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Volumes. May your energy be unaffected by the mindless words and actions of sleepwalkers. Those that refuse to better themselves because they exist to judge other people before turning that negativity inward to heal their own insecurities. How people carry themselves is a direct projection of the relationship they have with themselves, remember that.
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Workout completed🏋️‍♀️ Off to work I go 👊 #functional #kettlebell #swings #deadlifts #barbell #focusonyourself #loveyourself #betteryourself
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@euanstenhouse & @elenanicoleduffy smashing today’s Bootcamp class!!! - Check out all those calories burned 👆🏼🔥👆🏼🔥 - Come on down tonight 6pm & 7pm and give it a go!! @reebokcft
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It’s chest day today... split the week up with working on one of my weakest body parts. - Always looking to better myself! #ChestDay #BetterYourself - Photo credit @mattthomasphoto - @chosenfewathletics - - - - - - - - - - -#goals #fit #Fitness #abs #Bodybuilding #Health #Workout #ripped #gym #lifestyle #aesthetics #motivation #fitfam #GymLife #dedication #Instadaily #instamood #Fitnessmodel #gymFreak #instgram #instafit #fiffreak #muscle #Squats #Fitspo #inspiration #Gains
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Laptop & baby monitor that’s all I need...he sleeps while I sweat it out! 💪🏻
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TEAM WORK makes the DREAM WORK💫 • Is there someone in your life that you KNOW you can always count on to either: A. push you out of your comfort zone, or B. work with you, side by side, to overcome some of life’s most challenging moments? I have a few of those people in my life and for that I feel extremely grateful; however, this girl right here take the🍰. • I can remember the day, moment and second that she said to me, “Wow, you really care what other people are going to think, huh?” In that moment, I cowered, buckled. I thought, “shit, she just called me out and she’s RIGHT.” Kelsey’s words made me think long and hard about my WHY and about my insecurities😔 • Growing up (and those following this post whom I went to middle/high school with will know EXACTLY what I’m talking about here) I was extremely shy. To the point where I’m sure I came across as an absolute bitch to some people because I refused to smile at a classmate in the halls, small talk with acquaintances or socialize outside of my little bubble of close-friends. Like…..RUDE! I was a total introvert and couldn’t be bothered by anyone other than my small, safe group of friends. I didn’t have trust in people. I was lucky enough, however, to have had the ability to participate in sports because I slowly came out of this reserved stage in my life when I became constantly surrounded by teammates whom I became comfortable with and trusted. Looking back on my younger days, and the closed-off personality that I had makes me feel robbed of a portion of my youth…and the only one who robbed it from me was ME🙋🏼‍♀️ • Flash forward to present day. My personal characteristics, I feel, have taken a complete 180°. I look back at the girl I once was and think, “Jesus how on Earth was able to hang on to ANY friends growing up?!” So, to bring it all full circle, when Kelsey said those words to me that day in my driveway during our outdoor lifting sesh, I cringed a little. I felt that awkward, adolescent girl creeping back in and I wanted to stay as far away from her as possible! It was in that moment, with my friend who always pushes me, that I realized (CONTINUED IN COMMENTS👇🏼👇🏼)
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C'est désarmant de vérité. À appliquer immédiatement sans tarder. 👌👍💕💞🎉🌟🎶🌈😀 #listen #notalking #meditation #betteryourself
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