“Fashion is part of the daily air and it changes all the time, with all the events. You can even see the approaching of a revolution in clothes. You can see and feel everything in clothes.”
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Happy birthday to the founder of @penelope_twist wishing you all the best in every paths you take. You’re the best beck xoxo, i’m so lucky to meet you. #thebestcollaboration #theweekendtraveler Muse @florachristin
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Throwback to the sunny day in Bali 😔☀️ Please give me tan before i leave to cold weather #neverlosemytan Model @florachristin Wardrobe @penelope_twist
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we can live in the world that we design . 📷 : @karlinachandraa
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Much needed escape from the crowds #ouzoudfalls
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☕️Step 1: walk with coffee around perimeter of the pool... I can be a total klutz, so I’m trying 🗿Step 2: to be more mindful in action & s l o w things down a bit. 🗽Being from NY ‘go fast, and get it done’ is imprinted in me, even after three years, I sometimes still feel that energy rise up, and take me into the auto-pilot mode of ‘doing’. Not that it’s always a bad in thing, in fact can be beneficial at times. But for now I’m committed to the journey and process of disidentifying with that and saying, thanks but no thanks! 🤔 Because when I’m letting my ego run the show, I’m not really here, am I? And I don’t want to be someplace else. 👐🏽 I want to be right here, walking past the pool, making it to the other side and drinking this cup of coffee. 💃 Step 3: Celebrate not spilling my coffee 😋 📸 @dereksimpsonphoto • • • • • • • • #islandlife #tropicallife #visitindonesia #indotravellers #adventureculture #majestic_people #outstandingdestinations #thediscoverer#beautifulpeople #travelandleisure #islandliving #vscogood #instagood #storyincoffee #coffeeandclothes #coffiesta #workhardanywhere #igerscoffee #dailycortado #alternativebrewing #coffeeshopvibes #cupsinframe #moodygrams #agameoftones #authenticfolk #thingsdailyshot #greenary #finditliveit #socality #postthepeople
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A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous ❤️ . Lensed by @rizkihiro @czanetsa
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Baiting them • Feather • Fin • & • Fur •••🎯•••
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Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life ❤️❤️ . Lensed by @dhiemazsaputra
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There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved 😍
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Details of Hassan II Mosque ✨
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Skin care rutin ku kini cuma pake @cfs@cfskin_official Tau ngga sihh produk ini bisa bikin wajah glowing seharian, menghilangkan jerawat, dan pastinya aman digunakan krn sdh BPOM. Oya, @cfskin_official jg mulai hari ini ada di bazaar di Galaxy Mall Surabaya. buruan dtg dan dapetin promo menarik tiap pembelian🙏🏻
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Love yourself. It is important to stay positive because beauty comes from the inside out.
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@afeego’s 🐲 ‘The Infinity Dragon’ EP 🐲 IS OUT NOW!!! /// LINK IN BIO /// Stream on Spotify, iTunes, SoundCloud, etc! So proud, can’t stop cheesin’, can’t stop groovin’ 💗💗💗
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I hope you truly have a lovely life. A life which reflects the love that’s inside you. A life that fills you with so much joy, that you can’t help but burst with happy tears and laughs. A life that gives you an unwavering smile. A life that when it comes to the moment of your last breath, you go on fearlessly and lovingly; without regret, without wishing you hadn’t held on or resisted anything. And this life doesn’t start tomorrow and this life isn’t just yesterday...this life is right now. 💛
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She felt like feeling nothing - @r.h.sin #theweekendtraveler
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All reunited to watch the sunset 😊🌄 — It’s the little things sewn together which blooms a grand wave of transformation... little do you know, until one day its essence which is the force behind your being, is no longer eclipsed ✨ — While spending three solo days in Rio, I’d wake up around 6 am to catch sunrise at Praia de Copacabana and I’d wrap up my evening with sunset at Praia de Ipanema...to my surprise on the first day, there were a crazy amount of people basking in the greeting and parting of the Sun. It’s daily moments like this which fill me with so much hope.
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my brother @afeego’s new EP 🐲 ‘The Infinity Dragon’ 🐲 comes out tomorrow and it is beautiful and magical and it just makes me 😬😬😬😬😬😬💞💞💞💞💞💞🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
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That lovely ephemeral moment crossing fellow hikers on the way ✨🌿 #optoutside x #postthepeople
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“Me escasean las palabras para relatar el amor por este silencio Entre y mediante Serán mejor mis ojos, en los tuyos Es que tu eres música, y esto ya es poesía Vamos entonando, recitando Estas almas, libres y lindas Para... Jugarse el momento, yo en tu mirada, tu en mi baile Deleitarse en sintonía“
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Meet me by the seaside 💙
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count your blessings. be grateful for what you have. . 📷 : @karlinachandraa
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Who isn't excited when Saturday is approaching? No work, no school, stress-free, just a whole day for you to relax and do completely nothing. Saturday is the best day to do everything you want and it's definitely the perfect day to wear EFC 2 wear cache-couer L/S Blouse from @uniqloindonesia This blouse made from soft to the touch 100% cotton. Extra-long staple compact yarn creates a smooth, glossy texture that doesn't feel fluffy. #uniqloindonesia #blouse
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Music from my heart music that gives me joy thanks to my friends it has come good after many years #abidaparveen #suftmusic #punjabifolk #acousticguitar #acousticcover #folkart #unplugged #oldmemories #authenticfolk #fenderlove
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Hari ini adalah hari terakhir aku ikutan makan sehat bersama @les@lesssaltdiet ❤️ Menu hari ini baunya sangat menggugah selera. Ternyata hidup sehat itu tidak sesusah yang saya bayangkan. Makan makanan yang sehat dan olahraga yang teratur itu membuat tubuh tetap sehat dan fit! Thank you @lesssaltdiet 😍
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Enjoying the gloomy day in Bali ! Rainy season start when i’m about to leave 🤦🏽‍♀️⚡️#theweekendtraveler Muse @stephbaier Wardrobe @indigoseaclothing
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Undress my soul, baby
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the moon does not rush through nor resist her phases. she is authentic. flowing, dancing with her nature. in not rushing, we are at peace. what this is as it is, is already beautiful. feeling free. more than i have ever been. - crescent days filled with sweet serenatas, full and new moons on my own, al son de mi tambor.
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went on an adventure exploring around town with this little one today... who is truly not so little anymore... your receptive curiosity, your happy and tranquil demeanor, and your open mindedness amazes me 💙 meu conexiño
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Train your mind to see the good in everything #theweekendtraveler Muse @stephbaier Jewelry @finelinebykatahati
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Good food • good place • good ambience • @onnikitchen 💚 . 📷 by: @joeandrew94 . #onnikitchen #onnikitchensby #sbygoodplace #highlyrecommended #mustvisit #musttry
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Our projections of each other are reflections of ourselves. Let them be love. 🌜💛🌛
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I think we limit ourselves when thinking we have someone completely figured out. Thinking we know someone fully. So much so that we even predict their next step, their thoughts, their feelings. At times, we even dare to dictate the current state of their path and determine what value it holds. In doing so, we are fulfilling a disservice to both sides. We limit ourselves because we close ourselves to the opportunity of truly seeing someone. Their truth, full of growth. We limit ourselves because we ignore the reality of our beautiful and infinite nature... the innate mystery existing within us which allows for us to vibrate with possibilities and uniqueness. We even limit ourselves to the enclosed Self, that our unconscious belief of a (stagnant) definite way of being, has built invisible walls around. Detach yourself of all pre-conceived thoughts, of the past, of thinking that you know...so that you may open up to the surprises blossoming from others, from you, for you. Life will be much sweeter. 💐
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This was a fun memory, @cj_infantino We kind of fell off the wagon, huh?
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it's shoe o'clock! . 📷 : @karlinachandraa
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L’art de la simplicité Muse @teerianasetia @lifepassionmanagement
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“Si no sabes como seguir improvisa Que yo estoy contigo en cada estrofa de tu vida Camina da un paso al frente y respira Es un regalo de la vida” ❣️
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I was waiting you in the dark room. Lonely as usual. Put on my lingerie and glance my soul. Crowd without any sound #theweekendtraveler Muse @teerianasetia @lifepassionmanagement
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