Leave the house in the snow? No thanks! @mervinthechihuahua has a night in wearing the Athleisure Sweatshirt
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My Friday face = πŸ˜ƒ #BeChewsy
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The look you get from @harlowandsage when you're late to work.... again. #bechewsy in the Everyday Bandana.
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Lunch is served and we're feeling vibrant #happyfriday #bechewsy #chewsygum
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Just waiting on the long weekend to roll around πŸ“Έ @duckytheyorkie
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How cute is @harlowandsage's foster pup, Ezra, in the Classic Shirt!?
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We love a morning routine, especially when it starts with fresh fruit, morning inspiration and a cube or two of minty fresh chewsy - anyone else have an awesome morning routine? #morningroutine #bechewsy #chewsygum
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The perfect way to top off any look... the Personalized Star Tag! #bechewsy
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Be Chewsy: Lemon or Chewsy Gum? Maybe lemon for your pancakes and gum for afters? #lemon #pancakeday #bechewsy #chewsygum
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Tag a Galentine as cute as @harlowandsage's Indiana!
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This is what Mr. Simba and I call β€œSunday Funday.” #airquotes #cuddlesarefun β€’ πŸ‘•: @chewsy.shop #bechewsy
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she waitz, then runz a little, then waitz, runz away, but whyyy? #monday #deerlove #whytho #bechewsy #pupper #dogsofinstagram #bully #bulldog #bostonterrier
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Can’t have a caffeine crash if you never stop drinking coffee. #BeChewsy @chewsy.shop
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Viactiv Calcium Soft Chews are 1/2 the sugar and 1/2 the calories compared to leading calcium gummies and chews. πŸ’πŸ»πŸƒπŸ»β€β™€οΈ #healthylifestyle #calcium #supplements #fitness #healthgoals #bechewsy
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mondays at grandma's house aren't so bad because i get unlimited belly rubs, snacks and cuddles 😍 #GrandmasMakeEverythingBetter ❀ #EspeciallyMondays β€’ my new favorite shirt is from @chewsy.shop! #BeChewsy
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Best way to spend our weekends include this guy, pet friendly places, coffee, and pastries. - @westfieldcenturycity @eatalyla . . 🧣: @chewsy.shop . πŸ‘•: @themaxbone . 🐾 #popeyethefoodie #eataly #petfriendlydining #WHPwithlove #bechewsy #westfieldcenturycity
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Sunday night vibes with @quincyfox
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This is what Mr. Simba and I call β€œSunday Funday.” #airquotes #cuddlesarefun β€’ πŸ‘•: @chewsy.shop #bechewsy
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Gray day, gray outfit courtesy of @brussels.sprout in the Everyday Bandana #bechewsy
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@ellabeanthedog and @rachmartino showing us how Brunch should be done!
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2x the pup, 2x the fun in the Sunday Brunch Short Sleeve. πŸ“Έ @ellabeanthedog & @brussels.sprout
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Willing on the summer vibes with this totally tropical smoothie bowl! Followed by some refreshing chewsy vibes #bechewsy #chewsygum #spearmint #minty #smoothiebowl
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Dogs in the air!
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May you be as blissful as this little guy in his Half Zip Knit
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Feeling zesty today? Pick up a pack of Chewsy Lemon. All natural and bursting with flavour #chewsygum #bechewsy #lemon #zesty
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What's this mean?😘😘😘 . Please follow us and visit our store via the link in bio ❀️ . Posted by @mochiandthecity Too cold to move ❄️ #BeChewsy
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152 12
Too cold to move ❄️ #BeChewsy
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The cutest family! We love @harlowandsage in the Everyday Bandanas πŸΆπŸ’—
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Gray Day ⛄️ #bechewsy #monochrome
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Prepping for tomorrow's winter storm with @brussels.sprout in our favorite Monkey Fleece
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On Chewsdays we wear Chewsy! Bandanas by @chewsy.shop #BeChewsy
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When you know you look good and you're waiting for a compliment
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Made from plants and biodegradable - our gums are all completely eco friendly, sustainable and the best bit? They taste great too! Be chewsy with our spearmint flavour #bechewsy #chewsygum #sustainable #biodegradable #plantbasedfoods
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@viactiv What does check box group mean on sweeps form?
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Game face πŸ”› @brussels.sprout Who are you cheering for?!
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Bean family hierarchy ✨ @ellabeanthedog in the Sunday Brunch Long Sleeve and @louis_reginald in the Casual Friday Long Sleeve
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@oskar_the_blind_cat loving the Personalized Star Charm ✨
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Ready for brunch with @duckytheyorkie
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Don't ask us why we're always late
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In need of a *warm* vacation. @tunameltsmyheart shows us how it's done in the Casual Friday Long Sleeve πŸ’—
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Happy Friday Vibes coming at ya #fridayvibes #happymonday #bechewsy #chewsygum
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Cheers to the (almost) weekend!
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Saying hello to February in The Classic Shirt
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@Regranned from @mochiandthecity - Leopard is always a good idea πŸ’— (velour pullover by @chewsy.shop) πŸ’— #bechewsy #mochifashiondiaries - #regrann
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Leopard is always a good idea πŸ’— (velour pullover by @chewsy.shop) πŸ’— #bechewsy #mochifashiondiaries
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@brussels.sprout keeping it casual in the Athleisure Sweatshirt
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Be Chewsy: Avocado or Chewsy? #bechewsy #chewsygum
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Treat yourself Tuesday! First shop the Monkey Fleece, then nom on @shakeshack
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@Toby_littledude looking sharp for the ladies
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Wishing you a Happy Hump-Day, with a whole lotta Lemon Chewsy! Hands up who's a lemon fan? #lemon #citrus #chewsygum #bechewsy
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But what do you mean it's only Monday?! Good thing we have the Everyday Bandana to brighten the day! #bechewsy
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Is it time for bed yet? 😴
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Feels like the best day for crunchy toast 'n' Lemony Chewsy! #toast #chewsy #happymonday #chewsygum #bechewsy
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Maroon looks good on you @popeyethefoodie
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Sunday mornings at home ❀️
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We could (and usually do) wear the Catty Velour Pullover every weekend! Looks like @mervinthechihuahua agrees!
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Spa day with @mayathedox #treatyoself
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Also how we feel about Friday!
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