 👌
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• Vitamin Sea ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ One from the weekend when all was calm, until a mini earth tremor, an out of hours emergency visit to the vet and our connection to the world wide web went down! 😜 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #britishsnaps #swisbest #postcardplaces #tv_living #englandsbigpicture #lig#lightzine #momentsofmine #seekmoments #coastallife #besidethesea #lightzine #iamtraveller #instabritain #prettylittletrips #theweekoninstagram #cornersofmyworld #capturingbritain #mystoryoflight #lovegreatbritain #global_ladies #anniesmondayblues #mondayblues
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Nothing beats getting out in the mountains of England and getting shots like this one. Who else agrees? ⛰
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Glass and metal combine ..
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Just another murky Monday... 😎 #PeakDistrict
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Wandering around Yorkshire abbey ruins, as per the usual 😍 . This is Easby Abbey, established in 1151 by a group of radical Cistercians. It's located just about a mile away from the charming market town of Richmond, which is at the very edge of the Yorkshire Dales! This is a great area with so much to explore. . I loved this abbey - and best of yet, it's free to visit! ⛪ I really am spoiled for choice living in Yorkshire 😊 . Hope you all have a great Monday! ❤ . . . . . #easbyabbey #abbeyruins #richmonduk #yorkshire #northyorkshire #yorkshiredales #welcometoyorkshire #visityorkshire #vis#visitnorthyorkshire #iloveyorkshire #bbcyorkshire #scenesofyorkshire #visitnorthyorkshire #instabritain #visitengland #photosofbritain #photosofengland #lovegreatbritain #explore_Britain #ukpotd #gloriousbritain #mybritain #britishsnaps #mytinyatlas #guardiantravelsnaps #dametraveler #sheisnotlost #wearetravelgirls #womenwhoexplore #girlswhotravel
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Niddry Castle, which sits in the middle of a golf course. Castles and bunkers - safety and traps... • Niddry Castle was the construction of father and son Seton, both named George. • George the father started the build but died at the Battle of Flodden in 1513 before it was finished. His son built the fifth storey of the castle at the time of the Rough Wooing and before his death in 1549. • Grandson George met up with Mary, Queen of Scots, after her escape from Lochleven Castle and she stayed here on 2 May 1568 in one of her last nights of freedom before her recapture. • Although George had fled Scotland in the aftermath of Mary’s capture, he returned in 1572 and took control again. • Attempts by the Regent, James Douglas, Earl of Morton to take the castle back were thwarted twice that year, with the defence including the suspension of timber beams around the castle, which were dropped on those attempting to scale the castle walls... • Nowadays attacks on the castle are limited to errant drives on the golf course that has been developed around it. • • • #visitscotland #sco#scotland_insta #loves_scotland #ig_scotland #instascotland #total_united_kingdom #icu_scotland #lovescotland #thisisscotland #followmetoscotland #scotlandsites #loves_united_scotland #scotland_greatshots #outlander #unlimitedscotland #traveling_scotland #hiddenscotland #visualsofscotland #bbcscotlandpics #scotland #uk #photosofbritain #instabritain #britishsnaps #ukpotd #scenicbritain #uk_greatshots #britains_talent #traveling_uk
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LOVE this little guy made up as per of locally sourced babies 👶🌿 To be available to order via the web shop ASAP 🙌
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Monday is a day to start planning all small steps to do each day of the week to make your dreams come true. Have you accomplished your first step for this week already?
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Cat senses spring is close 🐱 Английсские коты ничем не отличаются от всех остальных, только наглее и общительнее, настолько насколько кот может быть еще наглее. Животных в Англии очень любят и никогда не обижают, поэтому кот не ожидает от случайного прохожего какую-нибудь заподлянку, типа поджопника и, если в настроение, вполне может доверчиво подойти и, даже, позволить себя погладить. Интересно, что проблема с бездомными животными полностью решена. Ни разу не видела в Англии котейку или собачку, хоть отдаленно напоминающего бомжа, всегда чистые, ухоженный, в красивом ошейнике с бубенчиком. Никаких тебе подвалов с полчищами кошек или подворотней с отрядами бездомных агрессивных собак. Всех животных чипуют, на некоторых платятся налоги, есть службы спасения животных. За ненадлежащие содержание животного могут быть последствия всякие нехорошие. При этом проблема бездомных людей, почему-то остается нерешенной.🐈
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Cloisters of Lacock Abbey ❤
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Bath corners.
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A day in London 1/8 God save the Queen
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El Royal Albert Hall en Londres, uno de los teatros más emblemáticos del mundo y uno de los edificios más bellos de la época victoriana, donde ayer se llevaron a cabo los Premios Bafta. 🇬🇧 . . . #royalalberthall #bafta #southkensington #westminster #theatre #total_london #estructurarte #creativosmx #europestyle_ #total_monuments #newphotonow #londresgmm
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brother is making his balloon squeak like a cat #latergram
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My last few days in b-e-a-utiful Cambridge! If you haven't done so already, check out my video about the 5 MUST-DO's in Cambridge. I promise, you'll enjoy it! (Link in bio) ⬆️🇬🇧😋 . . . . #Cambridge #Cambridgeuniversity #England #Punting #UK #youtube #youtuber #vlogger #glt #sheisnotlost #lovegreatbritain #britishsnaps #traveladdict #tlpicks #iseeeuse #potd
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The blue-lit escalators on the way to Fine Fragrances
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What a beautiful weekend that was - a real taste of the Spring to come 🍃🌸🍃Wishing you all a good week.
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Saturday was a mooching day and the New Forest called to us. We found this stunning cottage on one of the country roads we took. Have you ever just driven around with no destination in mind just to see what you can see. What did you find on your mystery trip? Have a great start to the week.
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A coffee surrounded by flowers to kick off the week...hope you have a great one! ✨
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Just Because It’s Pink 💕 When I was taking these photos, a group of people were staring at me out of a downstairs window across the street. Eventually, an American man came out and called, “Is this a famous house, or is just because it’s pink?” I laughed and replied, “It’s just because it’s pink!” 😂🌸 Pretty much sums up my relationship with pink places in London! In other news, I woke up this morning to crazy notifications because the lovely @noodlerella had mentioned me in her stories! I am so grateful and it really does help a little blogger like me when it’s so difficult to grow! Hello to all the lovely people who have come over and followed, I hope you enjoy your stay! ✨ Wearing what may well be my all time favourite jumper from @misspatina 🦄
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Is anyone else asking how is it Monday morning already? Me too, and I don’t have the answer either. . 📷: Upper Slaughter, Gloucestershire, by me @postcardsbyhannah . The region now known as Gloucestershire was originally inhabited by Brythonic peoples (ancestors of the Welsh and other British Celtic peoples) in the Iron Age and Roman periods. After the Romans left Britain in the early 5th century, the Brythons re-established control but the territorial divisions for the post-Roman period are uncertain. The city of Caerloyw (Gloucester today, still known as Caerloyw in modern Welsh) was one centre and Cirencester may have continued as a tribal centre as well. . The only reliably attested kingdom is the minor south-east Wales kingdom of Ergyng, which may have included a portion of the area (roughly the Forest of Dean). In the final quarter of the 6th century, the Saxons of Wessex began to establish control over the area. . Tag us to be featured 🇬🇧
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Fairyland in early spring 🌸 . . * Actually, this was taken on Saturday at Painswick Rococo Gardens (which is just like Fairyland but with more snowdrops). . . Hope everyone has a magical Monday - it's half term week for us, and it's extremely nice not to be rushing around this morning ♡ . . #seekmagicaladventure #facelessportrait #slowlivingforlife #forprettyssake #ourplayfulstyle #mys#myseasonalstory #cotswolds #painswickrococogarden #snowdropcompetition2018 #ourwhimsicaldays #adventurelikebeatrixpotter #thefloralseasons #littlecornersoftheworld #fairytale #thatsdarling #natureonthepage #instabritain #britishsnaps #ig_kids #botanicalpickmeup #childandnature #myseasonalstory #beautifullywild #botanicaldreamers #thisprettyengland #photosofengland #lovelywanderings #walkinguk #runwildmychild #distractionsandinspirations #celebrate_childhood
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Nothing screams British sea front like a pearly pink bnb
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More London pinkness! 💕 This weekend was one for making cute Easter knits, photo faffing and writing about Friday's visit to the Winter Garden at Anglesey Abbey in Cambridgeshire. ☺ Check out the store for the new egg cosies. Have a read of the new blog post. Link to both in profile. ☺☺💕 Have a great Monday 💕💕💕
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