[2018 Intention of the Week] So Warrior Mothers (yes even if you desire to BE one!)... . How is this for a synchronicity! . I wrote my post of 50 '2018 intention ideas for a Warrior Mother' and later thought, 'maybe I could feature each one in more detail, say one per week for the rest of this year'. . Then I thought - 'but I didn't do 52'... But of course, we're already 2 weeks in! . So here goes, with Number 1. . Sugar. . It is the poison of the New Children (along with plenty of others). . It is the poison where we have been programmed back in the 70s-90s, that sugar was okay. Especially as a treat. . However, sugar is very low-vibrational. Our sensitive New Children are coming through very high-vibrational. . Sugar is affecting them more than it affected/affects us..... . So how do you feel about sugar? Let me know! . What stops you from cutting it out completely? (hint: sometimes it's the thought of 'what does that mean for me?!') . What happened when you did cut it out for yourself or your family? . Have you felt into your honest knowledge about how it affects your child? . What is the one next step you could take in showing the universe you would like to reduce it or cut it out, if you were going to take a token action? . And please, don't feel guilty or judging if you do still have sugar in the house or eat it, if you'd rather not. Keeping neutral is a great way to just get in there and make the changes! . Love Heidi x . #sugar #sugarfree #dates #intuitivechildren #immunityboost #brainfog #consciousparenting #newageparenting #intuitiveparenting #awakenedparenting #starchildren #thenewchildren #asd #adhd #eczema #highvibefoods #lowvibefoods #saynotosugar #processedfoods
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My social media stream was flooded with Blue Monday posts yesterday, this year it came twice (so far) which was first created by Sky Travel in 2005 as ‘the most depressing day of the year’. It’s not a lie, just not the whole truth. I always felt a bit lethargic, wee bit more tired than usual or just apathy whenever it rained growing up in India. That was the least of my problems so it didn’t surface prominently until I moved to the UK & learnt about SAD. SAD is more than just sad, it’s pretty interesting. SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder is clinically treated in the same manner as depression. It’s often hard for me to figure out when the weather is causing my brain fog or lethargy or when it’s just my body slowly trying to kill me (read always). I have strived away from antidepressants for as long as I can remember so I do some (weird) things: a) not do anything stressful at least four hours before bed which includes looking at finances, emails suchlike. b) think of something happy right before bed; I often wake up with the same/similar thought in the morning. c) have a boring morning; if something works for you & makes you happy stick to it. For me, it’s coffee in bed for a leisurely hour at the very least followed by a very specific breakfast & various repeated boring tasks I do over and over again so my brain isn’t forced to use up its energy on mundane tasks. d) the SAD Light which has been a lifesaver, wakes me up every morning with music & light that definitely makes it almost a 💯 times better than a random alarm trying to wake me up. With over 80% of serotonin levels found in our guts, it doesn’t doesn’t leave IBDers with much to play around with. Those with any form of chronic diagnosis will tell you we’re presented with a range of overlapping symptoms that may or may not relate to an actual clinical diagnosis. The reassuring part of it is that it happens to literally every single spoonie I’ve met in my life so I’m sorry, you’re not special but that’s a reason to smile in itself! 😀 PS: this is not a post about mental illness had to weigh in amongst all the ‘sunshine posts’ around fighting blue Monday & this is the only way I relate to it.
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Texts , emails , phone calls , letters , appointments ect ect ... #brainfog
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I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who commented on my post about going to London alone. I’m pleased to report that I’m in one piece, and whilst going alone may not have been the wisest choice, I did enjoy myself at times! I really struggled at times though, and pushed myself so hard that I was having back to back seizures that have only just begun to calm down a week later. I even lost the use in one arm temporarily🙄😯#heybrokenbodywhatgives The whole trip has confirmed in my mind that an assistance dog would be a valuable addition to my life and hopefully something to work towards in the future. {pic: an all style but no substance bubble waffle}
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Brain fog and memory lapses aren't unusual for women going through menopause but boy, are they infuriating. Oestrogen contributes to brain functions including language, memory, and concentration. But when peri-menopause hits, oestrogen levels run low, which may explain why we struggle to recall a word, remember a name, or follow instructions. This can be discombobulating. Good news, a Harvard University study looking at memory,ageing and menopause, found that although women between the ages of 45-55, performed less well in memory tests than women of other ages, postmenopausal women performed as well as premenopausal women. There's light at the end of the tunnel! #brainfog #memoryloss #mindfog #forgetful #menopause #perimenopause #memorylapse #forgetmenot #womenshealth #mindgames #thoughtfortheday #tuesdaythought #remember #_hotflush #memoryrecall #menopausesymptoms #symptoms #awomanslot #dontsufferinsilence #breakthetaboo #empoweringwomen #wellandhealthy
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Yesterday afternoon. Turns out it was a good day for cloud/sky watching in the end 😊 And I was able to switch back to normal glasses too. But then... When you need to do phone admin and end up on hold for 45 minutes 🤕😭 This was literally me. . . The violin in the hold music went through me and caused so much pain but that was nothing to the hold noise I experienced at one part. Seriously, who thought weird, loud electronic noise was good to listen to on hold? I actually cried out in pain as it came on so so loud and suddenly after the first recorded message 🤕 By the time I actually got to speak to a human I could hardly speak/function. . . After hanging up, I cried. My brain felt like it was going to explode and I was feeling like I'd just got back from a hospital appointment! I just about managed to eat some dinner so I could take my meds and then I collapsed and didn't move really until this morning. I need to do more admin today... I don't know how that's going to work out as I haven't regained talking in sentences yet... plus, sunglasses on with just a small tealight candle for light. It's taken ages to type this but sometimes you just need to tell someone what's happened! . . #duskysky #january #clouds #skyscape #sunlitclouds #pinksky #cloudscape #trees #field #view #lifethroughawindow #changingcanvas #chronicillness #chronicpain #whenbeingonholdactuallyhurts #phoneadmin #holdnoise #ouch #mecfs #pwme #fibro #noisesensitivity #brainfog #lightsensitivity #sunglassesoninside #paybackishere
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NFL - Nourish For Life ❤️ • Nourish. Balance. Revitalise. Nourish for Life is a natural berry-flavoured drink mix containing a blend of B vitamins that help to support the body’s functions, reduce tiredness and fatigue and contribute to normal energy-yielding metabolism. • Key benefits 💯 Gentle yet effective whole body cleansing Combats harmful toxins and free radicals Improves weight loss efforts Increases energy levels and mental clarity • • • • #nourish #replenish #revitilise #natural #bvitamins #bodyfunction #nutritionaltherapy #intermittentfasting #cleansing #ridoftoxins #flushbodytoxins #supportmetabolism #metabolism #reducetiredness #reducefatigue #brainfog #brainfood #mentalclarity #combatsfreeradicals
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Money is only necessary because it can be used to create experiences and wonderful memories. Master your money, let it be your tool. On the other hand, If you make money your master, and do nothing but work for the sake of having it then you will become a tool for money and never feel complete 🙇🏽‍♂️💰
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OUTSIDE | 📷 MT LAWLEY, WA • “As a child I was scared of the world’s capacity To hold so many outcomes So I chose to not choose Failing to see that standing still is still a choice “ • (words by me) Excerpt from <> • • • • • I wish for you the confidence to truly choose x • • • • • • • • • • • • • #earthling #outside #perth #vegansinperth #plants #rain #nature #naturephotography #mindfulness #breathe #anxiety #stress #stressrelief #mentalhealth #poetry #wordsofinstagram #mentalhealthawareness #mentalillness #edrecovery #recovery #recoveryisworthit #eatingdisorder #edwarrior #brainfog #depression #freeverse
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Dis my kinda cat 🐱😭
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Migraine are my typical day. This current one has been a #boomerang for the last week. I finally went to the ER this morning. I had a liter of fluids with toradol and zofran. I missed the muscle relaxer they usually give me, different doctor he said it wasn’t a medication given for migraines 🙄. Anyway I made it home on slick roads only to get my car stuck on the snow at the end of our driveway and leave my lights on, that I don’t remember turning on. 🤷🏼‍♀️😑 That lead to a dead battery. Mom hooked it up to the charger and we were able to get the car on the street with no trouble. This is as a day, and now it’s time for bed. #migraine #chromicmigraine #lifewithchronicillness #lifewithchronicmigraine #invisibleillness #brainfog #memoryissues
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I wish i could smoke right now 😒😣
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The documentary @unrestfilm following a Harvard PhD student through her journey with chronic illness (ME/CFS) is live on Netflix. This is a BIG deal for people like me. ⠀ The first time I saw Unrest, I cried through the whole movie -- happy and sad tears. Happy tears because, wow, the feeling of seeing someone like you on the big screen is beyond words powerful and especially so when we're so used to seeing able-bodied folks full of energy on TV and in movies. Sad tears because she hits home on so many struggles I have faced myself behind closed doors in the battle with chronic illness. ⠀ To have a film on Netflix - something so readily accessible and widespread - that captures the challenges that patients like me face is beyond words powerful. I can't tell you how many times I wondered if my illness was all in my head in my first year(s) of being sick, because 1) doctors tell you it is and 2) I had never seen or heard of an illness like this before. Not in movies, TV, social media, anything. This movie alone has truly changed the experience for patients like me and I am so thankful to Jennifer Brea and her team for undertaking this project. ⠀ If you want to know more about my experience with chronic illness, you can read my story on my website: navigatingchronicillness.com (link in bio.) ⠀ It's #timeforunrest folks! #myalgicencephalomyelitis #meawareness #chronicfatigue #lifewithchronicillness #uchealth #immunology #brainfog
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I’ve had sooooo many “Day One’s” this past year. 2016 was a little rough and I am currently the most out of shape I’ve EVER been. 🙈 Today is #DayOne. If we have mutual friends, I’m sure you’ve noticed it’s their day one too. The ONLY reason I’m confident that this is not just ANOTHER day one, is due to the fact that so many of my favorite people, are in a GROUP, sharing ideas, motivating each other, and making changes TOGETHER. #Accountability is everything. And I’ve clearly needed it in my life. 💕 I LOVE what I do, and I’m not letting anyone down this time. Most importantly... myself. . . . . #dontletmedown #soulgoals #weightlossgroup #ketoresults #highfatlowcarb #freegroup #ketoweightloss #joinmenow #lifestylechanges #weightlosscoach #weightlosshelp #mentalclarity #brainfog #freeyourself #betterthandiamonds #appreciationfirst #healthyjourney #growyourselffirst
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Motivation Monday!!! Oh man...these types of messages fire me up! 🔥This is what motivates ME to keep reaching out and asking if I can help you reach your health goals too! Here’s the deal though, it’s only going to work if you’re ready. Ready to change what you’re not happy with. I should know, it took me 8 months to finally try this superfood nutrition because I didn’t think I needed it.🤷‍♀️ It’s been two years now and I still eat this food everyday! So, when you’re ready to have more energy🏃🏾‍♀️, to clear out the brain fog, to know what a night of quality sleep feels like😴, to trade cravings and toxicity for lean muscle and an overall feeling of “being lit up from the inside-out”, let’s chat...because I’m ready to help...but only when YOU are ready too. Check out my site for some inspiring transformations! 💪🏻 www.BePhatAndFit.com #bephatandfit #sleepless no more #moreenergy #moreenergyplease #greatsleep #transformyourlife #solutionsforlife #bra#brainfogs #brainfog #clarityiskey #mentalclarity #toxicity #whenyoureready
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Lupus is the cause of brain fog, Repeating things over and over in your head sometimes works but other times it doesnt... The Lupus brian fog, is REAL. #lup#lupusymous #lupusbrainfog #lupusproblems #lupus #lup#lupussucksdont #spoonie #lupussucks #spoonieawareness #spoonielife #knowlupus #autoimmunewarrior #invisibleillness #chronicillness #autoimmunediseases #brainfog #fibromalgia #imakelupuslookgood #fighter
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My wonderful GI fit my into his schedule so he could fix the fucked up feeding tube that CMH placed incorrectly about 4 days ago. He had to do it endoscopically and I hate being sedated. But over 3 weeks with no fluids or feeds through my tube is enough to make me deal with it. I much prefer my tube changes while I'm awake, but I was so happy to get a bag of fluids. I'm so thankful I'm able to eat some food by mouth without throwing up, but the pain it causes is horrendous. I'm SO looking forward to getting back on my amazing @katefarms and give my body some amazing nutrition without the pain, it's by far the best formula I've ever come across. No pain, no bloating, no clogs. Just a wonderful formula made by a wonderful family and company. 😊 #spoonie #spoonies #tubie #tubies #tubefed #tubieproblems #spoonieproblems #spoonielife #spooniestrong  #chronicpain #chronicfatiguesyndrome #cfs  #chronicallyill #nf #tumors #nervedamage #brainfog #neurofibromatosis #nf1 #hypothyroidism #gastroparesis  #neuropathy  #scoliosis #inappropriatesinustachycardia #POTS #endometriosis #invisibleillnes
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This is going to be my next read because if I've learned anything by growing up with a #typeonediabetic father, struggling with my own #hypoglycemia and having #gestationaldiabetes, it's that #bloodsugar matters and to ignore your #gluose health is dangerous. Did you know that Plexus Slim a.k.a. the "Pink Drink" was developed by an #endocrinologist out of Ohio State University to help #balance blood sugar. #FACT: EVERYONE needs balanced blood sugar! You may not even realize the far-reaching effects of having blood sugar levels that constantly dip and spike. Plexus Slim has the ability to help balance your blood sugar, and by doing that helps decrease: #fatstorage, #sugarcravings, #moodswings, #brainfog, #fatigue, and the amount of #insulin and #cortisol that your body is having to produce. That is powerful! And, that is why people feel better and lose weight. It's not a magical diet drink by any means, it's simply science addressing your body's basic need of blood sugar stability. #balancedbody #naturalsolution #healthmatters #reading #healthbooks
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Leafy loving the fire 🐾 Just checking in, using the last of my Internet for a few days. We've been house searching with not much luck. Found one we're going to call about tomorrow that looks great, but I've a feeling it'll already be gone, another to look at Wednesday but it's out in the middle of no where and I'm not sure I want to be even more isolated, but then again, the quiet and a garden would be lovely. We're kind of in limbo at the moment, can't get on with any work, selling stuff or house hunting until we have the Internet properly but I'm kind of struggling to use the time to chill... we've only got a few weeks to find somewhere to live and really need to get on and sell some things to afford to live! Just finding it hard to relax with that at the forefront of my mind; the lack of housing security is pretty scary. Playing lots of games as a distraction, eating my way through a mountain of Christmas chocolate, having lots of cat snugs, resting and enjoying the peace and quiet, so everything's mostly good 😊 much happier and less stressed than a week ago, just need the next steps in motion.
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Recovering from my trip to Stanford CFS/ME Clinic. It’s 4 and I finally feel ready to move and eat. For too long I was on my own and in the past today would’ve been a disaster; if I could get up I wouldn’t have the energy left to eat after cooking ... but now I have caregivers to help and it’s made life at home possible.💕 Thank you @official_paiige for cooking the delicious squash today, so I can eat now I’m ready.👍🏼 Good caregivers are a lifeline! 🦋#cfsawareness #meawareness #spagettisquash #beansalad #glu#glutenfree #grainfree #dairyfree #organicherbs #herbgarden #indoorgarden #mecfs #pnw #caregivers #herbalmedicine #cfsme #fibromyalgia #dysautonomia #chronicillness #brainfog #chronicpain #recovery #invisibleillness #spoonie #glutenfree #vegan #islandlife
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#hotflashes #weightgain #brainfog #fatigue #lowlibido #depression all can be symptoms of #menopause. However, #HTCA #bioidentical #hormone #pellet replacement therapy treats ALL of that! #seibellamedspa #drannetrussell 501-228-6237
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For months now I have been curious about this new found energy, mental clarity and weight loss drink that my friends are talking about. I decided to keep an open mind and give it a try. Let’s just say after just one week of giving it a try. My mind is blown. The results are incredible. I have never felt better and seen results this good. Though I loved shakeology and the Beachbody company but for many reasons I have to say goodbye. Though I’m embarrassed to post my weight, but After just one week im 6 pounds down and I’m on my way to a new me. Goodbye those stubborn holiday pounds that just refuse to come off and hello amazing results. #newme#amazingresults#weightloss#energy#brainfog#stubborn#results#tiredmama
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✨I love you sososososo much more than you could ever ever even imagine. You're absolutely everything to me and always will be. Without you there's no purpose, you keep me happy and sane and give me so much more love than I can handle. I'm so happy we're a forever and we always will be. You're beyond perfect and just the most amazing and best person in the whole wide world I can't wait until you're in my arms and I can tell you a million more times how much I love you and care for you and will always be here for you no matter what. I love you for you and you love me for me, that's what's important. Our love means so much to us and I love that and I love everything about you. Just thinking about you makes me melt and smile and nobody else in the whole wide world can make me this happy and caring and full of purpose. Our love is strong and will keep growing and growing forever because we're always going to be by each other's side through everything. You've helped me so much through so many problems and I'm so grateful for that and I try my best helping you with any troubles that may come your way because we're a team and that's what a relationship is for, comfort, love, and support as well as sooo much more. You always put up with me and my attitude at times that I just can't always control and you're always so sweet and loving and make sure you help me get better. Ughh I just love you so much and I can't believe it's been 7 months. The day I met you we were both such different people and from then I've become so much better and you know it and I'll always be with you throughout this life and the next and the next anddd the next, never ending. I love you baby I love you so much I love youuuuu💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟 Happy 7 months c: 💘💞💫✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ #anime#manga#lofi#vapor#vaporwave#lofidelity#futurebass#music#art#beaut#purple#blue#rainbow#pretty#colors#followme#pinterest#tumblr#glow#glowing#happiness#numbness#brainfog#happy#numb#dead#love
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Some days music is the only reason to be here. I’m still on oxygen most of the time. My o2 saturation level was 91% this morning. I took my #cannula out for just a few minutes to give my skin a little break. My #cello lesson was good and my bass clef is getting much, much quicker. It’s tough being very tired and wanting to practice and do errands and clean. I suppose today will just be a music day and that’s just fine #chronicallymusical #chronicillness #chronicpain #brainfog
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Just got back from some water therapy at St Kilda Sea Baths Hydrotherapy Pool. Felt so good. Let's hope I'm not achey for it later. X . . #healingpowerofwater #halfdeafanddizzy #chronicfatigue #brainfog #healthadjustments #adapting #chronicillness #pem #postexertionalmalaise #doms #delayedonsetmusclesoreness
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Wake up early and get into a thrive state instead of a survive state. 4 tips to waking up early and seizing the day. Link in bio 👉[@hustle.healthy]
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Love starting my day this way. #fatcoffee #goodfats #brainfog #brainhealth #lfhc #bebetter #healthyeating http://sharetheexperience.ShopKeto.com
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Omg I've done this so many times! And with the oven. And with the electric kettle.
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Patience is so important! Don’t rush your process. If you have a goal and a plan for how to reach it, you’ll reach it eventually if you stop living life as though you’re running out of time. Time is a man made way of measuring and organizing things and events, use it to keep your life organized but stop acting like you’re going to “run out” of it and you’ll find life becomes A LOT EASIER 🙇🏽‍♂️
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A little pick me up for #Monday ❤️❄️☕️🎨 Is this your #morning too by any chance? Or am I the only one who doesn't have the whole "woke up like this, meditated, wrote a book, and went for a run" routine down?
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When you are feeling down It’s easy to feel like things will never change and that you will be stuck in this darkness forever. But just like the seasons emotions will change. Yes you might be in winter right now but you can find the spring. The first step is believing that it’s possible. 🌷
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FUN FACT: Plexus Slim "Pink Drink" was developed by an endocrinologist out of Ohio State University to help #balance #bloodsugar. FACT: EVERYONE needs balanced blood sugar! You may not even realize the far-reaching effects of having blood sugar levels that constantly dip and spike. So when we say that Plexus Slim has the ability to help balance your blood sugar, what we are really saying is that it helps #decrease: #fatstorage, #sugarcravings, #moodswings, #brainfog, #fatigue, and the amount of #insulin and #cortisol that your body is having to produce. That is #powerful! That is why people are #feelingbetter and #losingweight. It's not a #magical #dietdrink by any means, it's simply addressing your body's #basicneed of #bloodsugarstability. #bodybalance #naturalenergy #notadiet #healthandwellness #prebiotics #guthealth #guthealthmatters
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A little color snapped in Maui to brighten up your #Monday! 🌺 Thinking I need to go buy some tropical flowers to brighten up my winter room now! On another note, new blog post is up on how I've survived college while dealing with brain fog. If you deal with Hashimotos you know all about that! 🤦 If your a student check it out and see if any of my tips can help you out! 📚 Link in bio 💕 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • #hellohashimotos #brainfog #study #student #school #college #hashimotos #hashimotosthyroiditus #chronicillness #autoimmunedisease #thyroid #color #flowers #maui #photography #picoftheday
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I really struggle with brain fog. Sometimes I feel like I'm getting Alzheimer's it's so bad 😩. #brainfog #troubleconcentrating #lymedisease #chronicillness #inflammation #chronicfatigue #healing #holisticmedicine #alternativemedicine
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If it’s not a challenge, it won’t change you. If it’s change you want take the step forward. Your choice, your health.
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Day 1 Sugar detox and Slim It's time to get on track now that the circuit finals are over and my emotions are a bit more under control. Have any of you done research in sugar and what it does to you? It's pretty scary, do some searching then let's talk. #poweredbyplexus #detox #sugarisbad #slim #ontobetterhealth #headaches #brainfog #prediabetes #weightgain #anxiety #justtonameafew
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