Yes yes and yes a 1000 times over... I love getting people to smile. Even if it's at my own expense. I dont think that it is something that will ever change. I would rather out a smile on someone's face that is having a hard time in life. Sometimes it's the smallest gestures that can help someone. Even if it only lasts a flicker of a second. It's worth it. #openyoureyes #smilemore #help #bekind
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#bekind #workhard #bebrave e bora caçar meu povo!
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Throughout our day we need the help of others. And saying "por favor" when you ask for something is very important. Because words matter! This simple word (two in Spanish 😉) shows respect and consideration for others' efforts and helps building positive relationships.
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Not all of us are born strong. To be able to ignore and dodge pain that is dealt can be difficult, can cause one to break. What doesnt kill us makes us stronger. 💪 Be kind to one another. Respect one another. Love one another. Help one another.
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Self love for the win 🙌🏼
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Day 6 #ilo#iloveyourasana goddess pose - very sore lately a bit run down so I found a yoga ball to help me out! Always be kind to yourself ✨✨ . . . Hosts @calamityjill21 @erickuhhls @suburbangypsy @rockabetty25 . . . Sponsors @dollymoobody @onzie @happyworldclothing @happyyogishop ✨ #iloveyourasana #yoga #yogachallenge #yogalove #yogaposes #yogaeverydamnday #happiness #fitness #mindfulness #mindbodysoul #bekind #health #healthy
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I love this, it’s so true! I mean this is why I always buy people mugs 😝😂 everything you do matters, everything you say matters. There are people thinking of you always 💜 such a sweet thought! #youmatter #dothelittlethings #makethemlaugh #makethemsmile #inyourthoughts #inmythoughts #youarespecial #smile #remember #youhavevalue #youhaveworth #yournotworthless #bekind #kindness #fingerprints #leaveyourmark #smallthingsmatter #sweet #quote #truth #tellyourself
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There is literally nothing in nature that blooms all year long, so do not expect yourself to do so 🌾 #bloom #expectations #bekind #quote #quoteoftheday #selfie #wine #wineoclock #pout #restaurant #blonde #blondehair #blondeshavemorefun #instapic #instadress #instawine #photooftheday #friends #friendships
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Hey, it happens. 💕 Sometimes it’s better to post nothing than post a stinker 💩, don’t you agree? 🤐 . . . . . . . #creatives #marketingideas #social #tuesdaymotivation 😷 #modesto #centralvalleycalifornia #supportlocalbusiness #bekind #nothingtosay #digitalmarketing #motown #instagramer #lacertecreative
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| Vegan Thai Green Curry 🌱🌶| This is my absolute go-to when I am fresh out of ideas! Super quick and tasty, it’s a crowd pleaser. I love serving mine with some fresh avo to help me handle the heat, what do you put with yours? 🍛 . . . . . #thenakedavo #livetoeat #veg#veganpes #vegan #vegancurry #thaigreencurry #whatveganseat #instavegan #avocado #healthandwellness #eatclean #donoharm #bekind
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I recently went through a Social Media Detox. I feel I’m pretty transparent to maintain realism and I post with thoughts of “Do I want my children to see this?” I struggle with my own internal issues and I know that I’m not alone in my struggles so why should I edit myself to project something fake. I’ve learned a lot of things. I especially have learned how gossip and drama can be projected and bent to the wills of others. I want nothing to do with that so I’m open and walk away from conversations that look to be heading in that direction. I don’t need to be involved in tearing someone down just to make me feel better about myself. This is my life and I’m working on being a Better and an Elite Me. So I decided it was time to take control of a situation and actively “block” negativity from my life rather then passively allow it to run amuck around me,sneaking it’s way into open cracks of my own self doubts and lapse of common sense. I’m a work in progress. I only need to compete with myself. Be a Follower not a Stalker. #bekind #stopbullying #nogossip #nodrama #beelite #EliteMe #betterthenyesterday #blocknegativity #hatersgonnahate #realrulesforlife
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We 100% believe this to our very core. Surround yourself with like minded people that want to see you grow, succeed and live your life to the fullest potential. Do that and watch your world change.
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“We are so conditioned by the media to view animals as merely items on a menu, that most people completely forget that they are consuming the flesh of someone who was once a living, feeling being, that didn't want to die and spent their short and painful life wondering what on earth they had done to deserve this.” Credit @weirdveganlady I think - therefore I am, vegan 💚
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These are my babies‼️ We argue, we fight, we almost buried one, and we support our TBI survivor. No matter what age they will always be my babies!! They are the reason I work my business so hard! I’m going to leave them a legacy, they will carry on and co to us to care for their brother ♥️ . . . . . . #weightloss #journey #gettinghealthy #skinny #health #healthy #lovinglife #bosslady #lovemysons #TBIfamily #blessed #thisisourjourney #annmariemares #momofsons #SAHM #workfromhome #entrepreneurlife #bekind
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Morning🤗✨🖤 . Just found out that I was using banned hashtag🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️
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An honest post- it's a long one. Has anyone else woken up feeling a bit deflated? I have. I post a lot of motivational quotes and inspiration because I struggle with it daily and I have to give myself a bit of a kick up the butt to remind myself that I am good at what I do, I am a good mum and I am good wife. This time last year I was at my lowest. In the run up to Elijah turning 1, I hit a rough patch, which Chris had to pull me through. He was my rock and I chose to keep it to myself. Only 2 friends realised that something was up and listened when all I could really say was, 'I don't know whats wrong.' I still struggle with the circumstances in which Elijah was born. I feel like I let him down, which deep down I know I didn't, but I have major wobbles with this. I don't believe I am doing a good job half the time.  I was told I would be a natural mum, whatever that is. But in reality is bloody hard and I was naive. The point of this post is, as it comes up to Elijah turning 2 I am starting feel these wobbles again. Maybe its because we have all been poorly this last week and I have had to cancel 2 plans I was super excited about. I don't know. ( I find that I can get through problems if I focus on something exciting happening, so when this changes, I can feel low.) I am super proud of what I grew in my mum tum belly and how he is developing as this cheeky little boy (albeit snotty and sleep deprived currently, driving me crazy not wanting to eat anything,) But each day I see his face change when I show him new things or teach him new words, those little eyes that flicker in ways I have not seen before in excitement or curiosity make me so proud.  And this post makes me think, yes, I can have my wobbles, as long as I can admit now and then, I believe I am doing a good job. I believe in me. Sometimes. I hope this hasn't bored you all. But I know a lot of followers on here are mums with small businesses and I don't know if you need support, a friendly ear. I hope this openness helps a little. #motherhood #timetobehonest #timetobeopen #family #businesswoman #ibelieveinme #yougotthis #supporteachother #bekind
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✨ Everything has beauty ✨ #findit 📸 @aniamsl
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The end of the day... Go easy, go easy... #Sydney #goEASY #beK#beKIND #beGOOD #beHUMBLE #beTRUE #beHAPPY #beNICE #beKIND
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We spend around one third of our lives in bed, so creating a healthy and  restorative space to sleep is really important.  Sheets made with 100% natural fibres like cotton, are breathable, absorb moisture from perspiration, are hypoallergenic, biodegradable and won't flush synthetic fibres into the ocean when washed.  Plus they feel amazing to sleep in! 📸 via @sagittamed
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In my quest to reduce plastic usage, these were purchased... ebay for about £1.20. Made with cotton and bamboo charcoal for the axis. . . . #reducewaste #lovetheplanet #recycle #reuse #renew #bekind #ditchplastic
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Smile Møre Worry Less 🧚🏼‍♀️ #noworrybehappy #happiness #happytoughts #laughoutloud #dream #love #bekind
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I get asked sometimes "why art" usually its comparative to talking therapy. To tell you the truth i love the magic of both. But one of my why's is that art-making can help us come to conclusions and express things that words can't. Art helps us to reflect and also to dream.
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Your FEELS are SO important. DON’T fear them. Don’t run from them.🏃🏽‍♀️ LISTEN to them.👂 Sit with them. Ask them what they are trying to tell you. Literally say “Hey sadness, what brings you here?”. They are there for a very good reason. Find that reason. 🌱——————————————————————— Never belittle them. Often when people are down and out, they say >> “I shouldn’t feel this way, there are people who are way worse off then me”.. And yes, this may be true but that does not mean that your feelings and emotions are irrelevant. They are REAL and you should ALLOW yourself to feel them. Quit the comparison game. EXPRESS the way you are feeling in whatever way feels good for you 💗 I guarantee that once you have expressed that emotion/feeling, it becomes a little easier to deal with. 🦄 ——————————————————————— 🏃🏽‍♀️ Running from your feels makes them come back BIGGER, BADDER, LOUDER! 💥 Until you STOP and LISTEN 👂 They want to be HEARD. They want to be FELT. They want to be worked through. ——————————————————————— DON’T. FEAR. YOUR. FEELS ✨ They will pass quicker if you allow yourself to feel them 🌈🧜🏼‍♀️
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People Are People 😍 #lovelife #justlikethat #bekind #friends
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