Why do people ask "how was work?". Like Work is Work. I'd rather be drunk out on a yacht being hand-fed grapes by naked underwear models. Yet here i am. (On a yacht minus the drunk and minus the models 😂 & didnt have any grapes either. Except wine. Wine is good 🥂)
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The best thing you could ever do is believe in yourself 💯 #flytefam #flytesport #takeflyte #kazdrew #tcnutrition #tcnutritionathlete #teamiainttired #teamEB
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But remember; people to love is hard to find, You got lucky babe, When I find You 😏 —�—�—�� #rememberingTomPetty #YouGotLucky
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Wifey Crush Wednesday #Babe #CalfGameStrongerThanMine #FlexOnEm
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We will be having a 40% Off Sitewide sale on Black Friday. Our biggest sale of the year aswell as our last, be sure to stay updated by watching our story •Onthec.com•
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Always focusing on beating the me from yesterday. #beavisionary
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Posting had always been hard for me to get a grasp on but moving into next year I'll be hopefully be competing so posting should be lots better but it's not all no shabby as is, second post for today coming back at you guys with the posts cause the engagement had been through the roof . .
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