I used to hate Monday’s. The weekend is over, I had to go back to work, back to the grind. Now I love Monday. I see it as a renewed sense of a fresh start. It’s a fresh start for me and my girls in my bootcamp. Seeing them continue to crush their goals on a Monday morning is ever inspiring. And to top it all off I’ll be spending the evening with fellow coaches crushing their business goals. Monday’s are fave 😊
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It’s been one heck of a productive day already 💪🏼 Decided over the weekend I was going to amp it up and start @kay@kayla_itsines BBG 1.0 💪🏼 today. 🤪Taking it back old school with my print out copy and food guide from her original program. I used it before and had amazing results. So I’m trying it again! I’m following it completely, so wish me luck 🤞🏼 BBG is no joke! Got in a 40 minute #liss for my #tiubootycall (because I still am loving the #tiuloveyourbody challenge) and then BBG week 1 Legs and Cardio. #bbg #bbgcommunity #tiudoesbbg #kaylaitsines #countdowntospringbreak #toneitup #tiusisters #tiuteam #bbgteam #bbsisters @kayla_itsines @toneitup
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Grid Bra, Pocket Capris and Bomber Jacket👌 @zyiaactive_apparel . . . .
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This face though...😭😭😭 Puppers did not like the thunderstorm and rain this morning, poor baby woke momma up crying in the kennel, so we bundled up on the couch and he actually CUDDLED with me!!! This is HUGE 🤣 It may be normal for other puppies but this one is not a snuggler and really wants nothing to do with sitting for longer than a couple minutes lol! Usually it means play time if he's on your lap. So this momma soaked it in extra hard this morning. We caught up on @nashvillecmt + all our coaching messages, even got some new ladies started from the comfort of our living room. Win, win over here! Time to blend up our daily superfoods shake and get my sweat on in a bit for day 8/80 👊🏽 Are your puppies cuddlers or restless like mine?! || #teamriseaboveit
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Never miss a Monday. This is the perfect way to start my week! 💜 • • Day 8/80. You made my body feel like jello, but in a good way! 😍
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So I'm doing this new 80 day workout program right... And it's 6 days a week, one rest day/foam rolling day. So far it's been kicking my butt... Literally. But I feel great and strong and happy! I had a crazy Saturday, work, shopping, errands, and celebrating my sister's golden 21st birthday! I switched the scheduled day 6 Cardio flow and foam rolled yesterday. You better believe I crushed cardio flow today (day 7). But, for some reason I was feeling guilty, my brain was all like "Sarah your followers are going to think you skipped because you didn't make your video montages etc etc. Well I'm here to say that is ridiculous. And sad that my brain even went there. But, unfortunately in today's world, you can be made to feel weak, less than, or not good enough sole based on perceived or anticipated perceptions. I refuse to let myself feel down about that. I worked out 6 days this week and I have been killing this new program, and for that I am damn proud. Embrace your struggles, your successes, your losses, and your wins. You are strong. You are beautiful. You are worthy. #80dayobsession #80days #obsessed #stayingpositive #instagramisnotreallife #EmbraceYourReal #loveyourself #bodypositive #bodypositivity #selfcare #selflove #embracethestruggle #lovemyself #livingwithanxiety #livingwithdepression #mentalhealth #MentalHealthMatters #MentalHealthAwareness #suicideprevention #confidence #youarebeautiful #youareabadass #youareamazing #bbgteam #bbgsupport #teambeachbody #bbgcommunity #gainpost #gainz
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Prepped some meals for tomorrow! This timed nutrition plan is difficult for me because I can get all my portions in the day normally but having to eat specific food groups at certain times is a killer. Don’t get me wrong I am enjoying the program immensely but it’s taking a lot more time for me to prep. 🥗🍎 Breakfast: shakeo + banana Meal2: carrots + cottage cheese + oatmeal Meal3: salad w/gorgonzola and almonds + orange slices Meal 4: (not pictured) pita + turkey slices + celery Meal 5: (not pictured) ground chicken + black beans + salad #teamriseaboveit
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YOU GUYS. I am in freaking AWEEEE of my girls progress in just ONE WEEK aka 7 days of this brand new program. New program launches are always extra special as the new plans challenge us, help us break thru the plateau and unify us as a team as we all complete each day TOGETHER. But this one, is truly something else. These results are from SEVEN days ranging from 2-8 lost inches + 1.5-8.5 lost pounds...in seven days! Not to mention the weight lost, they're sleeping better, they have more energy, clothes are fitting better and they feel GOOD. I cannot wait to see what happens after the next 11 weeks!! 😱 Want in on our next round beginning the first week of February? Fill out the bootcamp application in my bio and I'll get you the deets! Deadline is this week! || #teamriseaboveit
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“UGH, I hate people who work in network marketing!!! IT'S so annoying that they try to sell things to their friends... they should have some compassion!!" . . HOLD. THE. PHONE 📞🚫😱 . Network marketing is untraditional, I get that. I also get that not everyone is lucky enough to REALLY get mentored effectively to build a business online. I get that people can be pushy and people can look for overnight success. BUT... network marketing is full of so much more... . . For me? I didn't get started because I wanted to sell something. And quite frankly, to this day, I'll tell you I DONT sell anything... I SHARE MY FREAKING PASSION!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ . 31 months ago my heart fell into something that changed my life. Utterly, with every bone in my body, flipped my world around and helped me see my worth.. ☀️HOW in the world could I NOT share that with people? . . I would be a BI+€# to not want this happiness for others! To not want to see them succeed and find happiness like I have!! . . And to be quite frank... I freaking LOOOOOOVE being able to weed out those on social media who don't have the balls to even listen to my passion... but those of you who do... you get it ❤️ you're the ones eager for change, waiting for the right moment, planning and prepping for your future... . . So no. It's not traditional. I'm not using my masters to grow this business. I didn't need to get certified in it. But holy freaking crap I'm blessed... because this couch I'm sitting on, this phone I'm typing on, this beautiful home 🏠 I’m sheltered by... THIS opportunity has allowed me the freedom to afford these things... by JUST sharing my passion for something I'm already absolutely in love with; MY JOURNEY 😍🤸‍♂️💃🏼👋🏼
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Enjoying this gorgeous weather we are receiving! Not ready to head back to work tomorrow but at least it’s a teacher workday! 🍎☀️ hope everyone else is getting some nice weather😎 #teamriseaboveit #getupandmove
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dis girl over here is going cocoNUTS about #mealprepsunday! lol another bad pun :’) yesterday’s lunch consisted of a delicious salmon salad AND some fresh coconut juice! Um, YES PLEASE ! #tiumealprep
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I haven’t (successfully) joined a challenge in a long time, but hey! it’s 2018 and a time to try new things! #crystalclearyogis . . . . . h o s t s : @theyogihart @myndfulyoga @golden.pothos.yoga @mikmill @elliegriffinyoga s p o n s o r s : @energymuse @aeromats @freskincare @blueridgehemp @findyourshakti @mamakuka @pirate.flo @caroaronshop @theneshamaproject
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Rest day! Going to do some stretches and use the roller later but first walking Koda with Dylan at the park. Happy Sunday y’all! #teamriseaboveit
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You know what’s great about this shirt besides it being free??? I EARNED it! I worked my butt off for 21 days and stuck to my nutrition. I got amazing results just pressing play for 21 days. ** If you want to know more just send me a message or email me 😁💪 #teamriseaboveit
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Currently dying from this #hiit workout! Kayla posted a Tabata workout on Facebook and I thought it’d be good for hiit. But now I can barely move - sign of a good workout 🤷‍♀️ #bbg#bbgfamily #bbgmums #bbgteam #bbgcommunity #bbg #sweat #sweatwithkayla #kaylasarmy #kaylaitsines #fitness #fitfam #bbg12weekchallenge #bbg12wc
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Man, am I freaking BLESSED. In what business does your "boss" reward you like THIS for hitting your goals + doing your job?? My mentors @jaimeinnis + @steveinnis are the absolute best and remind me how amazing this business is every day, they've taught me the true potential of not only this company but of myself --- I am HONORED to have you both as coaches!! And cannot thank you enough for this beautiful @michaelkors satchel, oh em GEE, it's the prettiest thing I've ever owned 😭😭😭😭 || #teamriseaboveit
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From sorority memories... to baby girl bumps.💗 I loved seeing my beautiful Claire today. It was brief, in the midst of all the fitness madness. But it makes my heart so happy. Can’t wait to see @claire.ewing become a mama next month! #fitfest #fitpregnancy #girlmoms #babybump
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dreamin of the beach..... can you believe this is a candid shot? I didn’t get a chance to post yesterday but I did some sprints along with my DMs and OH MY GOD I’m still sore! #tiucardio #beachrun #running #tiurun
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Happy Saturday!!! Day 6 ✅ got it done y’all! My body is soooooooo sore from yesterday that this workout made me want to cry at some points but I finished strong with mule and frog jumps💪 #teamriseaboveit
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It’s crazy what one week of timed nutrition and shredding workouts can do for your body... but more importantly your MIND!! This time last week I was getting so down on myself. Beating my brain up for the extra bulge I created through the holidays... and how I promised myself I wouldn’t 🤷🏽‍♀️ . . Today?! I feel like I could freaking run a marathon! . BACK ON TRACK feels GOOOD 🙌🏼
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Coaching has blessed my life in so many ways and this morning I'm able to share all of this plus more in our coaching sneak peek group 💕 these are my favorite groups to run, sharing this opportunity with others truly is what I feel called to do. If it's changed my life THIS much, I'd be selfish not to share this with others. Helping others live happier + healthier lives while becoming financially and physically free is a dream job in my book. Want to be a fly on the wall? It's not too late to join and check out the videos, just comment below or shoot me a message! || #teamriseaboveit
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✌🏼our leg day. I’m not sure if I slayed that workout or if it slayed me. TBD. I’m going to soak in a 🛀 bath now! || 👭#fitchickrepublic
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My least favorite muscle group to work happens to be the most NEEDED muscle group🍗 . But it’s fun when you’re introduced to new moves that keep you guessing! Worked parts of my legs today that I didn’t know possible! . . Good thing I don’t have plans tomorrow... cause walking isn’t going to be an option 🤷🏽‍♀️
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Day 5 is in the books! “Nothing worth having comes easy.” Y’all I want those abs and I want that butt! So I am working everyday! Is it easy?? Hell no! But I love the feeling of accomplishment after finishing my workout💪 #teamriseaboveit
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Day 5/80 coming at you this morning! I don’t know about but I feel amazeballs when a workout has me dripping in sweat! 🙌🏻🦄 • • Happy Friday! 💜
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Sorry they are late! I forgot to post these on Monday! Day 1 my before pictures 😁 can’t wait to see how my body changes over the next 80 days. In the past I would never have showed these to anyone but everyone has been supportive because they are going through their own health and fitness journeys as well. Keep supporting and inspiring others y’all! #teamriseaboveit
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ITS OFFICIALLY OFFICIAL!! My leaders and I are headed to Saugatuk, MI for a long weekend on the lake this summer in this BEAUTIFUL hand made log cabin 😍 Close to the city, lake access, pool access + a private hot tub --- what more do we need in the middle of July?! I am SOOO excited to spend some serious quality time with these ladies, they've all worked so hard to make it here and are more than deserving of this trip. This is something I've wanted to be able to do for my team since day ONE, and it's really here...🙏🏽 SO ready to crack some bubbly + enjoy this special time 🙌🏽💕 #teamriseaboveit whose ready??! And whose still pushing to earn their spot?!
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<> this is NOT a healthy recipe post. 😂 The preggo in me decided that my first meal in my #instantpot would be Mac n cheese from scratch. Annnnnnnd it is amazing! This machine is scary, lots of weird sounds...😬 But it is amazing! I can’t wait to try more recipes!
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GAHHH all the emotions right now😭😭 This month has already been our BIGGEST month yet in our virtual coaching business, and couldn't be better timing after officially making this my full time gig. Yes, I do this for SOO many more reasons than for the finances, but because of the incredible way this business has been rewarding us...im able to pay it forward and do something SUPER exciting for my team. Something I DREAMED of since the day I started... Brb while I cry 😭😫 and go make this official. Deets to come tomorrow 🙏🏽 || #teamriseaboveit
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#tbt to Malaga where it was 70 degrees. Here in Texas it’s literally 20 degrees outside! Thank gosh I can warm myself up with a sprint workout tonight lol #tiubeach
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There is a 28 lbs difference between these photos. . 3️⃣ BIG changes happened two years ago. . I took a a major pay cut to pursue a NEW job opportunity, moved in with Pete (then my boyfriend ▶️ now husband), and soon after got engaged. . I was so happy 😀 , but panic and anxiety set in the moment we decided on a date. I had no idea how in the world I was gonna have the extra money to pay for a wedding?!!!! 🤦🏼‍♀️😢 I was at my limit with student loan payments💸 every month, and it felt like a stack of bricks was sitting on my chest. And guess what...I gained weight. . I turned to 🍪🍦🍕🍔🍟🥖 to make me feel better. Sugar and carbs were comfort. I was still working out pretty consistently during that time, but any of you that have had a transformation know with certainty that all the work happens in the kitchen. . This past weekend was the first time in two years I recommitted to follow a portion controlled meal plan designed specifically for the fitness program I’m following. I’ve known for the past year I needed to do this, but for whatever reason my heart hadn’t caught up to logic. . I’m 4 days in and COMMITTED to finishing this program. It’s me vs me and my goal is get back to the confident badass chick in the photo from 2 years ago. 💕 . If you need a fitness wing woman, I’m your girl! Don’t be shy to reach out ▶️👭📲. If you’ve got ~20lbs you’d like to get rid of by summer let’s do it together. Accountability and support are EVERYTHING. 🙏🏼 . Thanks for letting me share. I love my IG fit fam! || #fitchickrepublic
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99.9% of the time I have my jammie bottoms on 🤷🏽‍♀️
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Day 4️⃣ of 8️⃣0️⃣. I’m feeling stronger, less bloated, sore, and overall incredibly grateful for this program. Recover is my favorite part of the day. It means the workout part of over and I get to have the best treat ever on this plan. Chocolate 🍫 + Cherries 🍒 = 💕 || #fitchickrepublic
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Hello beautiful! 🙌🏻 I came home to this amazing gift from my mother in law today and I couldn’t be more excited! #instantpot users out there... send me your favorite recipes!❤️
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Why NOT you? . . 2 years ago ago I started coaching with zero knowledge or awareness of what I was getting myself into, I had no experience, no degree, no certification --- but what I DID have was the willingness and the heart to help others, and the motivation to change my OWN life. I started for ME, to get in the healthiest happiest shape of my own life, and inspired others along the way. . . I was COACHABLE, confident and consistent. No matter the doubts in my head I pushed forward, I failed forward. I listened to my coach and implemented everything she told me. I soaked up every training out there and did my best to learn what I could. I was consistent day in and day out, I never missed a day in my business since the day that I started. . . Fast forward 2 years and coaching has blessed me with more than I ever could have imagined. I've met my best friends through social media, I've learned how to be an entreprenuer and build my own business, I've pushed myself and been able to see what I'm truly capable of, I've created a future for our family that Ryan and I thought was "too good to be true" . . ...maybe those are the same words going through your head. "I could never do what she does" "There's no way that kind of financial freedom is possible" "She can't really be that happy" . . Well, I'm here to prove you wrong and share my heart with you! If you are interested in learning more about what I do as a coach, how I can help you have a successful start to your business & support you every step of the way then here is your OPEN invite. . . On Saturday, I will be hosting a LIVE video streamed event where I give you the details on the business, support, my story and training. . . If this sounds like something you would like to participate in please comment "interested" below and I will send you the details. 👉🏻👉🏻 Hope to see you there! :) || #teamriseaboveit . #fitandhappy #girlboss #tiubootycall #tiubikiniseries #tiumichigan #coupleswholift #bbgteam #tiuteam #furmom #stayathomemom #workfromhome #workoutfromhome #girlswholift #strongnotskinny #shareloveinspiresweat
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Post-tattooing burrito as big as my face? Don’t mind if I do. 😍 If you go by Tejano you HAVE to try the molé mushrooms, guys.
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Thank you to my fellow preggo mama to be @fedandfit for this delicious tip! Smoked oysters in olive oil, @kitehillfoods chive spread and whole wheat crackers. It’s not only delicious, but has so many health benefits! Boosted immunity, increased energy, stronger integumentary system and low mercury for fish! Of course, I will be having these in moderation but it’s such a yummy snack!
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Progress not perfection. I remind myself of this daily. I am not perfect. I will never be perfect and that’s ok. What matters is that I don’t give up. It’s mid week and maybe it’s gotten off to a rough start. Don’t be hard on yourself. Learn, move on, and try harder. You got this.
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Lets talk LOVE LANGUAGES ♥️ . Mine?! GIVING... more than anything at all, I LOVE covering the bill at brunch or sending little love notes to those I care about 🙌🏼 . I grew up with a mother whose HEART is as pure as gold, and this too is her love language 😍 . So are you... 👇🏼 . ♥️Words of affirmation. . ♥️Quality time. . ♥️Gifts. . ♥️Acts of service. . ♥️Physical touch. . 💭 💭 💭
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Snow isn’t a big deal to some people, but when you get a snowfall like this every 2-3 years IT IS A VERY BIG DEAL ❄️❄️❄️ . I’m so excited! I need a pretty view for my workout today. I heard it’s a doozie! ⚡️|| #fitchickrepublic
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Water Wednesday coming at you! How many ounces do you try to drink a day? 💜
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Found some time to *squeeze* in a short workout this afternoon, and all the while my 4 year old made, then put herself in made jail. She was having such a great time that when I finished and came out to the kitchen she said, "can't you just do a little more workout?" Uhhhh.....NO. 😂😂😂 But, I'm glad she can entertain herself for a bit. #ignoremycrazyhair
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Haven't run in a while. A little speed work and some hills. Still got it👟 #girlswhorun #run#runofinstagram #fitfam #bbg#bbgfit #bbggirls #bbgteam #betterforit #justdoit #runnersofig #hills #speedwork #bbg #tiu #toneitup #fitness #legs #run #poundthepavement #milesonmiles #tiugirls #nyrr
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So a friend of mine gave me this little guy the other day. She is from Newfoundland where there are these things called mummers that come out around Christmas time. They dress up with their faces covered wearing house hold linens and funny clothing and walk around to peoples houses. They then go in the house and perform acts. The homeowners then have to guess who is under all that clothing. Once the mummer is guessed correctly they then undress socialize for a bit and then move onto the next house. When I first heard of this tradition I was weirded out a little. With that being said the concept is pretty cool and it would be fun to experience this! . . . #teamriseaboveit #teamriseandslay #homebody #sweatingforthewedding #shreddingforthewedding #bridetobe2018 #girlboss #outdoorsgirl #homebodyhealth #gettingmarried2018 #fitgirlcode #hea#healthyfit #healthyandhappy #healthyishappy #healthystart #healthyfit #slimmingdownforthegown #workingonme #outsidelife #balancedlife #lookforlove #bbgteam #tiuteam #coupleswholift #shareloveinspiresweat #tradition #mummers #newfoundland #friendships #nevergiveup
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Last time we had a new program launch, my results BLEW my mind. ....and this one was only THREE weeks. Can you imagine the results everyone is about to get with this new TWELVE week program? The combination of the booty + ab targeted workouts and the timed nutrition plan, is exactly what so many of us are needing to get to that 2018 goal body. We're only on day 2 and I'm already inspired + empowered by our entire team, for coming together and creating a healthy movement for this new launch! It's a pretty amazing thing pushing play on the same workout each day with an army of women behind you doing the same EXACT thing. I'm adding new ladies into this program the beginning of February, but sign up and commitment needs to happen NOW in order to get started on time. Want more info? Fill out the bootcamp application link in my bio and I'll be in touch! || #teamriseaboveit #transformationtuesday
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Our #BODSquad fitness group is on fire 🔥🔥🔥. I love seeing their fitness posts fill my newsfeed 🙏🏼. I know so many of y’all are part of fitness communities and I know how much it makes a difference to feel supported 👭. If you’re going it alone, you certainly don’t have to! I’ve decided to kick off a free wellness community for fun fit chicks that want to cheer each other on! Be sure to drop a 🍑 👇🏼below in the comments to join! If you need a fitness plan I can help with that too! 📲 👭💕|| #fitchickrepublic
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